The Eye Of The Needle

The wait is nearly over, and as you have been sitting, allowing things to fall into place. All of those people, resources and events in your life which no longer resonate with your version of yourself are coming to an end to make way for the new beginnings. This can be a scary time indeed, but also a time filled with anticipation and excitement as your work diligently to create anew.

In order for all of this to take place you must pass through the eye of the needle. The eye of that needle is the gateway of resonance that becomes your calling card to creating your vision of the world. What stops you from creating that today? Any unhealed beliefs.

What do you believe you are worthy of? If you said anything less than “everything I desire”, then you need to find out what your beliefs tell you; why do you feel you are lacking in some way. In the truth of how we see you, you are limitless; you are the only one who puts limits on yourself.

Those limiting beliefs will not be allowed to pass through the eye of the needle, and so this is why as you wait to pass through those doors of creation, you are being stripped down of any beliefs which no longer assist you in believing in your full potential. How can you create that which you desire in life when you do not feel worthy of receiving it?

The eye of the needle can feel quite uncomfortable, but it is that state of uncertainty which leads to new inspiration and intuition. Without being shaken up a little, you may never have the courage to get out of the comfort zone that may have felt just a little bit too cozy to leave.

Try to think of this process like moving house. Yes, you may love your current home and the energy and features that it has. But, no matter how happy you are with your current environment, there is always something that can be modernized, upgraded or changed to make a positive difference in your life. The challenge here is that in order to have those improvements it can feel like you are being asked to let go of the old house completely.

But, the new home that awaits you on the other side of the Eye of the needle has everything that you have ever wished for in a home and is not bound by perceived limitations of finances, or location. The scary part for many souls is not knowing what to do in that space in between. To quote from an earlier message “to walk through those doors of trust and faith is not easy.”

However, by talking those steps and listening for your name to be called, you can and will walk through those doors on the other side of the eye of the needle. And , behind those doors awaits a world not based upon fear, anger and power, but on unity, compassion and love. In this new world, your outer world is truly a reflection of how you feel about yourself and this is why it was exceedingly important for this time in the waiting room to take place. Without this time of pondering, rest and allowing, there would not have been time to draw off the past life energies and emotions that are not able to pass through the eye of the needle.

So how long will this next period of time last? Starting now until the end of 2011, each soul will pass through their own eye of the needle, stripping away all that no longer assists them for their highest good and beginning to enter the next steps into a new world of their own making. For some souls who are not ready to make this journey, they will be passing on, and others will be leaving the Earth plane because there journey is now complete, because their job of getting humanity to this point is now over.

For everyone else the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 will be filled with new ideas, inspirations, groups, structures and so much more. What are you going to create in your life?

Love, Aurora



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Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. While an interest was always there in the background, it was not until 2006 that Karen shed her fear of stepping into her intuitive gifts.

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