It's the Season of Love

Love is in the air

Venus is now in Taurus. She will remain in this sensual sign until May 9th.

Venus has been in Aries for the past few weeks. This has been great to fire up your passions. Yet, Venus is not comfortable in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries.⁠⁠

Venus feels completely at home in Taurus!

Taurus is one of the two signs ruled by Venus.⁠⁠ With Venus feeling at home here, so shall you!⁠⁠

You might finally feel more like yourself than you've felt in a while.

If you've been feeling out-of-sorts or all over the place, you can now settle into a happy routine.⁠⁠

Taurus' element is Fixed Earth.

It is essentially the most stable sign of the zodiac, bringing grounding and patience.⁠⁠

One thing Taurus teaches you is to luxuriate and value life's simple pleasures.⁠⁠

Our Sun and Mercury both move into Taurus on April 19th. Until then, Aries will continue to fuel you with confidence and courage.

Enjoy this energy!⁠

~ Kari