No More Secrets, No More Victims

The Earth is entering a time when many things are beginning to change, and some of these changes will be the result of old secrets being revealed. This time of change is taking place to support the new Earth energy. In this new energy, there will no longer be a place for secrets, manipulations and falsehoods.

This does not mean there will only be only one truth, but it does mean that each soul will be exposed to information that has been hiding for a very long time. Now that Saturn has entered Scorpio, this Astrological transit will bring forth so many new pieces of information, secrets and cover-ups. Many people will be amazed at how this information could have been kept secret for so long.

For some people, the release of this information will create cracks in their reality and will bring forth much anger and confusion. For others, there will be a vindication of sorts, as the world will finally understand what they have felt to be true all along.

These reactions to the influx of new information will be varied. Some will cry, others will rebel; some will dance and others will retreat into solitude. This energy will not only affect things on a collective level, but also on an individual level. In the future, there will be no place to hide secrets. Anything that is kept in secret out of fear will eventually be exposed.

This is because the energy of the human body, and the Earth, is becoming more transparent; meaning everything that is taking place in the life of someone will be easily read in their energy body. This is great news for some, but quite fearful for the many souls who perceive secrets to be a source of their personal power.

More and more, as these truths become known, the biggest benefit seen will be how these revelations bring people together. Even in the variety of responses, you will see that more and more people will choose to come together in groups to support one another.

The majority of the truths that will become known will be connected to the theme of victimhood. Victimhood is a long-standing pattern on the Earth plane; an energy that is no longer suited to anyone who is wishing to create his or her own life.

Beginning right now, this collective energy of victimhood is starting to clear. There are so many times in the past when a person, people, or group took advantage of someone else. That will never be disputed. However, the degree with which you permit events to affect how you see yourself is what determines if you allow yourself to be a victim of those circumstances or not.

The pattern of victimhood is described as giving your power away to a person or event. The words victim and victimhood are often misunderstood; many think these words refer to anyone who has been used/hurt by another. However, a victim is anyone who permits a person or circumstance to influence how they see themselves. Once you choose to look forward at your own life with hope and courage, that is the point when you have released the pattern of victimhood in your own life.

What happened in the past is not a reflection of who you are. You are a person with a bright and beautiful soul, a soul that always knows how to create a place of peace in your life. When you stay in victimhood, it becomes impossible to arrive at that place of peace, but once you empower yourself with love, you can transform your life in unlimited ways.

When you choose to keep victimhood thinking, you are saying that person or situation has more power than you do, and that is simply not true. When you call yourself a victim, you are diminishing your own ability to create change. Once you can say in your truth what has taken place in your life, and use that event or circumstance as an opportunity to create positive change (whether in your own life or in the lives of others), then you are no longer a victim. Instead, you become a Divine Alchemist, turning a difficult situation into something that becomes a point of empowerment.

As long as you lay claim to your own power, it can never be used, or misused, by another. That is what this time of change is all about: bringing the old energy to the surface so that it can be uncovered and never repeated again. Those who have meant to keep others in victimhood thinking will soon see the dismantling of what has been built on the back of secrets. In finding your truth there is power, in victimhood only powerlessness.

Love, Aurora



Sibeles 26th October 2012 8:24 am


betsy. 25th May 2013 4:55 pm

Beautiful message. Thank you so much for sharing, Karen. Much love to you!!!


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