The Third Eclipse

June certainly has been huge for shifting, hasn’t it? Now with the third eclipse and culmination of a huge energetic month, we put the final touches on this phase of regeneration, recalibration and upgrade. This is vital, as it prepares us for the rest of the year and on into 2012. It is like we’ve been catapulted at mach speed forward in our Ascension, and I’m pretty sure most of you definitely have felt this.

This last eclipse is the most powerful of the eclipses; kind of like an exclamation mark. It anchors the energies we’ve received this month, along with the Sixth Gateway. The Personal Portals are now closed, as their purpose of releasing the old and integrating their gifts is complete.

Most of us have experienced many physical manifestations this month including fuzzy (blurry) eyes...a shift in DNA, headaches, sleeplessness, back pain, tummy upset and more. Yet, these manifestations have been more completion of the old, an upgrade of our physical bodies and a reminder that we are sovereign and powerful; if we choose to use it. The manifestations are not to be focused on as such, but as reminders of Who we’re becoming.

While in the old, we asked for help from “The Universe,” our Guides and Angels. The real power lies within, waiting for us to use it, rather than insisting that we are still powerless and need outside help. Let the little self go and use your Soul power. Command (not ask) that certain things will be amazed at what becomes manifest. We are no longer victims! Step into your is your choice.

In our Online Ascension Support Group, many are reporting dreams of stepping into their power, expansion, movement and New Life. Dreams are messages from our Soul, and our Souls are telling us we have reached a place of power. And yet, unless we activate our Newness in every day life, they remain as dreams.

We are being guided to flow, to not be attached to how we think our lives should go. The energies, further energized by this 3rd eclipse, ebb and flow...and this is how life will continue to be. Remember, we are no longer in linear time! So if you plan something, and then the energy dissipates or changes into something else, allow it. This is how life is now...go with it.

Watch your words and phrases, for they carry creative energy. Take, for instance, the phrase, “I’m broke.” Really, are you broken? And when you say it, you affirm your brokenness. Or when you say, “I can’t afford it...” this energy continues to manifest in your life. In actuality, you can afford simply choose not to do something. For if you reflect on it, haven’t you always afforded something that you really really wanted? This is your can use it or ignore it. What is your choice?

Many report that they feel very uncertain in their lives. Some want to move, but don’t know where to. Some don’t now who they are or what they want. All of this is perfect, yet our egos feel very insecure in this “not knowing.” If you can be OK with this transitory feeling, that is the very best; this is being in the Flow. This is Allowing. Just observe and know it is all so perfect. It also keeps us in the Now; truly the only place we can be conscious, and not stuck in our heads and stories in continual duality.

Ask yourself what is your new grounding? For many, it is connecting to the Earth. For others, it is staying conscious; for others, it is truly being a participant in life. It varies for each of us, so ask and follow your Guidance on what new grounding is for you. It is not enough now to meditate and then go back into life as if they were separate. We are to live our meditations, and grounding is essential, for it anchors the new energies into our bodies. And in this way, we become the ascending masters.

If so guided, ask your Ascension Mentor to take you to the Temple of Wisdom. There, you will meet the Keepers of Wisdom. Know that there are steps to take in order to enter...1. You realize there’s more than 3D life. 2. You begin to seek answers, read books, learn to meditate, take workshops, etc. 3. You begin to be taken through steps/initiations. 4. You awaken and step into Heart-knowing. You are then ready for wisdom, which you then share with the world by simply being in your integrity. They will tell you where you are on your Journey and perhaps be taken inside the Temple.

Ask your Ascension Mentor to then take you to your four Pyramids. They are the Pyramids of Creativity, Wholeness, Higher Consciousness and Ascended Master, Archangels and Higher Beings. Always state, “Only those of the Divine Light and Plan be present.” At each Pyramid there will be Emissaries of Light from Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades and Sirius. Ask them these questions: 1. What attachments do I have? 2. Does my vibration match the New Vibration (if not, ask to be adjusted)? 3. What am I to surrender to? 4. What is my new grounding?

This exercise will help you to integrate all of the intense energies of June and ease any physical manifestations you might have.

Know that this month of eclipses and the Solstice have increased our consciousness, bringing us to a new level of awareness. From this place, we may be free to make life choices that are more aligned with our new consciousness including moving to a more suitable place, simplifying our lives by releasing extraneous “stuff,” and having a sense of expansion and freedom. Watch your dreams, for they are messages from your Soul and show you right where you are in consciousness. They may show you that you are releasing, are free, powerful, and all areas in between. Then, if needed, you can make adjustments in your life. Be aware also of your inner Joy. If you cannot find it, certainly it is time to adjust the life forms that are currently in place.

As we end this latest phase, what is available to you; within you; awaiting your acknowledgement and use are new paths of knowing and creating Divine Truth in your every day life. This has never before been available to access; however, it is up to you. It is not mere words to read and pack away, but to utilize. It is the emergence of your Soul; your Authentic Self in real time. As you focus on what is working in your life; rather than what is not; as you focus on what you have, rather on what you don’t, you actualize your True Self. The doubts and duality become wisps of air, letting go easily.

The eclipse trinity began in Gemini, a symbol of duality, and completes in Cancer, a symbol of the Divine Feminine (Source). Do you see the grand shift here? It is what is also shifting within you. Recognize your new sense of freedom and power and actualize them in your life. Are you willing to create your life, rather than having your life create you? Are you willing to know of your true power; the Truth of You?

To anchor this powerful time of June, you may do a New Moon/Eclipse Ceremony. Allow yourself to be guided as to the best way to enhance the energies. The New Moon Eclipse occurs tomorrow, July 1, at 1:54pm MST.

May you know of your True Nature and have it be fully activated in your life. Namaste. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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