Uncertainty's Promise

As many of you are waiting for your name to be called, you may be wondering how to handle the feelings of uncertainty that can come up during this time. The root emotion of uncertainty is mistrust; that mistrust can be about spirit, life, choices, money, children, career or even about yourself. Right now with Jupiter in retrograde motion until December 25, 2011, this transit is hitting on these energies of uncertainty and mistrust that have been just under the surface until now.

Just look to the news and you see more reports of odd things happening or even the flushing of more truths to the surface. This is because it is time for those feelings of uncertainty, not knowing, feeling out of control, doubt and mistrust to be released. These energies of uncertainty must be confronted before you can create anew.

As you wait in the waiting room, you will find that you have moments of nervousness and not knowing how everything is going to come together. But, there is beauty in this uncertainty; a new space exists where things are yet unformed, where your intentions (both conscious and unconscious) create your world.

So, how can you create a world when you are still uncertain of how it will all come together? Think of those thoughts and inspirations that come through like pieces of a giant puzzle. Some of them are easy to put together and seem to make sense right away; others don’t yet have a home. And, just like any good puzzle, it takes time for all of the pieces to be put in the right place, and that is precisely what this time in the waiting room is for.

There is no race to finish and sometimes you may even need to relax and take a break in order to come back to your puzzle with a refreshed perspective. Sometimes you misplace a piece and you are not able to find it until the timing is just right. Do not force the pieces to fit together, instead just let them help you to find their place. So what if you don’t know what the larger picture is just yet?

Take a moment and tune in with your own feelings of uncertainty; look at and understand what you may be trying to force together and understand what areas you may be giving extra anxiety to. It does not matter if you complete the puzzle before your name is called or not, maybe it is not your job to finish it.

Try relating to any feelings of uncertainty in a new way. Release the pressure of feeling as though you need to be in control of everything that happens in your life, instead just trust that you can control what you create and how you feel about it. By understanding how you relate to any feelings of uncertainty, you will ensure that your new creations are only made from a place of pure trust.

Let those feelings of uncertainty guide you to what you need to let go of and what else you may need to embrace. Uncertainty’s promise is to be your guide to new creations, new manifestations and it also presents you with the tools to be able to embrace absolute trust. As you wait, embracing this new trust is the best thing that you can do for yourself; trust in not only your name being called very soon, but also that the pieces of the puzzle will be right where they need to be when that happens.

Love, Aurora



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