Are You Feeling More Emotional Lately?

If you're feeling extra emotional lately, you're not alone. It's THE MOON! Being a blue moon month, while being in the moon-ruled sign of Cancer, there's a lot of lunar energy in the air! 

The moon governs your emotions and inner world, so with this much moon in our midst, you're going to FEEL IT

This week is particularly intense, being the last quarter of the moon. This is always a time of letting go and releasing. With such strong lunar energy all month, you're delving deeper into the recesses of your subconscious, bringing up buried emotions you thought you had long forgotten. This is to clear away your emotional debris so you can plant powerful seeds of intentions for the new moon cycle. 

Adding Numbers to the Mix

In Numerology, July 2015 is a 15 Universal Month (7 + 2+0+1+5 = 15). 15 is associated with the number 6 (1 +5 = 6), giving you a unique set of lessons. In the Tarot, 6 is the card of THE LOVERS. 15 uncovers the shadow elements of The Lovers. Any areas in your relationships where you've buried your true feelings, denied your passions, or tried to be perfect for others (at your own expense) will be brought to light. No longer can you deny your true self. You MUST be comfortable with all aspects of yourself, even your shadow. 

New Moon - New Beginnings

Our New Moon on the 15th will help you reset your course for the entire rest of the year. Every new moon is a time for you to set your intentions. Our New Moon this month is in Cancer, the sign of nurturing. The intentions you create during this new moon will come to life over the course of the next six months, when we experience our next FULL MOON in Cancer. 

Love Yourself First

During our New Moon on the 15th we'll have four celestial bodies  in the sign of Cancer - our Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars. That's a LOT of energy in this emotionally sensitive sign. Clearly the Universe wants you to hit the reset button on how you invest in your relationships. 

Cancer teaches you about the healthy balance of NURTURING. Do you tend to put others first? Do you do so much for your loved ones that you no longer have time for yourself? Do you ignore your intuition because you are clinging to security?

These are love lessons that will be revealed by the light of the moon. 

New Moon Manifesting

This new moon will be SUPER CHARGED for setting your intentions for the rest of 2015 and beyond. I HIGHLY recommend that you use this new moon to set clear powerful intentions about how you want to be loved and express your love. Set a BOLD, POWERFUL declaration to the Universe that you are making your heart's desires a priority. You can really turn your life around now if you set clear positive intentions.



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