The Quest for Truth

The planet has now reached a time in which the border between realms is very thin. As such the energetic bridge between them has become quite short, and now is providing increased support for the inflow of energy from the 5D to the 3D.

One of the great benefits of this shift is that the incoming energy will affect even more positive change; however this does not eliminate each individual’s choice as to how they react to the energy. The energy that is coming through will facilitate the knowledge and ability for each individual to understand what the outcomes of their choices will mean, but the ability to choose is what makes the Earth plane such a unique place of learning. Thus, choice will continue to be a part of Earth’s existence, even as things change on the dimensional level.

This inflow of energy will also make the drive for truth much stronger within each person. The difficulty arises when two or more people do not share that same truth. But, there is not only one truth, because truth is shaped by an individual’s perception. As long as the experiences, knowledge and perceptions of individuals are different, so too will be the truths they arrive at.

One very important component of raising your own consciousness on the path of personal development, is to allow others to live and express their own truth. To allow another person to learn from their own choices, opinions and experiences is the highest form of detachment. Plus, it is a Universal Law that one cannot dictate the choices of another without creating karma for oneself. You can always be there to provide gentle guidance for another person, but try to remember how powerful it was for you to arrive at your own place of truth. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to truth. You always have a choice in what you believe and what you do not believe. You have no obligation to take beliefs onboard that do not resonate with you. And, as you change, your truths will change as well. Think about all of the times in your life when you learned something new about yourself, or about another person or experience. Each time you learn something new, your truth changes.

So, you may be wondering now, what about the Higher truths, the capital T, Truth? Aren't there some things that are always true? The truth is that even those truths change. This is because the Ultimate Being (God) evolves as the result of each and every soul’s experiences, on every plane of existence. It is the role of the Ultimate Being to be the knowledge base for everything, and yet because of the power of choice, new outcomes, knowledge and experiences can be created. What may be true one minute, can change in the next. This is why detachment is so helpful at being able to embody true compassion. For it is detachment that permits you to sit back and observe, to gently guide someone through their own experiences, so that they can arrive at their own truth, without you determining their choice for them.

Truth is ever-changing; discover what feels right to you, and allow others to believe what feels right for them. Humanity does not have to arrive at the same truths in order to experience peace; humanity only has to accept that is it possible to experience peace within different truths. As the realms overlap more and more and shift into one, you will find that you are not only more accepting of yourself at each step in the journey, but also that you are more able to accept others, wherever they may be on theirs.

Love, Aurora


COBALT 18th March 2014 11:14 am

What beautiful words for my tired eyes to read. Thank you!


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