The Power of Solar Flares and New Energies for our Ascension

We are in a very powerful time now. This has been brought about by the increase in solar flares and the influx of high dimension Light into our systems. As a result, we are asked to take this Light and empower it into action. It’s not enough to observe the changes; we must now take our places aside the Angelic and Ascended Masters’ realms, and not just think about how wonderful the New Earth will be while we still dally in 3D.

It’s our job now to infuse all activities with the higher vibration we now hold.A lot of folks are great with their meditations and inspired visions of the New, and then return to “life as it always has been.” Life is totally different now, so now is the time to inject sacredness into every activity, word, thought and feeling we have. This takes being fully awake.

The little ego-self wants to come along for the ride. It wants to take its rightful place as servant to the Soul, for that is what it was intended for…to be the mental, emotional and physical expression of our Divinity; our Soul. Therefore, little ego needs some encouragement. Every time you are in judgment, feeling sorry for yourself, lamenting about this or that, you strengthen your little ego to be separate from Soul. Our job, and this is important from now on, is to catch ourselves when we are practicing separation, and replace our dualistic thinking with Love and Gratitude, which strengthens Soul. In this way, the ego joins the Soul to be congruent as Divine and One.

We have been experiencing a profound increase in changes in the last several weeks. Powerful upgrades and energetic waves of Light have increased, making it more uncomfortable to stay in our old separateness. However, more change is upon us, whether we go with it or resist it. Acceptance and flow create an ease, while resistance or pushing things faster creates stress. It’s our choice as to which category we empower. And we are definitely seeing this with the many changes in our body.

Our Souls/Higher Selves are merging more and more into our physical bodies. Instead of experiencing physical changes slightly or every once in a while, we feel them on a constant basis. Solar flares are intensifying this and so there is an increase of physical phenomena such as vertigo/dizziness, nausea, anxiousness, exhaustion, not remembering the simplest of things, head pressure and headaches, heart palpitations or heaviness, digestive changes and other phenomena based on where we are in our Ascension.

The Light coming from the Galactic Sun moves through our solar sun (creating more intense solar flares) and is permeating our consciousness, upgrading it to match our Souls’ purpose. It helps to align ourselves with the Galactic Sun as it pours this highly-charged Light through our solar sun and enters our bodies. This puts us in alignment with the high dimensional energies that are infusing us as well as Gaia.

While our scientists fixate on the effects of the solar flares’ electromagnetic energies on electronics and power grids, the flares most definitely affect our physical reality, clear to the cellular and DNA level. This causes our cellular memories to awaken to our natural birthright, our Divinity/Divine Love, as well as awakening the old energies. As this happens, our bodies heat up; this then allows old karma and difficult past lives to be released from our lower chakras to make room for the Light to more fully enter. This then helps our lower three chakras be in alignment with our upper, spiritual chakras instead of being separate. This then helps the congruency and unity between little ego and Soul.

Energy from the sun pulls up and out the lower emotional energies in order for higher vibrational Light to enter. This is why many of us are experiencing grief and depression as these lower cellular memories and energies are released. We grieve the loss of our old lives. The grieving doesn’t last long. You may experience bouts of this for a few minutes to several hours, and while we may search for a “logical” explanation, there is none. As these old memories are released (we don’t need to know what they are), our original Blueprint is awakened and our consciousness is raised and we begin to realize our Soul’s purpose and mission during this powerful time. From this vantage point, we then make changes so that our little ego-selves align more with our Soul.

As the Earth’s magnetic field also receives the higher energies from the solar flares combined with the Galactic Sun, She also releases DNA-awakening photons that further awaken our consciousness. And since we are One with Gaia, and as our consciousness rises to that of Christ Consciousness, we fully recognize that our thoughts (energy) manifest. It is why we are reminded to keep our thoughts high, aligned with Soul, for whatever our thoughts are; whatever our consciousness is will become manifest. So, if you still are feeling victimized by your circumstances, hold any resentment from the past or hold anger for certain events or people, you will continue to have that be your consciousness and will continue to manifest that. That’s just how powerful we are! Forgiveness increases our consciousness and releases blocks to manifestation.

This weekend we have a Full Moon (9:36 p.m. MDT). Then in two weeks we have a solar eclipse followed by a lunar eclipse two weeks after that. These events will certainly boost our expansion and necessitate further change. Focusing for now on the Full Moon this Saturday, realize that the energies will help you further disconnect from 3D life. An important help to you is to stay uber-connected to Source at this time. If you feel grief, know it’s the “old” releasing. If you feel like you don’t know where to go, what to do, who you are, just know that this is because of a huge influx of Galactic Sun Light magnifying the Moon’s energy flowing non-stop into your being. It’s O.K! It aligns us more with Soul, rather than to 3D life. Anything that is blocking your Light; your Presence, will surely emerge from your lower chakras. Meditation and Ceremony and spending time in Nature will greatly enhance your passage and prepare you for the eclipses coming up.

One of the gifts of this time, if you can anchor more to Soul than to little ego, is a powerful ability to manifest your Soul’s Desires. This is why it’s so important to focus more on living in the New Earth than in the old, outdated and separate old earth. After this Full Moon, there will be a major Gateway opening. And the expansion this brings doesn’t happen without our active participation. Therefore, to stay fully conscious, consciously open to the higher energies and infuse every activity, thought and feeling with sacredness is absolutely necessary if we want to fully empower the majesty of our Ascension.

Folks, this is it! In the next few weeks we have the opportunity to choose to step more powerfully into New Life or continue on as we have. I know what I am choosing!

Let go of struggle and embrace Joy! 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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