Aquarius/Pisces 2010: Feb 1 (Cross Qtr/Candlemas-Imbolc) ~thru~ Mar 20 (Spring Equinox)

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we arefor what we could become.

*Cross Quarter* / Candlemas ~ Imbolc ~

Around Feb 1st each year, is the second of *8* Sacred Seasons ~ *INVITING* a renewal of the Light. The light is returning, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. This is the season you commit to the process of nurturing the intentions you set for the new year at Winter Solstice. In order to create anew, sacrifices and changes must be made. This time of year coincides with several celebrations, when many cultures give up something cherished in an effort to cleanse and clear a space for renewed growth, within your Being and your environment. This is about clearing a space for the *new* to come in. (You should prepare as if it's already arrived.) This season will culminate around Aug 1st with the Cross Quarter/Lammas, so what would you like to create by then? What are you willing to give up to further your goals? What are you willing to fight to preserve within or around you? What relationships are you willing to commit to and cultivate?

Cross Quarters are considered the *Gates of Power* ~ the in between ~ the mid-point ~ between the Solstices and Equinoxes. This is the *Sweet Spot* ~ between seed and new life. This particular one is *PURIFICATION* through *Fire* and *Water* ... preparing a space for pure, new energy.

~ *Cross Quarter* / Candlemas ~ Imbolc ~  This *Sacred Season* is About:

Acknowledging a Turning Point Using the Sacred Season to Rest, Replenish & RuminateBroadening Your Vision

New beginning / clean slate

Your definition of freedom

Your unique contribution to the community

Healing of all self-love issues

Trying new and innovative ways for living (in the new era/new energy)

New hopes and dreams

Time of change

Complete rebirth/new life/new look

Fiery Creativity; new projects or old projects being renewed

Independence and Leadership

This 6-week period covers the second half of Aquarius and ALL of Pisces and promises to be *calm* compared to what is to come in the next Sacred Season (Spring Equinox), so consider this your *preparation* for major new beginnings ... and all that implies. If you are *ready* for new beginnings, then you have properly prepared, released the past and have a clear vision of what you would like to create next for your life and the world. If you are resisting the changes already upon you, then the coming Spring Equinox is going to push you hard to catch up. Aquarius time is the culmination of whatever you discovered about your Self during Leo time. Leo connects you to your Divine Spark of creativity. Aquarius is when you offer it to others and collaborate with a group dynamic to facilitate change in the world. That is, knowing your unique *piece*, contributing that to the group effort and doing or creating something greater than you could ever do alone. On a personal level, Aquarius is the lesson of detachment, being able to see the big picture and assess what the real priorities are at any given moment. Grounding is also very important during both Aquarius (Air) and Pisces (Water) time.

As the personal planets, Sun (identity/Source), Mercury (communication/expression) and Venus (values/priorities), join Chiron (healing) and Neptune (vision) in Aquarius, they will oppose the Mars Retrograde in Leo. This indicates that, going on behind the scenes, is very deep, soul-level work with Mars (desire) Retrograde (apparent reverse motion or slower pace) in Leo (self-love), reviewing and reworking who you are, what you want and the inherent value of all of the above, while there is simultaneously, deep healing and radical change underway on the surface as well, both personally and collectively. An opposition (more below) usually brings extremes in both directions before you find the middle ground, where a balance or compromise can be maintained. Once Sun, Mercury and Venus all move in to Pisces, they will join Jupiter (expansion) and create an opportunity with Pluto in Capricorn for major (and permanent) completion and ultimate transformation on many levels.

This Sacred Season is primarily about *purification* ~ in preparation for *new life*. I highly recommend tuning in to your *heart* ~ activating your *intuition* ~ and getting really clear about what "Story" is finishing, as well as what "Story" you want to initiate next. Jupiter rules Truth and Story, and is making this delicious angle to Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting major support for *completely* re-writing your Story, re-establishing pure Truth within your life and thus, totally restructuring many fundamental aspects of your life (Pluto in Capricorn). We get that opportunity *now* as we complete Jupiter's 12-year Cycle. Then, Uranus will enter Aries (May 27, 2010) and barely a week later, Jupiter will enter Aries too (June 6, 2010). This is an indication that Truth (Jupiter) and Freedom (Uranus) are somehow connected or related at this time and Aries indicates a brand New Beginning ... and if we work the Pluto in Capricorn properly (responsibility for your own transformation and the structure of your life) then we can establish a brand new way of functioning in the 3-D that is more authentic, heart-centered, connected to all life and sustainable.

The other 'big deal' about this Sacred Season is Mars will finally go Direct March 10th, however, forward motion will likely still remain rather slow (by your personal standards) until June 7th when it finally moves out of Leo and in to Virgo, when we can/will *really* begin to process the entire Mars in Leo activation. (This particular Mars Retrograde has strongly influenced those with any planets or points in Leo/Aquarius or Taurus/Scorpio, though everyone's Leo House will show the areas of life it affected the most.) As stated above, June is already going to be *packed* with 'new beginning' kind of energy, among other things. Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but Mars going Direct is no small matter, so again, doing the preparation work during February and early March will better position you for when it resumes forward motion and the ultimate results of this 8+ month *review* are revealed. How have you done with Mars' extended stay in Leo?

Read on for specifics, but please keep in mind that this *purification* is different than a purification to release toxins or clear the past. This is pro-active, forward-thinking, preparation for *new* energy you have invited in and theoretically, you are creating a space for. The Eclipses of Dec/Jan broke patterns and ushered out the old energy, creating a vacuum for whatever you will create going forward over the next 6-months (and beyond). The current Leo/Aquarius Lunation (Jan/Feb) hit exact degrees of the Eclipses of August 2008. The following Virgo/Pisces Lunation (Feb/Mar) completes an annual cycle of the Sun & Moon through the zodiac. And 2010 ushers in a process that will last a minimum of 3 years, while Saturn is in Libra *opposing* Uranus in Aries (intense July 2010 - October 2012) ... and forming a T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn the entire time too. You should meditate on the *T* ~ picturing traveling down a Path that dead-ends and you must turn Left or Right. This is a fairly lengthy process all things considered, which will present you with many choices, decisions and opportunities. Using your inner-compass (heart) will be the primary way of navigating, that, and being aware of the energy available. This also suggests that the missing "4th leg" could be useful to consider bringing in consciously. That would be Cancer, which is where we can co-create by nourishing ourselves and this planet in completely new and innovative ways. It means release the past, *feel* what is necessary in any given moment and practice creating from heart-center while protecting whatever you create as a healthy maternal energy would.

~ Power ~


As the personal planets, Sun/Mercury/Venus move through Aquarius, they will join Chiron and Neptune as they finish up what the Healing Trinity started in 2009 (with Jupiter). At this time, you should be processing and integrating whatever personal healing you experienced over the last year or two, while the collective healing completes this 12 (Jupiter) / 50 (Chiron) / and 165 Year (Neptune) Cycles. How's that going? You may be a little *raw* at the moment, and their exact hits may bring intense feelings to the surface, for better or worse. Breathe. It's temporary. If that happens to you, practice being the *Observer* of your own life as if you were reading a book or watching it as a TV show, detached but engaged and interested in the outcome. Venus in Aquarius says that wedding beauty and function are vital to developing a thriving community. Writing in your journal, any kind of art therapy, story-telling and games are a great way to re-discover your deepest Self and/or cultivate a completely new (and newly healed) Self. And anytime you're working with Aquarian energy, you want to operate from heart-center not ego (Leo).

Take a moment this Sacred Season of *purification* to *Imagine*. Imagine being healed on the deepest and most complete level you can connect with at this time. Imagine a *clean slate* ~ a *blank* canvas or page. Feel. Feel healed, perfect, whole and complete ~ in *THIS* moment. Who are you without your wounds? What are you capable of now that you are *lighter*? now that you've released a lot (if not all) of the old, past emotional, karmic or physical baggage which you were likely carrying for a very long time (overlong)? What Story evolves from *THAT* place of healing, clarity and wholeness which is now even further blessed with the *purity* of a fresh start. Jupiter entering Aries will *Initiate* a new 12-Year Story for everyone (especially those with any Aries/Libra or Cancer/Capricorn planets or points). And Uranus will *Awaken* everyone to a new 84-Year Cycle, *Liberating* many people and circumstances from previous confines no longer useful to *now*.

I recommend the exercise of telling your personal "Story" of *now*. Who are you NOW? What kind of human have you cultivated over recent years? What is your Truth and Purpose? Begin with an outline, the characters in your *story* of now, who you are phasing out and who you'd like to join the story over the next 3-6-9-12 years (Jupiter Cycle). This is an opportunity to connect with your most unique qualities (Sun in Aquarius), to renew your commitment to living in harmony with all life on this planet (Venus in Aquarius) and express your individual piece (Mercury in Aquarius) ... as you integrate all the Mars Retrograde in Leo work over the last several months (on-going till June 2010).

*Good time to refresh your mind on the lesson and purpose of the Mars process.

Sun/Mercury/Venus/Neptune in Aquarius ~ ALL Air

2/8 ~ Venus/Neptune

2/14 ~ Sun/Neptune

2/27 ~ Mercury/Neptune

Then as this trio moves in to Pisces, it will join Jupiter in February and Uranus in March, really expanding you on a multitude of levels, inner and outer, personal, social and collective. These last few months in Pisces you can consider your Story back in the womb of development, in preparation for re-birth for another inevitable Cycle. This time will flourish if you engage the Virgo Discernment. When you are developing a Story, *editing* becomes VITAL to the flow and effectiveness of your Story. This is an excellent time to really identify that which is no longer true for you, bless it for whatever lessons and contributions it has brought in to your conscious awareness and lovingly release it (with gratitude) once and for all. Jupiter's Cycle is 12 years, while Uranus' is 84 years, and the two of them getting together only happens approximately every 14 years. So think in terms of your own personal, as well as the overall collective, *Liberation* as getting a tremendous boost by this collaboration and recognize this 1-2 year period is setting the tone for the following 14 years. Again, because at this juncture, we are specifically considering the personal planets, this is your cue to focus on your own definition of Truth, Liberation and Authentic Freedom and recognize how embodying that ~ will contribute to the Collective in monumental ways.

When they hit Jupiter in February, which expands all it touches, you may feel the need to initiate a completely new Story but either way, expansion of your consciousness will happen (in the Pisces area of your chart). When they hit Uranus in March, most likely some radical shifts will occur, or sudden A-HA/awakening type of moments will lead you to implementing changes on a relatively grand scale. Again, if you're ready to break old patterns which no longer serve, this is the year! Also remember working with Air Signs that your *head* is automatically engaged, so grounding with Earth energy, feeling from heart-center with Water energy and creating with Fire energy will balance out the very mental energy of Aquarius.

Keep in mind that when the Sun is engaged, it will shine a Light on your identity issues; when Venus is engaged, your values, priorities, love and money issues are on the table; and Mercury is how you *process* information that is being revealed in every moment. So if/when you are specifically working on these aspects of Self, it is good to know who the other players are (in this case, Neptune, Jupiter & Uranus) so you can get a better understanding of the overall activation.

Sun/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter in Pisces ~ ALL Water

2/16 ~ Venus/Jupiter

2/28 ~ Sun/Jupiter

3/2 ~ Mercury/Jupiter

Sun/Mercury/Venus/Uranus in Pisces ~ ALL Water

3/3 ~ Venus/Uranus

3/14 ~ Mercury/Sun

3/15 ~ Mercury/Uranus

3/17 ~ Sun/Uranus


~ Balance & Compromise ~


This Sacred Season, we have more Power and Opportunities than anything else, however, we do have a few Blessings, Challenges and Compromises to attend to in between the big stuff. Mercury (thoughts / ideas / concepts) brings a potent opportunity to *process* the Mars Retrograde in Leo activation. We just passed the half-way mark in the cycle and taking some time to mentally and emotionally process what it has brought to the surface for you personally, will assist you with making the necessary forward moves when Mars finally goes Direct in March and exits Shadow in June.

2/13 ~ Mercury in Aquarius / Mars Retrograde in Leo ~ Air/Fire

Then as March gets underway, Venus and Mercury in Aries will assist you with processing the Saturn Retrograde in Libra energy. Venus is your values and priorities, in Aries, means Independence within the context of relationships is getting an infusion of renewed energy and/or a major re-structuring. Venus' Retrograde through Aries last year ushered in a new 8-year Cycle of a new Identity. Naturally, as you changed, the people closest to you noticed and had to shift or adjust as well. Some will be happy and supportive of you, others have probably bristled at the changes and are not adjusting well to the "new you". No matter, with Saturn Retrograde in Libra, *ALL* primary relationships are undergoing a 3-year Process of re-structuring. Any relationships which are inherently weak or unstable will have to be rehabilitated or released altogether, some will have to *break to realign* and brand new ones will be seeded. This is an excellent opportunity to set your intentions for strong, healthy, reciprocal relationships both personal and professional.

Venus/Mercury in Aries / Saturn Retrograde in Libra ~ Fire/Air

3/9 ~ Venus/Saturn Retro

3/18 ~ Mercury/Saturn Retro

Mastering others requires force; mastering the self needs strength.

~ Options & Advantages ~


Major opportunities abound this Sacred Season! These planetary combinations can be extremely useful, productive and creative, however, they will require focus and conscious effort to gain the full benefit. As the personal planets (plus Jupiter) traverse Pisces, they will form this beautiful angle to Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter in Pisces expands the spiritual realm, getting you in touch with very deep feelings and your innate intuitive knowing. Truth is *fluid* and so are you ~ and in order to deal with the on-going purification and transformation that Pluto is activating in the Capricorn realm of responsibility, stability and the structures which support modern society, we must *dream* up a new structure to support humanity's current *evolution*. Connect to your Truth and operate from heart-center and you will be intuitively guided to the next step in your personal process which will lead to the next contribution you make to the whole.

As Venus (values/priorities), Sun (identity/Source) and Mercury (ideas/thoughts) move through Pisces, you will be given an opportunity to practice *going with the flow* ~ you will get to practice *letting go and letting God* ... or you will be severely tested in those same realms, either way, surrender will occur on one or many levels. Creating a *Structured Spiritual Practice* can be a most useful support system that you create yourself and relies on no one else to honor. Pisces is about Completion and prepares you for a New Beginning come Aries time. Also, even though this Pluto Cycle is primarily affecting the Collective, it will *feel* very personal any time the little guys are engaged. Plus, Jupiter makes everything *bigger* ~ so it too may contribute to intense feelings, an over-abundance of intuitive flashes and remarkable (sometimes miraculous) events along the way, however, you may want to keep your Virgo Filter clear and activated to discern what is truly relevant and useful and what is galactic chatter distracting you or holding you hostage in fantasy or illusion. This combination requires trust (Pisces) and dedication (Capricorn) and both are committed to a *Higher* expression of the energies. The Lessons involved will help guide you as well, trust/surrender (Pisces) and responsibility/integrity (Capricorn) ~ your words, thoughts and deeds will be recognized in both the Spirit (Pisces) and 3-D physical (Capricorn) realms and karma is fairly instant these days. Do your best to navigate by defining your priorities, simplifying your life and clarifying your belief system.

Sun/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter in Pisces / Pluto in Capricorn ~ Water/Earth

2/6 ~ Jupiter/Pluto

2/15 ~ Venus/Pluto

2/23 ~ Sun/Pluto

3/4 ~ Mercury/Pluto

Another opportunity lies in your Mars and Saturn Retrograde work. Retrogrades always provide your cue to turn within and process all the energy, lessons and activations you've been working with. They take you back over territory you have recently covered. At this time, you are amidst two separate and potent activations. Mars only happens about every two years, but Saturn's is an annual review. As you redefine who you are (Leo) and what you want (Mars), your life/reality (Saturn) will automatically start restructuring according to the new desires and restoring balance (Libra) within and with others.

2/15 ~ Mars Retro in Leo / Saturn Retro in Libra ~ Fire/Air

~ Opportunity To Grow ~


 As Venus and Mercury enter Aries, they will activate Pluto in Capricorn (and oppose Saturn in Libra). These activations push you out of your comfort zone and in to new territory and are not necessarily easy or fun, but also unavoidable. These challenging angles cause just enough friction to motivate you to make some tough decisions which can/will ultimately facilitate real change. In this case, as you integrate the new you and the new relationships, the general status quo may be disrupted. Luckily, Venus and Mercury move relatively quickly so use this month or two to define your terms, own your real issues and commit to permanent change. So many things have been permanently altered over the last couple of years, stripping you of the non-essential and clearing a space for you to co-create this emerging Aquarian Age. You know if you've been postponing vital decisions or avoiding responsibilities that it is clearly time for you to assume (or resume). It is time to simplify your life in ways that allow you to better manage your life and relationships and these activations will assist you in processing (Mercury) all that you've been through and learned along the way ... they will also assist you in identifying your top priorities (Venus) at this time so you aren't scattering your energy and resources. Pay attention, tune in to your heart and create a strategy.

Venus/Mercury in Aries / Pluto in Capricorn ~ Fire/Earth

3/11 ~ Venus/Pluto

3/20 ~ Mercury/Pluto

*Good time to refresh your mind on the Saturn in Libra *squaring* Pluto in Capricorn because even though the exact hits are this year, it will be waning for the entire three year period that Saturn remains in Libra.

Anytime planets change sign or change direction, they slow down and gather strength, while beaming intense energy down to Mother Earth. Saturn has been in Virgo for the last 2+ years, restructuring your systems and healing your foundations in many ways, essentially preparing you for this shift in to Libra when you will be called to work with your family, friends and communities in new and different ways. On one hand, Saturn in Libra is going to reveal weaknesses in the structures of your primary relationships, so any that are falling apart already are likely to break down altogether. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This is most likely a good thing because it will force all parties involved to *define their terms* with more clarity, allowing for deeper commitment. (This is a perfect time to renegotiate contracts of all kinds, starting with your Soul Contract.) Pluto in Saturn's sign suggests that *responsibility* rules the day no matter how you slice it. It is time to be responsible for what you build in your life and in the world. Pluto, ruler of death, rebirth and transformation, never destroys anything you truly need, desire or deserve. It's whole purpose is to strip you of the non-essential so you can connect with what IS *Essential*. This combo is very serious, but can also be seriously productive if channeled properly.

This is an ongoing activation to consciously work with for tangible results. Use this initiation stage to set your intentions about who you are and how you'd like to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Both of these planets will push you hard to develop your strengths and master their lessons, resistance is futile. It is much better to take stock of your relationships, of the work you do in the world, of balance and responsibility in your own life and see where/how improvements can be made. And then, most importantly, begin implementing whatever you can. You may not be able to do 'everything' but surely you can do 'something' ~ just start where you are, with what you've got. Conscious co-creation with this combo is the only way to lessen any stress or pain associated with the changes that are truly inevitable, so you may as well participate on whatever level you can at this time. Also, keep in mind that due to the path each planet takes, we will experience the peak of intensity during their exact contacts, but the vibe is on-going for the entire 3-years Saturn is in Libra, as Pluto continues its journey through Capricorn.

Saturn/Pluto ~ Libra/Capricorn ~ Air/Earth


 1st (of 3) ~ Nov 15, 2009 ~ Saturn & Pluto Direct

2nd (of 3) ~ Jan 31, 2010 ~ Saturn Retrograde/Pluto Direct

3rd (of 3) ~ Aug 21, 2010 ~ Pluto Retrograde/Saturn Direct

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.

~ Blessings ~


We have a few *blessings* this month, and again, this energy requires conscious direction to be effective and useful. What creates this beautiful angle is the *Elements* involved and this Season the Elements involved are *Fire* and *Air* ~ which indicates you must be creative and when you think outside the box, you may be completely surprised at your results. Mercury is involved with two of the three activations and it rules ideas, thoughts, concepts and how you perceive and process your experiences. Saturn rules definitions (among other things) and it is currently Retrograde which means all definitions are up for revision. As Mercury moves through Aquarius giving you innovative ideas, it pings Saturn Retrograde in Libra inspiring you to think (or re-think) your relationships on many levels. It may not be time to make decisions until Saturn goes Direct, but doing the review is completely supported. Aquarius indicates you may need to detach a little to gain some perspective on how balanced your relationships are. And watch your ego vigilantly ~ engage your heart constantly.

2/12 ~ Mercury in Aquarius / Saturn Retrograde in Libra ~ ALL Air

Once Venus enters Aries, it will ping Mars Retrograde in Leo (just 3 days prior to Mars going Direct) giving you one final opportunity to identify your new priorities and set your intentions for living your Truth & Purpose. It is also a prime opportunity to align your internal Feminine and Masculine energies so they are in alignment once Mars goes Direct, and action is better supported. Right now, clarifying your plan of action is best if you are working on Self. These two getting together almost always engages your relationship energies as well, and the dynamic between men and women. And because it is in such an easy angle, communication may be easier, so clarify your needs within your primary relationships and prepare for a new rhythm between you and others.

3/7 ~ Venus in Aries / Mars Retrograde in Leo ~ ALL Fire

Mars is finally going Direct on March 10th and about a week later Mercury in Aries will activate the Mars in Leo. This fiery energy should be fairly inspiring. It will be a great opportunity to take some time to process the last 5+ months of Mars' review. Leo is the lesson of Self-Love and expressing your individual Light and with Mars spending such a long time in that one sign, it has been pushing many buttons to get you present to if/how you are truly loving your Self and having the courage to be authentic in all situations. When Mercury activates Mars, you may be inspired with new ideas on how you can live more authentically.

3/17 ~ Mercury in Aries / Mars Direct in Leo ~ ALL Fire


Overall, this Sacred Season is truly preparing you for a *NEW* influx of Divine energy and flow! But warns against arrogance as this is new territory you must *discover* as you move through. Old methods and motivations will not serve you here and now. As Spring Equinox ushers the personal planets in to Aries, the energies will prepare you on an individual level for what Jupiter and Uranus are bringing in socially and collectively by Summer Solstice! Major *New Beginning* vibration is coming in ~ you can probably feel it already. I remember in/around 2003 feeling like new energy is coming and we better prepare because once it truly hits, there will be no time to "get ready" ~ you will have to *BE* READY! That time has arrived!! This brief 6-week period is rich with support for (re)claiming your Truth and re-defining *Freedom* on many levels.

Use this Sacred Season to complete the self-love work of Mars Retrograde in Leo. You are being re-calibrated on a very deep and permanent level for moving forward centered in your *Heart*, knowing who you are and what you want, as well as what you are willing to sacrifice and/or fight for ... *Peace* ~ *Love* ~ and *Community*. Last year's Venus Retrograde in Aries activated a *New YOU* ~ New Identity ~ New Beginning ~ something was *Birthed* in or around or through you last year. And when you are amidst the actual activation, it is hard to tell what's what, however a year later, the dust is settling, and in this case, it is crystal clear that you are no longer who you were 1 - 2 - 6 - 12 years ago and life must adjust. This leads to the Saturn Retrograde in Libra work. How perfect it is that you are evolving internally and now given tremendous support to review the relationships you have with other people, within your community and with your home planet. We all know when our primary relationships need an infusion of new energy to get beyond survival mode to thrive & prosper mode. And we usually know when it is time to release a relationship which is no longer a vibrational match, however, taking right and compassionate action is usually easier said than done. Basically, from now till Summer, you can review and restructure many vital aspects of your own life, as well as your fundamental relationships (personal and professional).

There are some major activations coming very soon and throughout this year and next. Things are moving on pure energy and manifesting quicker than ever. It is essential that you can move with it when opportunities are presented. Simplifying your life, releasing the past and prioritizing *Everything* is what this Sacred Season best supports. Jupiter in Pisces will help you connect with your Soul and deepest Truth, giving you a glimpse of the possibilities, while others may sink deeper in to the grand illusion. Keeping your balance, a clear head and strong heart-connection is what you will need going forward.


purpleiceskates 28th March 2010 4:52 pm

Thank you so very much:) I was wondering why? And could not find some answers. Now I have:) Being a Grand Cross with Cardinal points can be very taxing at times! LOL


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