Unity Consciousness & Pyramid Wholing Energy

Have you noticed that, as you follow your Heart’s Guidance, you are withdrawing a bit from certain people, whom you’ve always enjoyed, and from certain activities that you at one time loved? This is because we have been going through major reconfigurations of ourselves on all levels. We’ve had to prioritize where we expend our energies, pulling back a bit, unless strongly guided.

This time brings up a lot of uncertainty about who we are and what we’re doing. We certainly don’t know what’s next, and we are being asked to let go of what we have always believed to be true; this includes spiritual dogma and jargon.

Shakeups in our consciousness and outer lives will continue, so the best advice is to stay centered and follow the shifting energies, while observing non-attached. There is another new cycle on its way and we are being honed to the highest expression of ourselves. Those who have been committed to their transformation, rather than to ‘life as usual,’ may be exhausted from the many shifts we’ve experienced. And as we progress, being in 3D is quite the challenge!

Last night I went to see Eat, Pray, Love. What a beautiful way to pamper myself with the visualization of personal transformation. It is no mistake this movie is out now, as it is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that many of us are facing the question, “Who Am I and who am I becoming?” I found it interesting that we witness ourselves and the heroine in the movie moving through transformation, but not given the answer to who we’re becoming. This is a great reminder not to become attached to the end result, but instead enjoy the journey and say Yes! to all that is given to us. “The benefits of life are not achieved...they are received.”

We are moving more and more into Unity Consciousness. It is a place of neutrality; non-duality. It just is. And while there is much darkness around us, due to the increase of Light, Unity is the one place we find peace and comfort. To be in Unity more strongly, when you meditate connect to all layers of consciousness, from the 12th through the 4th dimensions, bringing those energies in a spiral into and through our Crown Chakra and anchoring them in our bodies and to the Earth Crystal. Each time you do this, you anchor more Unity/Oneness. There is no duality outside the 3rd dimension.

The ego is 3D and is borne of duality. By accessing higher dimensions we gently integrate Unity into our bodies. As we do so, our egos resist less and begin to embrace, for it’s much happier there and feels as though it’s coming home. Daily, we are given choices to be in Unity. When in pain or doubt or fear, we are in duality. When in peace, stillness, and not looking outside ourselves for answers or joy, we are in Unity Consciousness. The more we practice this, and drop our constant questioning; we strengthen the higher dimensions within. And as with the recent Lion’s Gateway and Cardinal Cross and solar flare occurring, more of the duality has certainly made itself known, and has given us pause to choose...do I choose duality or Unity? It’s quite a gift. Without the polarities, we remain blind to all the Light we embody.


Pyramid Healing (Wholing) Energy

With the Lion’s Gate open at the Great Pyramid, we have access to the healing (wholing) power of the Pyramid. Visualize the Pyramid in meditation, and if you have pictures or Pyramid crystals around you, you may integrate the energies even more quickly, easily and completely. The Pyramid is 4-sided and built on a circle. This is the blending of male/female, as well as bringing into Oneness Spirit and matter. The lion’s Gate not only brought in more Light vibrational energies, but is increasing our Unity Consciousness as well.


Much illusion and delusion is making itself known and as we observe, we can see it for what it is...fear and control. Have you noticed how clearly you can see what’s behind the curtain? There is no more hiding; so much is being revealed within ourselves and in others in regard to motivation and manipulation. As I watch, it makes me giggle; do they think we’re stupid?

As we watch the disintegration of the deep sleep we’ve been in, we are given the gift of freely choosing what kinds of lives we want for ourselves...lives that are supported by Unity Consciousness. As we awaken, we are also privy to cultural control consciousness. As we see it and made aware, we have the opportunity to go within and build on our own Oneness Factor. As we become stronger within, it doesn’t matter what event is going on out in the world; it doesn’t affect us and we see that it’s just a distraction, keeping us from moving upward and forward in Unity.

Since the New Moon of last Monday, there have been some harmonizing energies, which has helped us heal (whole) a bit more gently. As we are coming closer and closer to being fully integrated with our Souls, the cycles of wholing have been closer and closer together. Our conditioning, in the form of how we were raised and what we were told (consciously and unconsciously)...that we had certain roles to fulfill in order to fit in, have all been coming to the surface. Some of these might be, “You must be a wife and mother,” “You go to college to meet a husband,” “You must put yourself aside in order to help others, otherwise you’re selfish.” OK, so those were some of my messages. What are yours, and have you released them to the Light?

Because of the Lion’s Gate, we now have much new energy in place. And because of this, many of our old suppositions may be roaming around us. (I visualize this as anomalies in our aura.) However, if you can bring your focus inward to Unity, these illusions dissipate. The new energies, along with what we’re releasing, create some symptoms such as headaches, stress, and feeling lost, like we don’t know where we belong. There may be some eye issues, and this morning, my right knee was very weak. Different areas of our body may act up, as the cells in that region are being reorganized. We may feel overloaded while we deal with one old emotion/thought after another. Rest and solitude truly help. Simplifying life and saying no to people who want our energy also helps. And while we step into a higher vibration, we also realize our lives don’t seem to fit us any more. This happens each time there is a major shift.

As part of our ascension, we are receiving many new revelations and new insights. Changes in how we view our spirituality are also shifting. Our intuition is extremely high and guides us to places were we can be more. On the other end of this, as we are till in the 3rd dimension partway, is anxiety along with escapism. If we can channel escapism into creative play, that truly helps us stay centered.

And most of all, be true to yourself, honor your flow and push nothing. This is a time to observe, allow and follow your guidance. If something comes up that is uncomfortable, don’t automatically discount it. Let it sit...it just might be a new insight or direction and it’s your ego that is in resistance. If you can let it be for a bit, you could see it’s a new perception that is more fitting for your new self.

Be in peace and allow the Love that you are radiate within your cells. As you do, your wholeness radiates within and all around you, helping you shine as bright as the Morning Star for all to behold.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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