Love Lessons in February

We have a lot to learn about love this month.

⁠⁠Venus is in Aquarius until February 25th.⁠⁠

Venus governs the heart which is the FEELING nature. Aquarius is an air-sign, which is associated with the mind.⁠

Mercury (which governs the mind) is also in Aquarius this month - RETROGRADE.⁠

This means you are re-thinking your relationships. You are re-evaluating your self-worth (Venus), so you can more freely be yourself (Aquarius).⁠

Aquarius is the sign that fosters uniqueness and the celebration of individuality.⁠⁠

If you think back on your past relationships that have ended, you most likely gave too much of yourself or tried to be someone you aren't so you could please other people.⁠⁠

Venus in Aquarius is giving you objectivity to look at how you interact with others so you can attract more supportive relationships.⁠⁠

The more honest and direct you are in relationships, the healthier they will be.⁠⁠

Every relationship is a mirror for your self-worth.⁠⁠

This will be an eye-opening, heart-expanding month. Enjoy it!⁠

~ Kari