The Latest Energies of Ascension

I imagine that many of us have been clearing more of our old shadow-selves in the past two weeks; since the eclipse of January 4. At the same time, we also have been placed more in our feeling centers; that of the Heart and Soul. We have reached that place in which more attention is placed on the New, more than that of the old, whereas in the past few years, we have placed a lot of attention on what old was up for release.

What this means is that the New is becoming more real for us. As we watch world events, there is no denying that there has been a huge release as well, from flooding to great unrest. Flooding is representative of a clearing of emotion; and the unrest, along with Earth changes in much of the world, is more of the collapsing of the old. So, what old values and beliefs have been up for you in order to release to make more room for the New?

As I write this on the Full Moon, I am told that much is ending and the Divine Feminine, the essence of the New World, is anchored as each of us places more attention and intention on our Hearts and that of Divine Love. Within this Mother Love, we are guided, nurtured and protected. Our job is to know this with no doubt. So, the intention now is that we proceed fearlessly, for if fear is even a tiny part of our being, we remain in duality, which is of the old. Oneness/Unity is of the New...that of only Divine Mother Love.

Staying in fear and duality hinders our growth and we are not conscious. We cannot be (conscious); as fear is only of the past and the future. So know that whatever fear is up for you; it is there to be forever released...for what in Truth is there to fear? We are guided, protected and cared for as we embrace our Godness. Falling short of this only means we have a ways to go. Look at each area of your life. If you find doubt or fear in any part, that is your shadow wishing to be a part of the Divine Light and Plan. Trust.

I am reminded that while it is always good to connect with the higher dimensions of Light and the Christ and New Consciousness Grids that it is as important to also do the work on ourselves. We can bring in so much Light, however, it does nothing unless we use it to awaken the Divine within us and release all that is not Love. This means we must stay awake, be aware of our language (for it belies what is truly inside), drop certain words such as try, should, believe, want and more, change old behaviors, and keep the focus on the Present Moment, for only then are we truly conscious.

As we set our intentions continually, day-to-day and moment-to-moment, we are creating a year in which we will recognize as a year of coming to our full potential. It’s a year of complete transformation from the old, little us to the Big, Grand Expression of Soul. We are finalizing the final letting go of anything holding us back from our grandeur as Earth Angels. As Angels, we are reminded to think big and know that nothing is impossible. Any ‘smallness’ will hold us back, so if you still dwell in the Land of the Little, as soon as you’re aware of that, snap out of it and replace it with a big, beautiful intention. Pay no mind to what the world or others (or you) tell you to keep you in your place...this is the big moment; this is our charge, especially on this Full Moon.

In past years, our changes have been inner ones and this year, those inner changes translate into outer manifestations. As we connect with the Grids of higher dimensions AND do our daily work (that of being all that we’re called to be), our entire body system (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) is aligned with Source all the way through to Gaia.

This means that we become our Souls/Higher Selves; fully integrated and fully anchored into our Soul’s Wisdom and Expression. This is why we have been guided to know and trust our Hearts’ Desires and how we want to experience life...because we are that powerful and are the creators of our lives. If something does not resonate with our Hearts and Souls, it is simply to be let go of. Then, with only the highest of thoughts, actions and intentions, we create the lives we have always been meant to live.

In the next two months, this is our purify ourselves and our lives to the point that there exists no fear, no anger, no duality...only Love. As we do hold this intention, we see how our lives change and shift into aspects of New life. So, take a look at every area of your life and make the changes called for...relationships, abundance, work, health, environment, diet, family, thoughts, actions...and in any area not mentioned here. Watch when you complain. You know, complaining holds you back; and complaining also helps you see what needs to change!

Know that the two eclipses we experienced in December and earlier this month did much to rocket ourselves out of the old and into the New. New awareness, confidence and clarity have come in order for us to ground the New Consciousness into our entire beings and world. With the shifting, we may notice certain things we thought we’d be doing are being removed. As we hold our highest intentions, the New will definitely manifest our new Paths or aspects of our Paths. While many may have loved their work up to now, new clarity brings new vision and much illusion is swept away. Surrender to what is coming; if it’s the same, then that is perfect; if it’s a new direction, then perfect!

Whatever is left to do to prepare for your new lives, then certainly do it. Anything not aligned with your Soul’s Wisdom (you will know it by how you feel in the moment) will simply hold you back. Anything that is illusory will be broken down. More of who you truly are will be revealed to others; you no longer enjoy keeping yourself under wraps. Transparency and Authenticity...this is a must. When you aren’t, pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel big or small? As you ‘walk your talk,’ more inner gifts will become known to you...aligned with your Soul’s Purpose. When things are finally in place, you will find your fellow travelers in order to fulfill a higher purpose for the planet’s birth into a new paradigm. Some of you have already done so; wonderful!

I see us as Eagles. Being still in flight or roosting, observing and staying centered in our Heart’s Path. There is no need to be too active or scatter our energies in many different directions, as this only confuses and confounds us. Keep it simple and Be in that Sacred Space of Stillness.

Being in Unity means that we do not try and save or protect the old ways. Let us trust and know that all is unfolding perfectly. Anytime we interfere, be it personally or globally, we delay our transformation. Can we trust that enough to surrender and know that Source knows what She’s doing? 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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