2013 - The Year of Seeing through the Illusion

Life is the ultimate illusion. Even though everything around you seems very real in the moment of your experience, once you can learn to step back and see the bigger picture of what is taking place, you can gain even more knowledge and wisdom into the grander process of life. Everything and everyone is in your life for a reason.

Most often, that reason is to teach you about yourself. You can never learn too much about yourself, and the moment you feel that you have, the Universe will always show you something new. During this new Earth year, you will find that you are able quickly to gain more insights about your own personal learning and development process than ever before.

This is because in the new heightened dimensional space you now inhabit, you can more easily move yourself into that big picture view of life. You often hear the phrase, "everything happens for a reason." However, many times your anger, sadness or grief can prevent you from understanding any positive reasons that can manifest as a result of a difficult situation. Everything in life is there to assist you in some way, but if your negative emotions cloud your vision of the possibilities ahead, you can miss an opportunity for a deep and profound healing.

As you move into a new year of Earth time, it is always a good idea to take a personal inventory of what you have learned over the previous year. For many, 2012 has been about acknowledging the deep anger that has been suppressed from lifetime to lifetime. For others, 2012 has been a journey of reawakening and self-discovery. Whatever you experienced in 2012, try to make peace with it. By making peace with your experiences, they can become the driving force for the next steps in your life.

Even in the darkest moment, there is a seed of hope. Discover what that seed of hope is and use it to turn any tragedy into something positive. Every person on the Earth plane has a life purpose, and that life purpose is chosen by them to assist in the evolution of their soul's learning. Often, when you become overwhelmed by your personal experiences, it can be very difficult to discern what the purpose of something is. But, once you heal and make peace with the past, then you can see your experiences in a new light.

That is what seeing through the illusion means. It is about looking at your life from a new perspective; a perspective that is beyond the realm of your five senses, one that opens you up to see the entire world with loving detachment. Seeing through the illusion is not about coldness or ignorance, it is about shifting your vantage point to one of deep compassion. This deep compassion allow you to recognize that every soul in the world chose their experiences before they were born, and each soul will make the choices to walk through those experiences at different times in their life.

Other peoples' choices and experiences are not a reflection of you. They are what have been chosen by that individual to complete their life path. It is through your interactions with other individuals in your life that you will be able to complete your life path, finish your karmic debts and resolve your past life energy. However, when you are unable to see through the illusion, discovering your life path can be difficult and confusing.

So, as you enter this new Earth year, take some time and reflect on what you have experienced and accomplished, as well as what you would like to tackle next. Find out if you have any fears or negative emotions that are preventing you from seeing your life path clearly. Take the time to let go of your guilt, shame, sadness, anger and other emotions of the last year. You are not releasing the memories of your experiences, you are merely letting go of any unbeneficial aftereffects. Through this healing and release process, you are free to create your life from a completely new perspective, because you become able to see through the illusion.

Love, Aurora


COBALT 3rd January 2013 9:32 am


This is a very timely message, and I appreciate it so much! You presence is a blessing.

Big hugs! :smitten:

COBALT 3rd January 2013 9:33 am


This is a very timely message, and I appreciate it so much! Your presence is a blessing.

Big hugs! :smitten:

octavia30 3rd January 2013 11:33 am

Excellent advice!

kdowning77 3rd January 2013 5:48 pm

Thank you Cobalt! Have a Blessed 2013 :angel:

Deeni 5th January 2013 12:17 pm

Thank You Aurora, and Karen.

I have found myself in a weird 'Great Cosmic Loop'.

My Husband and I have been facing an enormous legal challenge for the last four years. We are in a precedent setting position which could begin major positive change, but it is in an arena where old energy may not go so quietly.

I know I have to let go of anger, shame, sadness of the past, but I am reluctant to do so because I need to be strong right now. Not only for this challenge, but for my Family.

I feel as though if I open the floodgates, there won't be much of Me left to push on. I know God is with Me, and to Trust in God, but the clearing remains a necessity.

I know I must do this, in order to view the Bigger Picture, and I AM all for that. I know that suppressing the inevitable for so long, isn't helping, but just how to go about letting go of it all, in the kindest way possible to Myself and all that depend on Me, is a mystery.

If you can enlighten me, I am listening . . .

Much Love and Light to All,
NM : ))

kdowning77 8th January 2013 4:59 pm

Hi NM,

This experience for you is all about looking at how much emotional energy you are giving to the situation. You have done a very good job at keeping a balanced approach (not easy to do in this situation!), however there are times when your emotions can still come in and contribute to the chatter in your own mind. If you can focus on finding a pure place of detachment, one where you are not trying to anticipate any potential outcome, then you will be able to move trough this situation with the highest good for all involved. The more emotional energy you give to attempting to anticipate the outcome, the less you will feel in control. By fully giving up control to God/Spirit you allow the all of the pieces to fall as they may, knowing that the outcome will be what is best for everyone's life path.

Hope that helps you!

Blessings, Karen


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