This Supermoon Sets You Free

Our annual Full Moon in Aquarius was on August 11 at 9:36pm EST.⁠

Aquarius is an inherently paradoxical sign. It fosters individualism for the sake of the greater good.⁠⁠ These two drives can feel inherently at odds with each other.

This lunation embodies that tension, with a T square between the fixed signs - two sets of opposing planets that create conflict.⁠⁠

You may feel torn between conflicting desires. Too, in our collective, we see tensions mounting.⁠⁠ This dynamism promotes growth.

⁠Aquarius is a sign of progress, desiring truth and freedom. As you are true to yourself, you will feel an internal liberation. You may want to stick to a path that has previously felt secure, yet your soul is guiding you into the unknown.

You have a higher purpose to uplift humanity. You are being urged to pay more attention to your role in society as a whole while maintaining your unique individuality. ⁠⁠

Allow your vision to guide your path and liberate parts of yourself that are holding you back.

Perhaps you need to shine more brightly rather than worry about how others will perceive you.

It’s not helpful to hide who you really are. ⁠⁠Being your unique self is your greatest gift to humanity. ⁠⁠

Under the light of this Full Moon, release your fears about being seen so you can be the shining star you were born to be.

Your voice matters. Your creativity is a gift. Make sure you are using it for the highest good.⁠

Lunar love,
~ Kari