A Sigh of Relief

For the last few months you have started to see rumblings of something changing in your life. Some of that change has been accomplished by letting go of the old energies, situations, and even people who no longer are for your highest good. Some of that change will take you out of your comfort zone; to new places, new people and new adventures. And, this change has not been easy.

Starting soon though, you will be able to let out a sigh of relief, not that this will stop the process of change, but it is more like you will finally feel like you are able to catch up to these changes in your life. Time continues to speed up, and each day it can feel like you barely got through your list (Or even that you were not able to get started!).

As a part of this change, you are learning to let go of your pride and sense of control. Both of these are the main tools of the Self. The paradox of this process is when you give up that need to control; you are actually in more control! It is easy to forget that prior to incarnating in this life; you had already put your plan into action, already deciding the things that you were going to experience in this life.

But, when you are living your life, you may not always remember all of the details of what you had chosen for yourself. And, this type of “soul amnesia” can cause that feeling to fight against it. Also, there is the Self to contend with, and it will do its best to try to retain control over the will of the Higher Self. That is the battle that many of you are facing at this moment.

The Self likes to think it is in control and it uses control as a means to keep you away from fear. (As in, "Don’t do this, because something bad might happen"). The Higher Self does not worry about anything, it simply goes with the flow of life, trusting in the plan that you have already created.

The changes you are experiencing right now in your life are assisting you on releasing the energy of the Self and more fully walking in the shoes of the Higher Self. The process of switching from one to the other is not easy, but once your Higher Self is firmly in control, you truly can begin to breathe a sigh of relief.

So, you may be wondering, what does it feel like when the Higher Self is in control? First, you are content with yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always happy; it just means that you are at one with your life. Secondly, the Higher Self does not question itself; it is only the Self that has feelings of doubt and mistrust. The Higher Self does not qualify any answer it gives. It speaks it truth quietly and quickly. It is at peace.

In order to get to this sigh of relief, often one has to walk the sometimes scary road of releasing deeply held subconscious fears and beliefs. Getting into this energy and letting it go is not easy, and this is precisely what many are still going through at this moment.

However, starting now, through the end of April, you will begin to see how your own process of letting go is paying off in your life. This can means that long held plans start to have movement, that new opportunities start to appear or that you have a profound “a-ha” moment that totally shifts your life path once again. These are signs and signals from the Higher Self to prompt to you return to purpose.

The new energy that is flooding the Earth plane has indeed caused some of your life paths to be altered, not in purpose, but in method. This was a big part of the shake up of energies that occurred in late 2011. But, now those new methods are being created and new paths are being forged. Soon, you will not only feel that firm foundation of your path under your feet, but also see where it is now going to take you.

The old veil has now fully lifted and the new dimension of energy is finally coming into view. Just trust that your feet will land just where they need to and do your best to trust the path ahead. The path of the Higher Self will always take you to that place of fulfillment inside that feels like home.

Love, Aurora



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Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. While an interest was always there in the background, it was not until 2006 that Karen shed her fear of stepping into her intuitive gifts.

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