Reach for the Stars! Sagittarius Full Moon Is Upon Us!

Our Sagittarius Full Moon is upon us!

Sagittarius is a positive, optimistic sign that enables you to tap into your future vision. It is the sign that governs your ideals.

You are learning to live in alignment with your truth.

Have you been playing too small?

Perhaps you have been holding onto circumstances or people because you see their potential, yet they aren’t living up to expectations. It’s okay to let them go.

Full Moons amplify your emotions. This allows you to FEEL what is no longer appropriate for you. Your rational mind makes excuses that can keep you in restrictive circumstances.

Your heart always knows the truth.

During this potent Full Moon, release any ideals or intentions that you have outgrown so you can embody an expansive way of being.

Let go of: Intentions that no longer serve you, outdated ideas, regrets, dwelling on the past, people or circumstances who don’t live up to your expectations, negative programming, restrictive attitudes, playing it safe, playing small.

As you release non-reciprocal relationships and circumstances, you can expand your capacity for love and blessings.

~ Kari