Karmic Patterns Revealed – July 16 Eclipse!

This is one of the most psychically charged days of the year!

Full Moons are always a time of heightened emotions. Eclipses magnify this exponentially. Our Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn on the 16th day of the month – a number associated with karmic revelations where hidden truths are revealed.

This eclipse is igniting deep transformation.

Karmic Patterns Brought To Light

Eclipses always activate the nodes of the Moon, which relate to karma and destiny.

This eclipse is intensely activating the South Node in Capricorn.

This will unearth feelings you have associated with your ambition and status in the world, as well as anything related to your father and authority.

If you are feeling as if your place in the world is not representing your full potential, you have some soul searching to do.

Use this time to examine ways you are hiding from your power because you have fears around being an authority.

We currently have six planets in retrograde.

Retrograde planets guide you within.

You’re learning now that anything you desire in the outer world must be dealt with internally first.

It’s a time of great healing and intuitive insights.

The eclipse energy will enhance your intuitive awareness, so pay attention to any images or feelings that come to you now.

Those intuitive nudges and images that come to you are trying to tell you something!

Your Higher Self is guiding you to release anything in your life that doesn’t absolutely serve your HIGHER purpose.

Being truthful with yourself helps you heal your karmic patterns.

Be willing to face the truth and be authentic. Being your unique self is your greatest gift to humanity.

Eclipse energy has a resonance far after the actual day it occurs. This whole month is incredibly potent for healing and revelations.

I know this can be a potentially confusing time, with so many changes coming at you at once.

Having tools to manage your energy during these changing times is essential for your well being.