Love rules the day!

Venus is traveling in the heart of the Sun.

This celestial kiss only happens once approximately every nine months. When this happens, the Sun's loving rays intensify the beautifying energies of Venus.⁠

This is cause for a celebration worthy of rose petals and champagne.⁠⁠⁠

Venus loves to luxuriate. Pamper yourself and bask in the beauty around you.⁠

The Sun is shining light on the deeper lessons of Venus.

You're learning how to love and value yourself. This celestial connection is in 29 degrees Libra. This last degree of the sign is known as the degree of fate. It denotes mastery of the spiritual lessons the planet is teaching you.⁠

You are learning to value your time, love, wisdom, and energy.

It's okay to let go of people who do not honor your heart.

You are learning how respecting yourself more, and that is reflected in your relationships.

Perhaps you've been experiencing events that took you by surprise. Emotional intensity is rising. Tomorrow the Sun moves into Scorpio.

On October 25th we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio deepens your relationship through healing your shadow.

Take time to tend to your feelings. Make sure you're creating some sacred space to process your many emotions.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

~ Kari