Earth Angels Swear Sometimes Too

Swearing Can Be Good For The Soul!

So, it’s been an intense time. People have been feeling stressed, and there’s been all manner of snafus in communications. I’ve heard from so many people that they have no idea why so much seems to be piling up on them all at once. Sometimes, you just want to throw your hands up at the Universe and yell, “what the f&*k!”

I felt like that too. Which is precisely why I wrote my latest post, WTF is going on this month. Mind you, I didn’t curse at anyone, nor did I direct any negativity at any person. I actually didn’t even swear, unless you count acronyms. (Really, no toddlers innocent ears were harmed in that post).

I felt really good about sharing with people that they weren’t alone in their feelings. I find that SO helpful, when you’re going through something difficult emotionally to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are never alone!

WTF was THE best way of describing the energy. Truly. And yet, the night that I had the post scheduled, there was a little part of me that said people were going to be offended. I’m a spiritual teacher, I channel angels and spirit guides. There are expectations of me. Not everyone is into that kind of humor (really, I did find it funny myself.) So I said, screw it! If people didn’t like me for WHO I AM, I won’t try to conform to their expectations of me.

Of course, then next day, I got complaints from people saying they thought better of me. Ironically, some people even cursed at me. (Hello, irony!) And you know what? I felt great!

I Like To Drop The F Bomb

I’m from the Bronx. #Streetcred. It feels good sometimes to let off some steam by swearing. Not AT people, just diffused in sentences to release tension. It’s part of who I am. I love angels, and channel beings of light and that doesn’t mean I need to walk around with a halo over my head. (Although, I DO love unicorns!).

In fact, one of the BIGGEST lessons the angels and guides have taught me is that if you try to be perfect for other people, you can’t be yourself. If you spend your energy trying to live up to other people’s expectations, not only will some people dislike you anyway, you’re actually rejecting YOURSELF, and that’s the biggest tragedy.

Angels Don’t Want You To Be Nice All The Time

Archangel Michael carries a sword. He slays demons – he doesn’t kindly escort them to the door. He sprays a can of whoop-ass on them. He certainly isn’t concerned about being liked. Angels are here to empower us. Being empowered requires you to have healthy boundaries. It requires you to be true to yourself, and have the courage and confidence to bring your unique light into the world regardless of what people think. In a world of darkness YOU need to be the one to lead the pack. That requires you being YOURSELF without the need for approval.

So when you’re making a decision about something and you’re wondering how others will react to you – you can redirect that energy. In that moment, you have the opportunity to ask yourself what’s right for YOU. And if someone else doesn’t like you because of it, they will leave your life. And that’s a good thing. You’re just making room for someone who loves you more.

Remember that, earth angel. Be yourself no matter what. The only person you need to please is yourself.

Shine on!


GaeaIlona 27th July 2015 9:18 am


Jo M 27th July 2015 9:26 am

Dear Kari,
thank you for this post! It feels SO good to read it! At last a break from the ubiquitous "everything-fine-and-perfect-all-is-well-I'm-so-nice" stuff. We live in a world of darkness, thanks for saying it out loud. So: WTF!!!

Leonardo Mancilla 27th July 2015 9:46 am

I particularly loved your last article. Whoever is not willing to fuc... a lot of crap surrounding us may have a hard time reaching a real clear level of conciousness. We are not going to ascend surrounded by kindness and loving attitudes. Many things will have to be kicked on the butt before they leave us alone. Keep on going, I am loving your writing.


GAF 27th July 2015 10:43 am

I f*cking love this Kari! And sometimes I love something so much I have to have more emphasis in my expression of it, so it truly deserves the f bomb.

I have done a lot of work above the veil concerning this planetary ascension effort. Contrary to airy fairy popular light worker opinion, those above the veil are indeed playing (and have played) a part in this ascension and they are not perfect either. Some up there definitely are ignorant about Earth life and being human and what is required to heal from being in this dense and disempowered realm. In their communications they want to mollycoddle when that's not getting the job done. Meanwhile they treat humans as lab rats. They love to preach "non interference" at everyone else including to those of us who are here "in the program" / human incarnate and actually doing what is necessary, all the while they are the sorts to meddle big time themselves. They also seem to exhibit some "cosmic ego".

Sometimes intense emotion (rage if need be) and all the expletives to go with was what was required to even get their attention.

Deeni 27th July 2015 11:09 am

Oh, Kari! Thank You so much for this message. LMFAO

For most of my life I have attempted conformity, for the benefit of everyone else, and I am here to tell you, it is EXHAUSTING, and not very much fun!

I have made a promise to My Self, that I will endeavor, in each moment, to be EXACTLY WHO I AM, and no one else.

F bombs included. I believe Michael finds them humorous.

I have been asking for strength, to deliver some particularly difficult news, and this message/reminder just offered the strength I was looking for to do just that.


I Love You, and your F bombs. XO XO XO

My offering to those who have a problem with it, check out your own back wheels BEORE you go about judging others!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Nitebloom 27th July 2015 11:20 am

Sure I can talk about the WORDs and their vibrations......but in my reality...Source Energy "GOD" ETC.... has no time to listen to our words...only to look at the energy we align with.....I do my best to stay aligned.....and continue my mental revamping of stale ideas.......and one of them was that its ok to curse once a yourself I grew up in "that" part of's a part of me......what its directed at is deff the focus here.......we are just points of energy on a giant grid...and that energy is visible in many ways depending on who/what is looking at it.........if we feel the word F*&^ is associated witha particular mindframe...our visible beams on the grid...change depending our our attachment to the word..... so if in our reality the word is unattached to any thing really specific...its ok to let it out once a while....but that exit ones mind frame in time as well...

gretchendreisbach 27th July 2015 11:40 am

I Appreciate and Love you Kari!

If we don't release these so very frustrating energies they can turn into illness!

Shout out to NY, the place of my birth Port Jervis, my Italian Mother and family's origin point of Brooklyn, and ALL EVERYWHERE!


Gretchen Grace Dreisbach who offers the gift of friendship from St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota -U.S.A.

cyndy 27th July 2015 12:01 pm

"I am aware that many people are clearing out from many levels what does not match them. Clothing/( speech) is part of the physical level, yet it also must be matched energetically with the core essence of who you are.
It is personally satisfying and great fun to move into greater coherency and clarity as I come into vibrational resonance through what I wear and even speak. We are becoming conscious of how we affect each field we enter and how those fields and relationships are affected by who we are and how we are visibly present in our bodies and lives. We can ground who we are into our lives, align our inner and outer experience, and free up energy to create anew. Finding what vibrates with our essential essence. "-Michele Mayama
We are beginning to radiate more light and as we do words are released and anything else that does not resonate. I see "those" words as a releasing and not who I am at the soul layer (the true self).
"Grace is the sensation of being in the light. You radiate light. You are light in step,light in speech, light handed rather then heavy." -Chopra

Elle W 27th July 2015 12:42 pm


I totally hear you. The term "Earth Angel" has been used on me before. I generally have the patience of Job, I bend over backwards for people, and I have been going through Ascension for many years. I can let loose the F word with the best of them. ;-) I truly care very little about what people think about me anymore. That's how I know I've made so much progress. Over-concern about other peoples' opinions of me has been the hallmark of my life. I strongly suspect that someday I will no longer feel the need to release and vent but until that day, this is where I am and any other way is not true for my current experience. We are human. We are not perfect. And that is imperfectly perfect. ;-)

Micho 27th July 2015 2:25 pm

You are f***ing awesome, Kari!

LoSie 27th July 2015 2:55 pm

This post literally brought me to tears, in a good way. I needed to hear this, so omfg, thank you for having the courage to post what you're posting! #firstimecommenter

kitegirlcoach 27th July 2015 5:42 pm

Hey Kari, this is a fun but also necessary post.
Even in the last channelling session I was transcribing last night I was accused of being Mrs Prim. Always following the rules, playing by the book, totally boring. I was told the ultimate in creativity is knowing the rules and the patterns, then breaking them.
Swearing is a fun one for me, particularly in business. I've had one say to me he thought it was really sexy when I swore because only then did he think I was being passionate about what I said. hm... interesting. Does that mean I'm not passionate all the rest of the time. That's actually possible.
Other times when I'm coaching if a quick swear word falls out, the client immediately relaxes and our relationship gets closer. They confide more, they are more prepared to say what they really feel.
So I for one am not holding back. It might only appear a few times in an hour's conversation - I'm not a heavy user - but, everything in moderation, as they say.

kitegirlcoach 27th July 2015 5:44 pm

OMFG Amen to you LoSie!

OOoosa 27th July 2015 7:09 pm

I admire your openness to share your experiences as a spirit in a body on this planet with all. Keep doing what you do and keep being your authentic you. Loved your last post and this one too - very timely.

debs go lightly 27th July 2015 10:58 pm

Hi earth angel Kari,
Thank you so much for the 'WTF Is Going On' post, I laughed so hard at the title it was wonderful :)
I love to use a well timed expletive, clears out the cobwebs!
Your written and video messages are always so exuberant and a welcome breath of fresh air, brilliant, thank you!
Much love and light, Debs.

Justa 28th July 2015 12:01 am

"I got complaints from people saying they thought better of me. Ironically, some people even cursed at me. (Hello, irony!) And you know what? I felt great!"

I'm glad you're shrugging off the judgmental comments from puritanical people who ended up showing how hypocritical their approach to life is. Perhaps, sadly, this is the way they judge themselves,shaming themselves for having similar thoughts but not daring to express them out of fear, dogma, or a false sense of superiority. Expression is healthy and authentic. You're honest and not afraid to embrace everything that goes with a true and thoughtful self-examination of your being at any given time. We are up to our eyebrows in an energetic morass that requires us to be on point with What is going on and How we are going though it. Sometimes that discovery necessitates the humble and healthy expression that we feel overwhelmed and frustrated, despite the knowledge and trust that it is all working for the highest good of all. It is human. The beautifully Human, beautifully Divine combination of being an EARTH angel. Carry on!

peggysharon 28th July 2015 8:18 am


keryndawer 28th July 2015 12:08 pm

WTF=Why The Face, right??? ...just kidding :D

Yes, as someone alluded to, it is very hard being human (or being an angel in a human body;) I feel relieved to know others who try very hard as I do to be a Wayshower and model also slip up from time to time and it's OK. We all do the best we can in each moment I believe, but it's not always perfection and we can allow that and not judge or condemn ourselves.

Much love to you Kari and ALL xoxo :smitten:

Innerstrength 28th July 2015 4:47 pm

Right on Kari! Sometimes a swear word is the most emotionally and energetically accurate word to use. When something is messed up that's one thing, but most of us recognize that when something is f*ed up it's at a whole other level. When we move past polarized thoughts about something being good or bad on it's face, we start to see it's both. Sometimes it's a good word because it's the best word to use, and sometimes it's a bad word because it's being used to harm or devalue.

nwinkle 2nd August 2015 6:39 am

This is just perfect! Thank you for the confirmation and reminders about the intention of the words. Blessings to All!


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