Coming Home...Re-Connecting to the Earth

In 2001 I was in a very minor auto accident that created a crushed right leg for me…no one else involved had any ramifications from the accident, but for me, this incident was the vehicle for a massive shift within me, and one that would change me forever more.

I needed to have surgery, and was told by my guides right before they wheeled me into the operating room, that I would never be the same again, that I would now be residing somewhere very new and different, and that I would have a drastic shift in consciousness that I would now be embodying, no longer just knowing a higher consciousness in an intellectual way.

When I awoke, I most certainly felt as though there was nothing much left of me but the “souls” of my shoes. I had been swept clean in one fell swoop. What was left was the “original innocence” and the purity of my soul and its purpose. And boy, did I feel vulnerable.

This is what is occurring now for many of us on a massive scale.

This time is like no other. If we allow and surrender, we may find ourselves in spaces of simplicity, great grace, incredible peace and serenity, and in that simple space where nothing seems to matter but the now. We may feel empty but peaceful, vulnerable but trusting, innocent but wise, and very, very simple with perhaps no desires that we can even place a finger on. We may feel as one of my readers put it, that “everything is up for grabs,” that we know not a thing, and that our barometers have been dis-connected or have at least gone awry.

These are the corresponding feelings that accompany a “clean slate.” Much of our old ego states are now gone, and this is what we have wanted for a very long time. So in this way, we can know that all is, as always, in divine and perfect order. I survived this state those many years ago, and emerged a very different person, and many of you will indeed do the same. It was then that I deeply connected to my true and authentic soul purpose, as there was not much else left, and again, many of you will now do the same.

It is our divine and authentic purpose that will carry us through from now on. It is our connection to Source and to this purpose, or highest aspect of our soul, that will now navigate our new beginnings and very new experiences. So in this way, we have to let everything else go. And this is why it is taking so long to connect to our very new beginnings. We must complete the process of letting go before we can start anew, and in addition, we always wait for as many as possible of our brothers and sisters to be on board. Our slates need to be squeaky clean.

With the “due date” of June 21st as the benchmark, this is our guideline and blueprint that we have selected to cement in the process of arriving back home once again…only this time, “home” will be very much here. So then, hanging out in mid-air is only a symptom of having let go of so much before we arrive somewhere very new. And again, let go we must. This creates the very light vehicle that is needed to ensure our arrival into very new realities and very new experiences.

In this way, we are unable to manifest much right now, but know as well, that because we are emerging earth angels, we will always, but always, be taken care of. So even if many of us do not yet really know what we will be doing or creating in this new land, our souls most certainly do, and it is our souls that always, but always, navigate the waters for us and get us to the next perfect place where we need to be.

In prior weeks, many had experienced the flu or an illness, when it seemed strange or perhaps unusual to be sick at all. And for all our attempts at getting well, there was no success. Several weeks ago, I had a bad cold I got from my grandchildren and that I could not shake like I normally would, for an entire week, and many of you have reported the same. We were “down” for sure. But this was just part of the process of being still while we were re-wiring or making massive internal changes in order to be in alignment with the new energies. We were being given the opportunity to find our center and stay in it. We needed to be “separate” from the old world for awhile, and took any vehicle we thought might work.

If much of everything seems oh so quiet now, if our phones have ceased ringing for many weeks, if there has been no forward movement for quite some time, if we have lost more than we ever thought we could, and if we may feel more alone than ever before, this is only because  we are at the gate. By now, many of us have mastered being in the eye of the storm, as we have literally been removed from much. And being in the eye is a very peaceful space for sure. From your many letters, it seems that so many of you are at great peace with this. At our deepest and highest levels, we indeed know that we are somewhere very magical and divine. Things are being orchestrated at very high levels now, as deep and massive energies within and without are moving into their rightful positions.

Along with this massive adjustment and acceptance, we are also beginning our re-connection to the earth. In recent weeks, we have been given the opportunity to connect to the earth as never before. A few weeks ago, I took a short trip back to southwest Colorado where I lived for many years. The minute I crossed over at the border, I teared up, felt a massive re-connection, and experienced an overwhelming feeling of “home.”  And when I arrived back home in New Mexico, a massive angel filled the sky directly over my house, re-connecting me once again. I am certainly not alone, as I know that many of you are having similar, but perhaps different in some ways, experiences of fully arriving here and re-connecting to the earth now as never before.

We are grounding our energies within the earth now, in ways that we have been unable to do until now. Places on the earth where we may have left our hearts many years ago, are beckoning to us now, as they are saying that when we arrived in times past, it was simply not yet time…but now it is. Much, if not all, of the old dark stewardship of the earth is now gone. In this way, we are, of course, the very new stewards. So then, the earth is opening up for our arrival. It is opening its arms so very wide to welcome us in, to allow our presence, and to let us know that things will now be so very different indeed. The old resistance energy will now be gone, and we will soon be able to create what we have always known.

In this way, many of us will be drawn to creating the blueprints. Our souls are now activated as they always are when we reach new plateaus, and they have now been activated to begin designing and implementing the new blueprints for the new world, or our very new Planet Earth. Yes, our time is finally here, as all the years of preparation are finally complete. This is the time we have been waiting for.

What blueprint will you be called to create? What standard will you be implementing? What do you know the most about? What guide book will you offer? What ways are you here to show?

Our true and authentic purposes always call to us, as they invite us in, and many times, they are never even seemingly our own ideas. We are not really consciously at the helm, but our souls always are. They urge us on, whisper in our ears, bring strange and synchronistic events to our doors, and beckon us to step into our soul shoes, even if we may not know exactly what those shoes are. Forcing the issue never works, as it is our ego selves that most times wreak havoc in our process. It is then, not always what “we” want, but what our souls are guiding us towards.

Stepping up to the plate is another seeming requirement as well. So many times I have had a desire to quit my work in regard to delivering these messages and this information, as I know deep within me that a simple life has always been a good fit, that an unassuming posture always feels great for me, and that being “big” and well-known is not my idea of a way to live and be. This place I now find myself in was never my idea, believe me. But I also know that I agreed to this job, that I must fulfill it in all ways, and that I must carry its responsibility as well. My next calling is to go out and speak about things very new and different with the blueprint, something I thought I would never do, and something that I am quite terrified of, but do it I must. I am no different from most of you. It seems we either try and force the issue and want to move forward or perhaps embody the opposite and resist our calling.

It is time then, for us to be here in this new world, within the physical, either here in our new realities or at the dimensional border, and to step up to our true and authentic plates.

As always, surrender and trust are the keys to a more pleasant experience during this time, as well as knowing that everything is, as always, in divine and perfect order. And yes, we are always protected and watched over as well. So for right now at this moment, it can be a good time to be in the moment, to take time for self-care, to relax and breathe, to give ourselves a break, and to even travel a bit as we re-connect to our very new Earth.

During this quiet time, I thought it might be ideal for addressing some of the questions that many of you have written to me about. Below are the most frequent, along with my take on the answers: 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Now at epidemic proportions, many of our young ones are experiencing this “disorder.” Why? There are many degrees of autism, but generally speaking, this disorder creates a human existence in two realities or dimensions. Our newest arrivals in human form are more highly evolved, and the very newest arrivals are the most evolved, and so forth. The planet as yet, does not match the vibration of these new little ones. As our planet seems to be getting progressively worse while we expand as far as we can to the most extreme degrees of unpleasantness, in order to create the opposite, it can feel like a most dreadful place indeed for our little ones.

Thus, they escape. And they escape to another dimension or world that is most certainly not here. As for the vaccinations creating the disorder:  Introducing lower vibrating energies into a higher vibrating being can only serve to wreak havoc and intensify this situation. So then, the vaccinations exacerbate the situation even more. But know as well, that this is not set in stone. My older grandchildren were vaccinated (ages 5 and 9) and were just fine. And one of our twins has been fine as well. My daughter has ceased with the vaccinations for now for our other baby. Many doctors feel that without the vaccinations, diseases would then run rampant and at least, occur again, and some diseases are doing just that. So what then, is the prognosis?

As this planet begins to finally evolve and change (and it is doing this now), autism spectrum disorder will cease to exist. It will first begin to lessen, and then we will hear that we have identified its cause or perhaps found a treatment, or even have experiences of those embodying it finally being strangely cured somehow. But what is actually occurring here, is that it need no longer exist as the energies that created it will no longer exist. Thus, in near times to come, it will finally diminish and these little ones (and not so little ones too), will no longer be in jeopardy, and will recover as well. They will want to be here…the same as us now really wanting to be here, as this earth is now finally “home.”

Those Down Under Having Different Experiences Than Described in the WINGS Posts?

The impending solstice of June marks the longest day for the northern hemisphere and the shortest day for the southern hemisphere. Will we all have the same experience? I say yes. Our beloved friends Down Under in the Land of Oz frequently write that there are times when they feel just the opposite of what I describe in my messages. Generally speaking, the entire planet and everything on her, is ascending. At the highest levels, we go through the same stages at roughly the same times, give or take a few days or weeks, and also dependent upon which rung of the ascension ladder each and every one of us is residing upon.

In other words, in regard to the big shifts and changes, we are all on the same page at the same time. Each rung on the ascension ladder dictates at what level our experiences will manifest. For instance, for some, a substantial shift would mean the end of a job (work related) and the end of being able to hold down a regular source of income, while for others, they have been through that stage many years prior, and this shift would manifest for them as the end of their current “role.”

For minor experiences and ascension growth, it might indeed be different for those residing in different hemispheres. Winter naturally dictates a desire to pull inward, and summer a desire to open, for example. But as we evolve more fully, these differences cease to exist. I spent last winter solstice very actively travelling across country brining my daughter and grandchildren here, and then opening to some very new energies and experiences where she now lives…certainly the opposite of “pulling inward.”

So what I am saying is that at the lower rungs of the ascension ladder, we might adhere more fully to our geographic residency on the planet in regard to our experiences, as we are more connected and in alignment with what is immediately in front of us and around us. But the higher we evolve and move beyond that, the more we will all be in synch at the very same time as we are then existing at much higher levels of reality. All in all, each and every one of us is right where we need to be, and holding that specific space that we agreed to hold before we arrived here in form.

2012…the End of the World?

No, the beginning. The end of the world is occurring right now, and has been for some time, and thus, 2012 will mark the beginning in all ways of a new reality for the entire planet. Most of you reading this are just beginning to create these new blueprints, which will be implemented first on our new “other side,” and then be introduced to those who are ready at the dimensional border. As Barack Obama continues with his soul purpose of holding things together so that there will not be a disastrous crash while the much needed changes are occurring in the old world, we will eventually fulfill our purposes as the angels of the earth, by introducing systems and ways of being that we have created here, to the old world there, when we are asked by those energies that are ready

2012 will mark a planetary alignment that will signal “the end,” or rather that enough of the new is finally in place to secure a final release of all of the old.

With much love and gratitude,





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