New Beginnings

Why is there such a fear of new beginnings? When you live in a world of your creation, you get the opportunity to create your life from a brand new space every day. As you begin a new earthly year, many souls choose to set goals and resolutions for themselves to guide them with this creation process.

Creation begins right now in each and every moment. Every second that you are reading this message is a new second to create! What an amazing blessing that is. And, as you have been patiently waiting for the doors of opportunity to open, you can now be assured that your names are beginning to be called.

These new beginnings in your life may not be exactly the way you envisioned them, but they are always there to guide you to the next step on your life path. Each new opportunity is there to bring you the lessons and blessings that you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

So, what is so frightening about new beginnings? For many individuals, is it a feeling as if they cannot predict what will happen, that they do not feel in control of the process. As you are poised at the edge of new opportunities, please remember as you step through the doors of the unknown, that you have already set up this point in your life long ago.

Right now on the Earth pane you are being asked to release any attachments to the old ways of doing things. And, with new energy comes new methods, experiences and opportunities. However, in order to make room for them to come, sometimes to have to let go of one rope a spilt second before the next rope is thrown to you. That point in time can feel very unsettling indeed.

So, what is the answer to facing this fear? Trust! Trust in yourself, your guides and the plan that you put into to place before you were born. Sometimes you have to be willing to look at something in a new way; change the structure, the idea, the name, or even just let go of the old altogether. And, many times you will find that when the new comes in it has many similar qualities of those things you had let go of, but it is now brought to you with new energy and/or a new purpose.

When you try to know everything before it happens, you are actually limiting your own scope of creation! It is helpful to provide a framework for manifestation? Absolutely. But, if you let yourself get too mired down in the details of what it is you wish to manifest, you can subconsciously prevent yourself from being open to all possibilities.

My channel has a philosophy about opportunity, she always says: “Say yes until your intuition tells you otherwise.” Just trust, just go for it. It is only the Ego that talks you out of trust; because it says you don’t have enough of this or that, that you are not enough in some way. But, you see, you are more than enough. Trust and believe in yourself.

Learn to look at your life, not through a long tunnel lined with expectations, but with a 360 degree view. From that vantage point you are open to everything. Be ready, for when opportunities come to you, they may not be as you had originally pictured. Now is the time for you to step forward and have your name called. Will you be ready to welcome in that opportunity?

Love, Aurora



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Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. While an interest was always there in the background, it was not until 2006 that Karen shed her fear of stepping into her intuitive gifts.

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