The End of Separation... Connecting to the New Energies

These are interesting times indeed, as we are in unchartered territory and much of everything is wide open. When we crossed over into a new energetic reality and experience, there was really nothing here yet. The forerunners are at the foremost territory of bare energy, while others are just behind with more company, and even so, we are all having experiences that perfectly fit where we are now residing.

In this way, there is an emptiness, or perhaps just a feeling of no energy present. We may reach out with our hands and feel great space, lots of air, or even a nothingness that we cannot quite place a finger on. We may feel separate and alone. In this new land, nothing has been created yet, so in this way, the palette is still empty, waiting for our brushes to place something upon it, and mostly, to connect the dots.

In times past, we were much more able to connect to Source or to a higher vibrating energy from above, all by ourselves. Now, in this new land, because we hold so much more light within us, which also gave us the entry keys to the other side, we are now being called upon to connect to each other, as a means of connecting to the light. We may find that if we go back to our usual patterns of being alone or separate, we will simply sink like a rock, seemingly unable to find the light, to connect to anything at all, or to even remember where we are, what we are doing, and where we are going.

I moved to a new physical location this past week. The day before my move, while I was still at my old home packing, the contractor who will be building the first structure on the Angels Rest land mysteriously showed up. I had not seen him for awhile, nor anyone for that matter, and while in the midst of conversation, he impulsively gave me the number of someone who could help with the move, even though I already had a few people lined up.

The next morning as I arrived back home with the truck, I noticed some empty boxes at my door…I had run out of boxes while packing, as my house is a very long way from any place where I could get empty boxes, and things had just not flowed like they usually did. It was a nice and very welcome surprise. As I entered my house and checked my voice mail, there was a message that my movers had cancelled at the very last moment. So there I was with a 24 foot truck that I had just driven in from Corrales, and no one to help load it. I had indeed called the person the night before, that my contractor recommended, just in case, but really did not know what would transpire next.

Within a few minutes, a car arrived, and three young men emerged, ready to help load up the truck. Like little angels, they loaded and loaded, all the while laughing. “Keep laughing!” I continually told them. “I love it! Thanks so much!” When they were done, they perched themselves at the back of the truck, legs hanging over, and asked all about me. After many hugs that I insisted upon, they got in their car and drove off.

My twin grandbabies had just had the flu, and because we are all so very close and always cuddling, and because I have been run down of late and exhausted, I immediately got it. (The new Emerging Earth Angels e-book Crossing Over gives a detailed account of how I re-connected to my daughter and grandchildren after a brief and very sorrowful dis-connect, along with much more detail about the new blueprint for living on the other side.)  After the movers left, I still had a few fragile items to load, and then I still had to clean the house, as the drive to my new home was 2 ½ hours away, and I did not want to return back to my old house the following day just to clean.

At this point, I was feeling very ill. Every few moments I would lay on the floor, trying to gather some more energy. In times past, I have been good at pushing myself when needed, rising above it, and getting a second wind, but this time I was really spent. I asked the angels to revive me, fully expecting that I would feel the usual energy surge and floaty feeling, and then be ready to complete my work. Nothing happened. “This is weird,” I thought. What I had failed to remember, was that we are no longer separate. I had asked for help in order that “I” could finish what I needed to finish, completely forgetting that I could have asked instead, that help arrive to assist me.

Finally, while talking to my daughter on the phone (with the babies, she was not able to come and help), we finally agreed that I would simply have to drive back to Corrales, and then come back again to clean and load up any remaining items. My legs were like rubber, my body was pounding, and I had absolutely no energy left to take one more step. My gas tank was below empty…there was no hope. I was drained beyond belief.

Very suddenly, two cars drove up. My contractor and two helpers jumped out, offering to help if needed. These two helpers loaded up my truck and cleaned the entire house! Like little angels with fluttery wings, they swept, mopped, vacuumed, cleaned windows, all within an hour, and then we were done.

We can no longer go it alone, stay in our personal sanctuaries, and do everything by ourselves. When we do, we will now feel empty, drained, perhaps depressed and in some kind of sludge, and feel a dis-connect that we have not experienced ever before. Like a lone being on a deserted island, the new reality does not allow for separation.

When we connect to others now, our energy immediately rises, we fill up, we lighten up, and we very naturally go to heightened states of being that exist in a higher vibrating dimension.

When I recently bought my new home here in Corrales, New Mexico, I was very blessed to connect with a most amazing real estate agent ( ).  Greg’s sole purpose was in helping people, and within a short time, this was very evident. After everything was complete and I had the keys to my new home, I sat in his office and said, “Thank you so much. I could have never done this without your loving hand and continued presence by my side at every step of the way.” Expecting that we would now part, he immediately said, “I am not done yet! I still need to introduce you to great members of the community, to be there with you when other aspects of your financing agreement become due, and please, feel free to come by the office any time and use whatever you need here. And in a few days, I will be over with some champagne to toast your very new house. You are going to love it here. And call me if you ever need anything.”  

Whenever we would be together, amazing things would transpire. And whenever I get together with my contractor, amazing things transpire. We are creating the new reality with our connections. And when we connect to each other, the vibrational space goes much higher, and it is then, that anything can happen.

Recently, I re-connected to my friend Lynn who lives in Colorado. Whenever we talk on the phone, the energy goes up and we feel invigorated and revived. We were recently commenting the very same day, that we had casually looked down at our arms, and thought, “How did my skin suddenly get old? I feel so very young inside, and aging simply does not fit in with the picture. Something feels really off! “ Roughly the same age, deeply within, we never thought that we would ever grow old, and just knew, that this was not part of the plan. But as we looked in the mirror…Lynn in Colorado and me in New Mexico, while we continued to connect and talk, we noticed that we suddenly looked much younger.

These connections we will have with each other, will create and place us in the new reality or higher vibrating dimension. It is here that disease cannot exist, that aging cannot exist, and where we can create much of anything that our heart’s desire. It is here, through our connections to each other, that we can stay in a higher vibrating space at all times. And continuing to think positively does not hurt either!

What if we do not know how to connect to each other or to find each other?

A few days ago, I was in line at our local health food store getting some groceries, and an interesting thing occurred. In front of me was a beautiful man with dark skin and a long black ponytail. He was telling the cashier that he had just been to a singles gathering with no luck. On and on the conversation went, as he was available and “looking.” My girlfriend has been in the very same situation, and looking for a man to come into her life, who looks exactly like this man did. I immediately thought of her, only I was standing next to him and she was not.

A few days prior, I had been telling my girlfriend that I was ready for a long sit on a lazy porch swing. The next day, she found herself at someone’s home, sitting on a porch swing on a beautiful day and thought of me.

My daughter came to this world to bridge the races. When she was young, she would draw pictures of children with all skin colors, holding hands in a circle. Yesterday I went to get my mail, and one of my beloved readers had sent a box with several dolls in it with different skin colors, all holding hands ( ). My daughter will be moving back to North Carolina on Saturday to complete her mission, as she is now finally very ready to do so, and  then we will re-unite again, so these dolls were so amazingly appropriate and supportive. These dolls were most certainly for her.

With the new ways of being now, we are so very connected that we create for each other. We bring to ourselves things that relate to and that are needed by those we are connected to. This is because we are now beginning to form the very new grid, and assisting each other will be paramount, as offering to each other whatever is needed, will serve to support this grid in some exciting and loving ways. We will have so much to offer each other as we come together, thus creating an all needs met situation as well as our new heaven on earth comprising of everything we have ever wanted or dreamed about. The time is here, and this is how it will come about…through the connections we will have with each other.

We will connect to each other oh so naturally now, and if we are open to reaching out to each other, to offering what we have to each other, and to realizing that there is no separation while we make this a very real way of living and being, we will indeed find ourselves in heaven on Earth.

With much love and gratitude,


BarryMichael 22nd October 2009 4:30 am

Hi Karen,

This message greatly resonates with me. I too live in splendid isolation and feel that is all about to change soon. In fact that isolation has birthed a whole new field of work for me, where I now want to assist in building vibrant, local sustainable communities.

The real resonance for me is when you mention attaining "Heaven on Earth". I have been using that term too; for me I believe that if we "Build Cities Of Gold", i.e. retrofit our current dysfunctional housing solutions into vibrant, empowering, life enhancing communities then that will be a vehicle to help us attain "Heaven on Earth"...

Thank you for this message.

EarthAngel339 22nd October 2009 11:09 am

Blessings Barry and Karen,

First: Thank you Karen for your lovely, uplifting message. It gives me hope that my many years of homelessness in El Cajon California (a very low oscillating energy poverty-consciousness town) will finally come to an end and I can start to connect to those who need my skills and offer my gifts to build the new reality.

Second: Thank you Barry for letting us know you are building 'cities of gold'. If as an angelic Lightworker, Crystal, Indigo Empath and Catalyst Teacher I can be of service to you, kindly be in touch with me. I am an "idea angel"; I tend to have the exact ideas that people need in order to manifest their goal. I anchor Light wherever I am lifting up others. In this town of severe poverty, addictions & homelessness, I often walked along a street called "Main Street". Just last summer, the town installed tall light poles with lovely flower baskets hanging from them - only on those blocks I had walked thousands of times. No light poles were installed on blocks I never walked on. Blessings EarthAngel339 -

lrm 22nd October 2009 1:23 pm

Connecting with a friend and then 'looking young' again-sounds like being in a state of time-less-ness.
This state of unlimitedness is not so much about 'higher or lower' energies,but understanding and embodying your unlimitedness,while in physical form [AKA 'enlightenment' or 'ascension'.] You can do so through many means-including connecting with others with whom you share a 'timeless' memory or component [LOL]...but also through your own mind and thoughts,where you choose not to buy into programs of all kinds...not out of fear or resistance of death or disease,but because you see it is simply another program that you can 'choose' or you can choose something else. Because you want to.
Quite simply,out of your own desire to do so.
Though this awareness has to be embodied,and while many tools will help you,it is w/in your own physical being/cells/bones/blood/tissue,that you embody this awareness of unlimited.
Time and Space continuum,intersects with form,and there you exist! Someone once said by the time they see another person,the person is already an artifact.

lrm 22nd October 2009 1:28 pm

The time it takes your eyes to register the imprint to your brain of what it 'sees',is enough time for your cells to literally change your physical form. [most people 'age' in this timeframe,however subtle]. So what you are seeing,already doesn't exist in that exact state any longer! Unless you choose to embody sovereignty of your full self,including body=in which case you may appear how you wish to appear. This is true,though also true that there is much ancestral,societal and spiritual programming within the cells/soul/mind complex,as well,which can impede your access to timelessness in physical form.
The options and choices are there,in any case. Depends upon what you are looking to do/be in this journey.
Transcending the death program may not be your goal. Some may focus on a particular task,gift or skill to share/master;some may do both of these,or neither.

LoveBeing 22nd October 2009 2:48 pm

Glad to read from you Karen. Like always everything resonate wit me. :)

I need help. As usual I cannot reach Karen's website therefore I cannot download the ebook. May I ask someone to help me? Please send me a message.

I wonder if anyone is able to send any pravite message here on S.L.????


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