August 2014 ~ Heart & Soul is Activated & Engaged

Heart & Soul ~ is being activated within and around us! Leo & Scorpio ~ energies & lessons for all! Leo is your Heart, the lesson of Self-Love and is about knowing & expressing your Authentic Self. Scorpio is your SoulSelf, the lesson of understanding, containing & directing your power, your power to create life, trust your instincts and navigate this world. For the next 4-6 weeks, we have increased access to these energies and the support to animate them anew.
Mars in Scorpio plus all the personal planets animating the Leo energy/lessons, brings a personal challenge to grow and integrate inner & outer, masculine & feminine, and in this case, our Heart & Soul. Additionally, both social planets are engaged as well, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, indicating personal decisions have long-range effects on our Truth & Purpose specifically.   

This is a time of choice between light & shadow, positive & negative, masculine & feminine ~ we need BOTH, but we need balance & integration to be effective players. If you can stay in the Light, aligned with your Authentic Self and expressing from the Heart, then you will make choices regarding your Truth & Purpose that will support you going forward. If you give in to fear, paralytic dread & powerlessness, then you may experience loss & abuse until you own your power and connect to & honor your Soul's desire.

~ Leo/Fire & Scorpio/Water ~
~ Heart & Soul ~
~ Outer Self & Soul Self ~
~ Authentic Self & Inner Power ~
~ Creative Fire & Creative Flow ~
~ Truth & Purpose (Jupiter & Saturn) ~
~ Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine (Mars & Venus) ~

We need all of the above! We ARE all of the above! This month, these creative forces are at a 90-degree angle to eachother - they are building something together. Square = Test/Growth/Development/Choices/Decisions + out of comfort zone, into new territory. There is a creative solution to ALL the challenges & extremes but we must learn how to balance & use these forces as individuals. This will be our work over the next 4-6 weeks.

7/22 - 8/23 ~ Sun in Leo infuses us every year with some light and energy to touch base with our true heart-of-hearts. Theoretically, we anchor our personal security issues in Cancer so that we are SAFE to be ourselves in the world once we hit Leo. Do you love who you are and do you feel safe being yourself wherever you go?

7/26 ~ Moon in Leo happens once a month, so you can work it on a micro-level within your regular monthly routine. However, the New Moon in Leo only happens once a year and gives you added energy & juju to set new intentions around your magnetics ~ what you magnetize and what you repel, just by be being YOU. How can you do that a NEW way and present a newly anchored/integrated aspect of Self to the world?

7/31 - 8/15 ~ Mercury, like our minds, moves very quickly through the zodiac, slowing down 3-4 times a year for a retrograde (which extends its stay in a particular Sign/Element). In Leo, it is an activation of your creative expression. It's about expressing or communicating something from the heart, in a dramatic & inspiring way! However, the Shadow of that is arrogance, a need to be "right" and disinterest in how you are received. That said, you may also reflect on July/Aug 2012 and what creative ideas came up then because that is the last extended stay in Leo and probably left an impression.

8/12 -9/5 ~ Venus in Leo activates your sense of Self-Worth in love, finances and social situations. Venus, as it travels through the zodiac (which takes 18-months) illuminates the values & priorities of the time. In this case, it is fun, sex, games, theatre, drama, passion & copious amounts of creative fire needing both containers and free-range outlets (that are safe). This is the time to align with your own Heart, and determine what kind of fun you can bring to the party, as well as who else you want at your party to play with. If you're struggling, like many are, to create new social settings and be part of groups that better reflect your Inner Artist, then this is the time to set your intentions.

7/25 - 9/13 ~ Mars in Scorpio brings a sort-of ‘final exam’ post 8-months in Libra! We’ve been recalibrating the Masculine/Feminine dynamic (Dec 2013 - July 2014), exploring new ways of expressing 'who we are' and 'what we want', with a special focus on how we relate with others, both personal & professional. As Mars now moves thru Scorpio, your Soul weighs in and tests you AND your relationships. Imbalances (within or with others) will be glaring & obvious and must be corrected or things simply will not work. We are definitely working on Higher Will/Lower Will issues; how you use and express power to get what you want out of life. Mars connects with Saturn in Scorpio on August 25th (once-in-28-yrs/last: 1984) to conceive a new Reality that better reflects who you are/what you want, on a Soul Level ~ Here & Now.

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keryndawer 5th August 2014 4:38 pm

Some momentous times and auspicious dates for sure! Always a pleasure and education to read your postings Kelly. Thank you!

I personally am very happy to be 30 years PAST 1984... Here & Now with Heart & Soul Activated & Engaged in 2014 :)



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