The Soul Guided Life

Since 10-10-10, and further strengthened by the Full Moon, our Souls have increased in strength. There is some major butt-kicking of our egos, especially if we are lagging behind in changing old patterns and beliefs. If we are not honoring our Souls’ requests to step more fully into our Authentic Selves, events may happen to literally force us to open our eyes. I have seen that many are having some major challenges; from physical maladies, dealing with death, old emotional pains, as well as dealing with the anger of those around them.

It seems that the only thing we can do is to grow and make the changes that, up to this point, have been somewhat gentle. For those who have been riding along with the changes our Souls and all the Light have demanded, life is flowing and incredibly beautiful. Where are you along his continuum? We all know where we need to change and what we still need to let go of.

We have passed the point of no return and so between 10/10 and 11/11, we will feel a forward momentum of Soul-guided life. There is excitement deep within us, as we know we are finally moving more strongly toward our destination. We are filled with Light (awareness) more than we’ve ever been before, and therefore, another layer of old energy is revealed. The big question is, “What will you do with it?” Much of the release happens spontaneously without our noticing it, until a recurring theme shows up and we realize it no longer has a hold on us; we respond in a completely new way! At that moment, it is completely released!

Others, perhaps deeper and more painful, need our attention to shift the energy through choice. We have the opportunity to let our stories go once and for all...and so many love their stories and have a tough time creating new ones. What story do you still cling to and why? Are you ready to write a new one?

The time from here on out requires great diligence, commitment and courage. We have committed to a deeper expression of life. Do you feel more energy running through you; does your heart race at times? Do you feel an upgrade of surrender to your highest expression without the usual fear; even while not knowing how it’s all going to turn out? I hope you respond with a resounding YES!

All of our testing has been to show us just how powerful we truly are and how ready we are to write a new life story. And once at One with Soul, the rest is easy and is filled with incredible gifts of Love, Joy and exuberant Peace. As we stand on the other side of the cosmic doorway, we experience more intense dreams and visions, along with heightened awareness and perceptions. Clarity is becoming more um...clear! We can see and feel our lives taking on a rich energy, filled with creativity and abundance. There is more connection and more balance. Do you feel it?

Intuition/inner knowing is heightened and certainly it has taken the place, for the most part, of making choices based on our history or intellect. For instance, driving to the coast, I, at the last minute, changed our route in order to drive up the coast to our destination. We were blessed with a sunset locals said had not been that beautiful for years! This was a gift that brought great Joy, projected outward borne of inner Joy, which always opens us up to feeling much more Light and Spirit.

Then to top it off, I saw a Bald Eagle, a few Owls (telling me I can see through my ego’s deception) and a Golden Eagle as an exclamation point to the portals I have stepped through on 10-10-10. I am sure many of you have been experiencing these same high moments to show that you have landed in the New.

Duality, however, is still present, especially if you are still looking at the outer world as ‘real.’ Take a moment now and see how you are more and more seeing the beauty, and releasing more of the duality of 3D life. If there is more duality than New, what changes is your Soul asking for? With the opening of the 10-10-10 portal, we have been and will be pushed past our old limitations. This could look like our biggest buttons are being pushed. Our egos may react to this in the same old way, and yet it’s all new! We have the awareness and choice to respond in a way befitting our Souls.

We no longer are puppets, orchestrated by some grand manipulator who holds our destiny, dictating whether we experience success or failure. It truly lies within us as to how the world looks. If we hit a snag, we have the power to learn from it and shift the energy, which will create another opportunity. Nothing is by chance; at any time we can look at our lives and understand what is going on within. It’s not always this simplistic, of course. As we travel this path, we may experience a lot of confusion, because we are so new at taking full responsibility for our lives. And as Gabriel said, we’re not in linear time, so things ebb and ‘they’ say, two steps forward; one step back. We are creating one step at a time, guided by our feeling-state.

When feeling confused, unbalanced, chaotic or any of the Ascension emotional symptoms, the best way to handle it is to stay calm, for the Light will shine as we trust. We don’t push through; we surrender. These energies are actually dissolution of old ‘truths.’ When we can stay centered, and allow this dissolution of old energies, we actually are preparing ourselves for the next powerful wave of Light. There is another portal coming; that of 11-11. This one has the unlimited potential of our desires. And then there’s another in December, which I’ll address when the time comes. So you see, we will continue along this path for some time, becoming more refined and aligned with our Souls.

Yes, from this month forward we continue to be realigned so that our consciousness is congruent with our Soul. We continue to be realigned and as such, more and more old patterns will come up for release. These include what is in our cells in the form of past life memories, both the gifts we bring forth as well as old wounds. How we’ve defined our lives must go. They are distortions of who we think we are. Every time you say, “I am this or that,” take a deeper look and ask if it’s true for you today.

Remember, we are creating a whole new we and not recreating who we’ve always been. If you don’t know who you are, that is the appropriate stance. All we can do is be in the moment and see who life asks us to that moment. This takes great awareness, but we have that now! If we won’t let go of who we think we are, and it’s erroneous, our Souls simply will not support it.

By being as truthful as possible with ourselves and others, we will be led to who we’re becoming. By doing this, we can be in touch with what we’ve been in denial about. By honoring our integrity and speaking our truth, we automatically release old dramas and defenses (what our egos protect). This calls for us to not try and control our situations by keeping silent, but by revealing our inner beliefs, we expose and heal any old karma that holds us back. It’s absolutely necessary.

It honors ourselves and creates congruency between our Souls and egos and allows others to claim their own truth. In this way, everyone can make enlightened choices. It releases duality in that we are not in judgment of self or others; nor is there blame. There is a pure sense of taking responsibility for ourselves only; freeing all to have the opportunity to make conscious choices. Always be gentle and loving with self and others while speaking your truth. This doesn’t mean we must do this with everyone; only when guided, but always with yourself.

As I close, I would like to share what a reader, Jeff Fearnside, wrote:

" I feel that all is in its place, that I'm taken care of and opportunities are moving all over the place, getting into the right position to present themselves to us. Nothing has changed and yet it feels like everything has changed. The air has a soft, delicate quality to it..."

Being grateful, trusting and knowing, we are ever more stepping into the Beauty of Who we are. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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