Aquarius Prayers & Affirmations

Inspiration Point ~ Prayers & Affirmations ... covers the current Sun Sign energy and how it generally manifests. Below are prayers/affirmations to help you better understand and express the energy. More Here:

*AQUARIUS* Energy ~ The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them ... to the impossible!

ReDefine Freedom!

The part of us that is ruled by Saturn, the planet that makes us very cautious and responsible, is the part of us that cuts off the creative impulse, which is the part of us that is ruled by Uranus. It is that pesky, inner dialogue (picked up along the way somewhere, because it's not natural) that tells you you'll never make it; you're not talented enough; not wealthy enough; not beautiful enough - basically convinces you that creativity is a bad thing, that can only lead to disappointment.


I am open and receptive to constructive and useful change in whichever area of my life most needs it.

If we refuse to take chances, expand our horizons and be uninhibited in the areas that are represented by the House Uranus resides in (for you personally), we will end up resenting those areas of our life. It's where we most often blame outside influences (people, jobs, circumstances) for our lack in limitation (in that area). Do you realize it takes 10 times more energy to resist change, than to actually just change??


I will no longer waste my energy on resistance, but use my energy to propel me to the next level.

On the other hand, you may be very outgoing and spontaneous in those areas which makes others uncomfortable and they react negatively. Either way, the lesson of change is taught.


I embrace and express the parts of my Self which are free to be Authentic, which in turn, gives others permission to embrace their Authenticity.

It is suggested that balance of both risk and responsibility would be optimal. This is the challenge Uranus brings to the House it rules (for you personally). It demands that we go beyond and expand the limits of our upbringing or circumstance. Just because the previous generation didn't have the opportunities that the present generation is afforded, doesn't mean that they still shouldn't take advantage of it.


I will not be denied my truth and purpose.

The other things that come up when this energy is stirring is the need for truth and freedom and a remarkable fear of being trapped. Some people live for change and cannot stand when their lives become stagnant (by their own definition). And others prefer a more predictable existence. On both counts, Uranus will give you an indication of your choice. If your belief works for you and serves your Higher good, then, by all means, LIVE AUTHENTICALLY!! Remember to respect each individual's right to the same and know that we all are part of this one human race and forever connected.

This is the month for bridging the gap between the visible reality and the invisible reality. Uranus rules electricity. Electricity is the invisible reality (the power) that creates the visible reality (the light). And so it is with the Universe. It is the invisible that creates the visible. We know electricity exists, we can see the tangible results of electricity even if we do not understand how it works, we know that it does work.

There are things at work within us which are creating our outer reality. And sometimes we are creating our reality based on (invisible) beliefs that are not actually our own, but acquired throughout life. As you grow older, your own experience determines your beliefs and most often, we do discover that the beliefs passed on to us do not coincide with our actual, personal reality.

~ What beliefs/habits have you picked up from your surroundings that are really and truly not yours?

We make choices based on our knowledge, understanding and experience at the time. Unfortunately, we can not always see far enough down the road to know if/when that particular choice is leading us in the wrong direction, until we're already there. Aquarius is all about seeing the big picture. Where Aquarius falls in your chart will be the area that you either are able or need to be able to see the big picture. You may be limiting your Self by clinging to habits which were passed on to you, rather than habits which actually serve your Highest good. And very often people will live their entire lives with secret desires in their hearts or private beliefs which they hold very strongly inside but never act upon in fear of upsetting the rhythm and flow of their current life. That is not living authentically. That makes you an easy target for being a pawn in someone else's drama.

~ Can you identify a difference between your core beliefs and the way you are actually living?

Use this month to access your Uranus, rebel-Self and break open that which you've been hiding or hiding behind.

~ How do you define freedom?

Uranus insists on being free of restraints of any kind. When you are living your truth, you are free.

~ Are you living your Truth?

~ Or are you living a life put forth by other people, circumstances or sheer habit?

~ Where do you want change to happen in your life?

One of the ways to know where you need change to happen in your life is the area that you feel restless or agitated about. Start there! Ask Uranus to assist in changing that aspect of your life. If you don't consciously work with Uranus, then Uranus will show up in your life where IT believes you need radical change and uproot you where you stand. In the end it will be a blessing, however, the road will be much more difficult and taxing. And let me tell you where Uranus will start, it will start in the area of your life that is most contradictory. So if you've been perpetuating some aspect of your Self that is not authentically you, Uranus is going to blast that part of you out of the water and demand that you align those two contradictory parts of your Self into something more congruent.

~ Where in your life are you incongruent?

~ Where in your life do you think one way and say or act in different way?

Uranus is not concerned with success or failure, and you shouldn't be either. The only thing that matters in this life is the energy you put forth and the effort you make. Energy and effort produce results and success and failure are both relative and subject to individual definitions.

~ Have you made a sincere attempt to create an authentic life, that fulfills and nourishes you and, in turn, gives you the sustenance to serve your community?

~ Have you been living someone else's dream or truth?

~ Have you just been adrift, with no thought of a dream or purpose?

Be careful, if you don't decide the direction you want to go, the Universe will thrust you in one! And while that may ultimately lead to enlightenment, it certainly is the hard way to go about getting there.

Move confidently in the direction of your goal and the Universe will do the rest to ensure the manifestation of that goal. If you don't know where you want to go, then the Universe cannot help you get there and may decide on your behalf that you need this or that experience to wake you up and force a decision on your part. God has granted us free will and choice - so choose something that feels right to you and your life, then go for it!

I used to always be the first person to get up and dance at a party. And I don't remember ever feeling like, "Oh, I just want to be the center of attention!" I remember thinking, "Let's get this party started! I want EVERYONE to dance!" When you live authentically, you give everyone around you permission to do the same! (And way more often than not, everyone got UP and we got the party started ... TOGETHER!!!)



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