The Soul Created Life

Much has shifted since the last Gateway; that of the Expanded Heart. While we have shifted from the ego-intellect to the feeling-Heart in previous months and years, we have empowered the Soul so much that whatever shows up in our world is something to say “Yes” to. We do not have to create boundaries, for boundaries are of the old to keep us safe. It was a way to control our fragile state of being while we became Soul-strong. And now we are, and whatever Soul brings to us has incredible boost us further in our Ascension.

By saying Yes, it puts us in a state of Grace; of Allowance to further release the old, heal old wounds and open us up to new adventure, which further strengthens our Soul and leads us to where that vibration matches ours. This could not happen without the Heart Expansion, for that made us stronger in Soul more than we’ve ever been before...

Of course, we each are on our own timeline, so each of us must follow our own Guidance as to what we are guided to embrace and what we are guided not to. I encourage you to, at least, try this on for size. If it doesn’t resonate, perhaps your Soul has more strengthening to do.

We are also only given a piece of the puzzle a moment at a time. We are asked to let go of desired outcome and be open to how a situation is manifest, for however it manifests is for our highest evolvement, even if it doesn’t look like it. After all, any desired outcome is really based on past experience and on ego gratification. So saying Yes is an excursion into the unknown world of Soul, and Soul will always take us to a higher level of Authentic Self. If the outcome seems undesirable, ask yourself, “What is it that I am to learn from this gift of awareness?”

Notice how powerful you are now. You have a thought and it manifests. Therefore, we are like on a tightrope in that we must be very clear and aware of what we are thinking/feeling each moment. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, then more life events will keep you in that state of mind. If you are feeling wonderful, more events will keep you in that state of being. Using this conscious power, you can see the powerful ways you manifest.       

For those of you who have activated your Vortex, which connects you to the Earth, New Body, New Consciousness and Crystalline Grids, thirteen dimensions and Source, know you are also connected to channels of Light. So each time you meditate/transmit, you are intensifying the integration of higher dimensional Light, increasing your vibration, and bit by bit acclimating to the Unity Consciousness; that of being One with Soul and all of life. Slowly, you become aware of illusions that no longer serve you, and you see that they keep you in a state of denial and old energies.

As a part of this continual upgrade, you release more old and replace it with high dimensional Light (via the channels of Light), which expands your Heart, strengthens your Soul and helps you make appropriate Soul-changes in your life. Physically, you may also be experiencing headaches, vertigo and other physical releases and adjustments. After all, our physical bodies must also move through this transitory time of Ascension as well, since our bodies are one unit (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically).

The energy of July is about the New us. Do you feel New? Are there new opportunities or visions coming to you? Are you the same person you were in June? Reflect on these questions and you may be surprised at how just a few weeks can dramatically impact your life.

Along with feeling New, notice that no thing or no one can hide who or what they are. You can see through your own and others’ true motivations. What you thought was true is something you now question. You scrutinize everything you read and see, and have the clarity to see and understand all the personal messages that come to you in dreams, conversations, songs, movies, Nature...all there for your Ascension. Yes, the Universe is definitely conspiring for your Higher Growth. There are so many Aha’s! during the day that you may begin to transcend the sense that something special is happening, and move into a state of knowing that Yes, this is an incredible time, yet you don’t become attached to it.

Speaking of! I have spoken to so many who are looking at this and seeing just how attached they are, even when they felt they had let go of attachment. Remember, that in this time, while intense, it is also gentle...we release in layers. When one layer of attachment, fear or other old energy is released, another deeper layer is revealed. We may ask at times, “When will it all end?” That is an ego question. Instead, just allow whatever is “up” for you in the moment, release and move on. Let’s not focus on a goal, event, conclusion or result. It simply is.

Because you are accelerating at such a fast pace, it is important to be gentle with yourself. Eat when you’re hungry, do when you’re guided, sleep when you’re tired, and allow your perceptions to change in every activity you take on. The rest of the time allow yourself to Be. If you are not guided to do anything, let that be O.K. Your Soul knows what is best and will only bring you instances of evolution. In this way you integrate the rarified energies of higher dimensional living.

Be the Compassionate Observer; see every person and event as a mirror into your own state of being...without judgment. Taking things personally keeps us in energy that is counterproductive to Ascension. We are the New Humans. Many Lightworkers have created a dualistic attitude by claiming they are not human, but are of other star systems. While this is true for our Souls, it is a denial of our humanness. Just as we have claimed to be the Emerging Human Angels, remember that we are on this Earth for a bring all of humanity and the planet to a higher vibrational place of Love. We are the New Humans. We embrace our Soul DNA and merge it with our Earth DNA. We are One, unified, congruent mind, body and Soul. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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