The New 3 Graces and Current Ascension Energies

We have entered the New World; a New consciousness; a New life experience. For the past two years I have been writing, teaching and mentoring others in Ascension (actually, I’ve been writing about Ascension since the 1990’s). I have shared how this powerful time is of the Divine Feminine. I have shared the seven Gateways (so far; there are 12 this year). Let me share with you my experience with the 7th Gateway; that of the Expanded Heart.

Shortly after writing the last Ascension Notes of July 18 and after the 7th Gateway of July 11, I was going through the Gateway again and was greeted by three powerful aspects of the Divine Feminine. They welcomed me through the Gateway. I asked, “Who are you?” They introduced themselves as Archangel Amabael (Mother Mary/Isis), Mary Magdalene and Sophia. They told me that because we are in the New, that the Three Graces has changed, and that they were the New Three Graces.

I learned that Sophia’s three daughters were the original Three Graces...Faith, Charity and Hope. The Soul Essences of the New Graces represent, specifically for our Ascension, are Love, Courage and be used daily. Sophia=Wisdom, Archangel Amabael=Love, and Mary Magdalene=Courage. Wouldn’t you agree that it takes all three to integrate the high vibrational energies into us and release the old and make life changes?

That night, they visited me throughout the night, awoke me often and told me that I was to make an amulet that represented the Expanded Heart and would integrate that energy more fully to the wearer. They gave me a visual of it. Realizing that I have never made an amulet, I was told I could have someone else make it and the person they chose was Montserrat. I have the Rosary and Mary Magdalene bracelet now, created by Montserrat. I was told that the amulet would be made of beads that are created from real roses with a glass/crystal with a Rose within it that would hang over the Heart Chakra.

The amulet is being created as I write this. Montserrat gracefully agreed to manifesting my vision, whose Path is to bring her visionary art of the Divine Feminine to all who are guided to it. The amulet will be imbued with Divine Feminine essence, as Montserrat is being guided also by the New Graces. When finished, the amulet will be available on my website.

At first I thought this was to be for me only, until a Facebook friend asked if they (the New Graces) were for everyone (thank you, Rebecca). I then was guided to share this with all of you. (Silly me; everything I receive is for everyone else!)

The New Three Graces have been with me ever since and I was taken to their Temple and taken through an initiation. By focusing on their Soul Essences, I feel a quickening of my own Ascension and much old has bubbled up for release and higher vibrational Light has been pouring into me. When the amulet is made, it will be worn at all times; so strong has this Guidance been. And I have to say also that never have I been guided to have an amulet specifically made. This has been one of the most powerful guidances I have received since awakening many years ago. I encourage you to ask the New Three Graces to come to you and for you to integrate their Essences often. Remember, our New Body Grid is made of Soul Essences, which creates our New life.

Current Ascension Energies

As a reminder, we are the New Humans and to embrace our humanness is to embrace our Ascension. After all, we are here to bring Gaia into her Ascension and must integrate the higher energies into our bodies as Gaia is...hence, our bodies are also ascending. If we think Ascension is merely a spiritual exercise, it is not; it is a total transformation mental/emotional/spiritual and physical. There is no separation between us, our Guides, Gaia and Ascended Masters. We are One with Gaia. As we ascend, so does She. Remember that Chief Seattle said, “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” The opposite is true as well. How we live, who we are, how we act...all affects Gaia. Feel these words.

The most important old energy of duality to release is that of fear. Fear is the root of all emotional dross; that of jealousy, control, aggression, hatred, anger...and it is the darkness; the shadow; the illusion of life. Love is Truth; who we truly are; and the Divine Expression of Light. In the last two months we have catapulted into the Essence of Light; therefore, more fear has bubbled up for release. I am amazed at how much life has shifted just since the 6th Gateway in June. Have you felt it? I know that the last six months of this year would be huge for us...truly; we have been catapulted into the New.

As fear is coming up and out, we may also feel lost, ungrounded and profound grief. We may not know what is next and that makes our weakening egos quite insecure. Call upon your Guidance and the New Graces. Allow whatever is up to be cleared and know that all is in Divine Order; no matter what it looks like. Disengage from the outer; the illusion and be in the Grace of the Moment, trusting that all is perfectly unfolding according to our Soul Plan. Let go of resistance and say, “Yes” to what and where your Soul takes you.

We continue to integrate the higher energies from the Galactic Central Sun, and it is important to take care of ourselves. Be around water (a great conductor and cleanser/purifier), play, rest and follow your own personal rhythm. We may experience continual sleep changes, let go of people and situations that drain us, digestive changes, headaches and other physical manifestations as our bodies recalibrate to align with our Souls.

Please know that you are safe and not alone. Feel free and choose what expands you into Joy and Awareness. Focus on the Graces’ Essences: Love (who you are), Wisdom (your knowing/Guidance) and Courage (from the root word Coeur; heart). As change comes up, sometimes in surprising ways, say Yes!

The next Gateway will be August 11. I’ll see you then! 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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