ALL OF THE LETTING GO, loss, releasing, and endings created though the ascension process can ultimately leave us in a space of simplicity. There is such a beauty in simplicity. The joy of being there for a child's smile, watching a hawk fly across the sky, tending to a flower bed, watching your favorite Disney cartoon, sliding down the slide with your grandchild, or perhaps just observing an ant carrying a bite of food home.

Simplicity greatly frees us up to become a part of the moment. It frees us up to be much more present for what truly matters to us. As we become weary and apathetic through the ascension process, we cannot help but end up with a more simplistic life-style. With a busy, hectic life-style, we are really neither here nor there. And even though we may complain that ascension has taken so much from us, it has really left only what matters behind.

In simplicity, we have few responsibilities. We are so much more free, and we have all complained that we truly value our freedom! Within the freedom of simplicity, we can connect much more easily to Source. Our time is our own. We are removed from that busy and hectic world. In simplicity, we are able to see things we never had the time to notice before. Our lives move at a much slower pace. We can be present for others. We can be present for ourselves.

One of my favorite memories is sitting in an inner-tube, floating down the Russian River in the wine country of California , with my daughter, then eleven years old, and two of her friends. I do think I spent more time in those days with my daughter's friends than my own, as they were always so much more fun, had more innocence, and didn't question much. And we loved to play! That particular time, as we lived just down the street from the river, it just seemed a natural thing to do. And now I get to play with my grandchildren. We get into so much mischief…sloshing through the mud puddles, drawing, twirling around in the shopping carts at the store…oh, the simplicity!

Ascension brings back the simplicity. We don't have to take care of so many things. We have been removed from much of our prior responsibilities. We get to spend a good deal of time in our creativity. The child-like joy of our original and innocent inner child can re-emerge. And there are so many worlds within worlds that were unnoticed when we were in our busy, adult, and very serious lives. I can remember having my forehead down upon the earth out in nature one day on my friend's ranch in Colorado . Lo and behold, I discovered an entire civilization within the earth! It was truly amazing, and a sight to see. I would never have know that it was there if I hadn't been out just wandering around and enjoying myself, while my friend was off tending to “business!”

Thinking back on the creak of the ranch door when it opened, or the brilliant sunlight that flooded the living room when the door was left ajar…these are the fondest of memories. These are the precious moments. And these are the times that we can feel oh so joyful and blissful, and they do not involve material things or things that we feel we need for security. These times of simplicity are when spirit is ever present.

When I do not have a simple life, I feel very disconnected. Having no debt, being able to do pretty much whatever I want to whenever I want to, having the simplest of possessions, and having no real agenda, is the only way I feel comfortable these days. I would have a very difficult time having to be somewhere at a specified time…I'm just not used to it. If my life begins to get busy and complicated, I refuse to participate. Simplicity is much too valuable to me.

If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to remember that simplicity can bring you closer to Source. It can place you much more in the moment and allow things to arrive in a harmonious and synchronistic way of aligning very naturally through Source. Enjoy your simplicity … it's really what it's all about!

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Bright Sorcerer 21st August 2009 1:14 pm

Thanks Karen. It was important that I read this today. Blessings, Nick

angelk 21st August 2009 3:59 pm

I find such comfort in reading your messages, Karen. They always seem to be exactly what I've been experiencing. And this rings true for me again.

Although during the process I felt like I was in the spin cycle on the washer over and over and over being wrung out and never able to come up for air, it has FINALLY slowed down and life is much simpler after all the tumult.

Now, I am stepping into my promised land and very much enjoying KNOWING its here and its all taken care of now and much much better than I could have ever imagined.....Karen, you are a blessing.


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