2022 ~ Energetic Overview

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Annual SOLAR Rhythm

The Sun spends about a month in each Sign, Aries through Pisces, every year. It has an Annual Rhythm that we can learn to sync-up with that is really juicy to co-create with consciously. You have your Birthday, aka Solar Return to where it was when you were born and that is a great Annual Rhythm to know for yourself. But I’ve taken it one step further and been testing my theory of starting my “New Year” with my Rising Sign Birthday. So for example, I have a 10* Sag Rising, so my Annual Rhythm starts Dec 2nd every year and I consciously co-create with the Sun as it stimulates my chart month-by-month. Getting to know this rhythm has helped me take better care of myself and my collaborations have been more fruitful when I work-it this way too. I have created a tool for this so if you’d like to know more about your own, eMail me. Another branch of this is scheduling your own public appearances, workshops, webinars or community circles. Many of you are leaders of your own Circles and come to me to help you map out or schedule your year what is best for you, the teacher/guide, so you can give your BEST to your own students and clients.

2022 LUNAR Rhythms

Moons to be Mindful of are the SUPER Moons and the Lunar & Solar ECLIPSES. Super Moons increase the electro-magnetic pull on both our bodies and the oceans. Eclipses facilitate permanent changes and help push us out of comfort zone and into new territory whether we think we are ready or not. We have Eclipses every year, so there is always “energy for change” but the Signs activate the energies, lessons & themes that we all have to navigate and 2022 shifts the theme from Gemini to Taurus. This changes the direction and soul work from more mental to more physical – from ideas to physical reality. The Eclipses are shifting to accommodate our growth & development. All Eclipses in 2022 will be on the Taurus/Scorpio Axis so whatever Areas of Life (Houses) are Ruled by those Signs are where the change & evolution is happening for you to consciously co-create with. This will automatically push your Leo/Aquarius Depts to grow, develop & change something to accommodate this larger New Beginning (10-20 year lunar cycles).

Spring 2022

Super/Full Moons in SAG & CAPRICORN will help any conscious soul work you can do in those departments. In general, those two have to do with our Faith, Vision & Higher Consciousness, along with Structure, Reality & Purpose, or put another way, we need a clearing of the Vision, as well as a clearing where how we manifest or get it done is concerned. While both Super/New Moons in 2022 are in Capricorn at the beginning and end of the year like bookends, so we are clearly rebirthing something major that also requires a bit of clearing to Initiate in the Capricorn Dept itself – that is where a lot of energy & entities are moving through the zone. In the Spring, we do the release work around old thoughts & feelings which no longer apply in the here & now. Being Super/Full Moons, your release work may be more intense, but I also believe that you can get more accomplished because of it too.

Spring & Fall 2022

Eclipses happen every year, twice a year, so there is always energy for “change” available. Nodes & Eclipses ~ are related. After 18-months in Gemini, suggesting our social/collective focus has been on creating innovative solutions to age-old problems. It helped us explore alternatives we would’ve never considered beforehand. In January of 2022, it shifts to Taurus which will shift the vibe considerably. Now the focus will be on your individual self-worth and physical or personal security, while releasing toxic partnerships and any/all ways that you give away your power. This is the energy of the Garden of Eden and the Breath of God that breathes life into that Garden. This is our Body & Soul connection – it’s going to get much more “real” this year and much more literal. We will look at the value of certain choices, people or circumstances and re-organize our personal priorities so that we can have a better Earthly experience, in a big way!

*Your frame of reference for the last few times we had Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses:
Now – 2021-23 ~ Taurus North Node
2012-14 ~ Scorpio North Node
2002-05 ~ Taurus North Node
1993-95 ~ Scorpio North Node
1984-86 ~ Taurus North Node

2022 ~ Mercury Retrograde in Air = AQUARIUS/GEMINI/LIBRA
… and Direct in Earth = CAPRICORN/TAURUS/VIRGO

Last year, it retrograded in ALL Air Signs re-setting our Mental Body, as well as our ideas, thoughts & concepts. This year, we still go through the review in our Air Signs, however, going Direct in Earth Signs indicates that this year, we begin to create those containers and cultivate that kinship with our team of support, which will be critical to your success. This year, we get to practice to see what kind of structures or containers are going to actually work. You can look to 2023 when Mercury will Retro in ALL Earth Signs as that is what will support us to really perfect & fortify those containers at that time. So this is preparation for more grounding that will happen in the following year. It’s like setting up for what you will really build & bring to life for others to see in 2023. Mercury is going to stimulate progressive ideas, activate more diversity & expose the true kinship of humanity as it lingers in the Air Signs of Aquarius, Gemini & Libra. But again, going Direct in Earth Signs indicates another level of “getting real” we will do as we begin to think & express differently, our whole reality will also shift.


This cycle runs January 2022 – July 2023, which is about 18-months when she spends 9-months as the Morning Star, disappears from the sky and returns as the Evening Star for the remaining 9-months. I created the Venus Circle in 2007, where we have honored the 9-months of Release Work (Jan – Oct 2022) and 9-months of Reclamation Work (Oct 2022 – July 2023). In this case, we are Releasing in Capricorn, which is your reality, roles & responsibilities, which have all run their course over the last 8-years and it is time to rebirth that department of your life because you have all new values & priorities. When you do that kind of conscious release work, it creates space, energy & resources that we use the Reclamation Work to channel so that we are conscious co-creators and not happy accidents or tragic victims. Following the Venus Cycle helps you stay on-track with what is most important to you. Of course, I have a Reading + Custom Guide, as well as the Venus Monthly Circle to follow this cycle.

Mars Cycle ~ GEMINI:

Mars only Retrogrades every 2-years. In 2020, it went backwards in Aries really initiating a whole new vibration of the Sacred Masculine that is now possible. In 2022, it will linger in Gemini. This is a huge re-set around our own desire nature and Sacred Masculine (how we get things done), as well as our own capacity for rational thought & impartial decision-making. What motivates us to make certain choices is of crucial importance. We are purifying that motivation so that it is based on something more real & long-lasting.

Last time Mars was just in Gemini was March/April 2021 and I suspect that whatever was “up” at that time, in terms of your desire nature, your choices or your Inner Masculine may have given you some clues as to where you are strong and where you are weak in that aspect of your being. Now, it is entering this zone of renewal (to put it nicely) for 8-months Aug 2022 – March 2023. It is time to check-in with how you negotiate on your own behalf, how you get your ideas in the world and how well you hold good boundaries. The last time it lingered in Gemini like this year was 1943-44 so if you are old enough to remember what was up for you back then, you may feel some reverberations in the same Area of Life (your Gemini House). Here are the other combos that we have experienced in between:

1958 = Rx-Gemini / Dir-Taurus
1975-76 = Rx-Cancer / Dir-Gemini
1990-91 = Rx-Gemini / Dir-Taurus
2007-08 = Rx-Cancer / Dir-Gemini

Also, we cannot underestimate the power of Venus shifting all the values & priorities in Gemini over the last 18-months leading to us having to shift how we act and make our choices in the world over the next 2-years with the new Mars Cycle. Either way, your Gemini/Sag and Virgo/Pisces Depts have gotten and are getting an upgrade of the Feminine & Masculine within you.
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2022 Jupiter in PISCES & ARIES:

Jupiter has an erratic speed and takes longer through different signs, and on the Pisces/Aries cusp it starts shifting to changing Signs mid-year so we end up starting and ending it in Pisces with a dip into Aries May-Oct 2022. Here’s the recap: Jupiter moved into Pisces May-June-July 2021, then went back into Aquarius. Jupiter moved back into Pisces Dec 28th and will be there until May 10th, when it will move into Aries until Oct 28th when Jupiter will make one final dip into Pisces Oct 28 – Dec 20, 2022 and that’s it for 12-years. Then, it kicks off a brand new 12-year cycle with Aries Dec 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023. Thereafter, Jupiter will spend a whole year in one Sign but the year will run May-to-May until it circles back to Aquarius when this process will start all over again.

Jupiter has a 12-year cycle that moves in 3-year increments. It represents teaching & learning through imagination, games and story-telling. What is your story? What has it been the last 12 years? What story do you want to tell for the upcoming 12 years? Jupiter is the Researcher, the Truth Sayer & Truth Seeker, and is all about making meaning out of the available information & experiences. Wherever Jupiter is in your chart, tends to be the Area of Life that you also prefer to “keep your own counsel” – going within to connect with the deepest and most authentic Truth for you personally. Once you have connected to your own Truth, then sharing your Story is or can be your offering to the Universe. (Have you ever heard the saying, “your life is God’s gift to you – what you do with it is your gift to God”?) When Jupiter in the sky moves into a new zone, in this case Pisces, it is always an opportunity to release all that is no longer true for you and free your Self from beliefs which no longer serve your purpose in the here & now. This also helps you remember that Truth is fluid, it changes as you evolve and as you learn more about your Self and your world. Jupiter is also considered a *benefactor* even when challenging, you can still receive blessings & rewards, especially if you keep a positive mindset and look for the opportunities in any blockages or delays. Where you have to “earn it” with Saturn, with Jupiter, there’s more benevolence or good karma involved.

This is a beautiful opportunity to experiment with a broader perspective of what you truly believe and what you can actually ‘do’ to live in harmony with your deepest faith and philosophy of life. When Jupiter travels through each House, it will certainly liven things up! The following is some of the different things activated by Jupiter’s presence during 2022. Early in the year, it will awaken the following in your Pisces Dept, thereby affecting your Virgo, Gemini & Sag Depts by default. It is initiating in the Pisces Dept, Integrating in the Virgo Dept and being pushed to grow in both Gemini/Sag Depts. Later in the year, it will awaken the following in your Aries Dept, thereby affecting your Libra, Cancer & Capricorn Depts by default. It is initiating in the Aries Dept, Integrating in the Libra Dept and being pushed to grow in both Cancer/Capricorn Depts.

Jupiter Encourages You to:

Dream of the future / make future plans
Expand your field of knowledge / go back to school
Improve your life on one or many levels
Seek Truth, wisdom and understanding
Take risks which build your character
Be more optimistic and enthusiastic
Connect to a larger, more philosophical perspective
Activate your Spiritual Quest
Access your own Truth & Purpose
Get your PhD in *YOU*

Things to beware of as Jupiter travels thru a House or Sign …
Blind spot
Making things bigger than they are

Excesses of all kinds

2022 promises to help us all tap into a completely New Vision and the first steps it will take for us to live into that vision. As individuals, Jupiter in Pisces gives us a chance to engage our imaginations to find those creative solutions. We will find that the artistic or spiritual approach works much better than the intellectual approach or physical force. It’s time to incubate your New Identity & Purpose that will be expanded during its time in Aries giving you further clues as to what is complete and what is about to begin in your life Story. This year is really preparing you for many things to come in the next several years. Notice. Sense. Attune. Watch. Listen. Feel each move (before you make it). Visualize every goal through to completion. Reflect on your personal cycles and where they fit in with the social/collective cycles. You are being strengthened and fortified for your future and your future is NOW. You are already in new territory. Proceed calm and alert ~ with discernment and consideration ~ with innocence but not ignorance ~ entertain the possibilities based on what you know in your heart. The more consciously we all move through this period of time, the better positioned we’ll be to build & expand in the future. Take in whatever you can, work on whatever intuitively jumps out as *vital* for you personally, and come back to visit the rest periodically over the next year.
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2020-2023 ~ Saturn in AQUARIUS:

Consider first, that Jupiter & Saturn met up in Aquarius and Initiated a whole new Truth & Purpose on the social levels, as well as a new 20-year Cycle. Because Jupiter moves faster but has only just pulled away, it is going to hit Pisces first expanding what we believe to be true or possible and then Saturn will come behind it (3.7.2023) and enter Pisces to make real or ground that New Vision, as well as incubate a new 30-year cycle that will begin in Aries by Feb 2026.

We are in an unprecedented Seed Time for our personal, social & collective lives. Think of Saturn as a Teacher/Guide. Think of Aries thru Pisces as the Lessons that we all have to learn and just like any other education, some things will be naturally easier & naturally harder, according to your individual blueprint. During Capricorn, the Lessons have to do with personal responsibility & accountability in a myriad of ways, as well as how we structure our lives and if they actually support & protect us (or not). Capricorn is one of Saturn’s favorite subjects to teach and you can see, it’s also an underlying theme that is carried throughout all twelve lessons because of Saturn’s natural inclinations.

We just spent the last 2+ years, in Capricorn, learning about being responsible for ourselves as individuals but also as a collective. Saturn moving through your Capricorn House was to check for stability & instability, strength & weakness – as well as the essential & the truly non-essential so that it can eliminate, fortify & upgrade to something more appropriate to here & now. Now, until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the traditional ruler of Aquarius too so we may see an evolution of the themes already on the table. Sovereignty and the Inner Authority of the individual has evolved and so have the outer authorities like governments & all institutions, as well as those that they were intended to serve.

So moving through Aquarius, we will learn about self-sovereignty as well as local & global communities. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius ~ when we get to be our individual selves with full conscious awareness that we are an intricate piece of the whole at the same time. Saturn’s sojourn through any sign will first dig up the weaknesses and unstable aspects so that it can reorganize with the values and priorities of NOW. We are literally ending an era when government elite got to run everything and now humanity is going to shift and learn how to be self-governed and self-contained within the communities in which we actually live and function.

It’s time to dream up a new way to function on this ever-evolving – as well as living, breathing planet! I think we will also have some technological breakthroughs that actually help instead of harm the Earth. We will discover a kinship with our fellow beings that finally makes it okay and even welcome to be a unique, thinking, feeling, breathing individual. We are not cookie-cutter creatures, we are vastly different and we all have something unique to offer, just like every species of plant, mineral or animal. We are from the same family but we each bring our own particular Medicine to the mix! We are going to celebrate that … once we stabilize a new way of socializing and functioning together, rather than the old patriarchal ways of divide & conquer. Volunteering and working as a unit is going to blossom and we’ll be connecting with folks across the globe as if we are old friends or long lost relatives.

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