2014 Numerology - The Year to Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose

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2014 is likely to be one of the most significant years of your life. You will look back and remember this year as a turning point – the time when you could no longer compromise your truth. A time when your soul longed so profoundly for self-expression it could not be denied.

Don’t think about it too much, it’s all going to happen very fast.

It would serve you not to think too much at all. Your intuition will be on extra-sensory alert, and your best bet is to listen to it. The more you can tune into your inner wisdom, the better you will fare this year.

Based on numerology, 2014 is a 7 Universal Year (2+0+1+4 = 7). 7 is the number of your soul. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. This is the energy that teaches you to be both. You can have heaven on earth.

Your soul seeks expression. In order for you to share your voice with the world, you need to listen to the voice within. It is not uncommon for people to go on spiritual retreats during a 7 year, or spend more time in contemplation. The voice within requires your attention because it is no longer quiet. You can’t ignore it any more. Your soul has spoken.

To fulfill your soul’s purpose in the world takes courage, strength, and focus.  You must stay true to your intentions, and every day make choices to fulfill them. If you feel as if life is pulling you in different directions, remember these simple steps to help you stay on course:

Take time for yourself every day - If you want to be clear on what to do, that requires you process the information you are receiving. You need alone time to do this. Every day, make sure you spend quality time with the amazing being that is YOU.

Develop a mindfulness practice – During a 7 Universal Year, you will need to learn how to control your mind, so you can respond to your life instead of reacting. Meditation is the best technique to do this. Be aware of your thoughts and energy and notice when you are allowing yourself to react with judgement or fear. Bringing your awareness to your moment to moment activities will allow you to make profound changes in your responses.

Listen to your intuition - Only you know what is right for your soul. Nobody else has the answers. If you have a strong feeling, an inner urge, an image in your mind that won’t go away – this is your intuition speaking to you. Honor it.

Take inspired action - It’s not enough just to acknowledge your intuition, you must ACT on it. This 7 energy requires movement. If it feels right, DO IT! Take steps every day to fulfill your intentions and soon you will be LIVING THEM.

Trust the Universe will be good to you – You were born to fulfill your destiny, the Universe will do everything it can to help you express your soul’s calling. If you make conscious changes toward fulfilling your purpose, even if they are scary, you will find amazing opportunities open for you. If your life changes quickly around you, remember no matter how frightening it might seem at the time, there is always a better opportunity available to you at any moment. Everything DOES happen for a reason.

Choose love – It seems very simple yet it is profound. If you have love in your heart, you will have love in your world.

Remember to stay true to yourself. There is only one of you on this planet. We need you to show up.

Have a beautiful year!



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Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor, Numerologist, and Happiness Coach. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with remarkable insight.