Energetic Support: March 20 - April 20, 2015

In General ~ there are powerful additional energies & entities surrounding any personal activations you may be experiencing. This continues, with the first Pisces eclipse (of 6) on Equinox. Essentially, it is the ‘end of the end’ and the ‘beginning of the beginning’ ~ an unbelievable clean slate/rebirth. Closure will likely be a process but try to stay focused on NOW-Future (do not linger overlong, in the Past).

4/4 ~ LIBRA Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse ~ This is #4 of 6 in the Aries/Libra Eclipse Series. Individually, you may be feeling the need to create more balance within & more reciprocal relationships with others. Remember, eclipses happen twice a year, and always give energy for change, so anything you are truly ready to release (within or with others) is much easier during these times. Also, keep in mind that to release any imbalanced/toxic situations now, is to create space for your own rebirth with the Aries New Moon.

4/8 ~ Jupiter Direct in LEO ~ Jupiter spends 1yr in Leo (June 2014-July 2015) and is retro 4mo of the year, every year. This year’s focus is Leo, self- love, heart, courage, what you believe you are worth. It’s also time to trust your Heart more (have faith) and give your Inner Child some love & playtime. After the retro period of reviewing what you believe about these issues and how they manifest in your life and relationships, now, you can go forward and weave in more *fun* ~ lighten up, play, learn, explore.

4/16 ~ Pluto Retro in CAPRICORN ~ Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. So when it Retrogrades be prepared to allow some part of you or your life to "die" ... and be transformed anew. I call this ‘diving for treasure’! Often, you have to go through a release of some sort, this allows you to get past the usual roadblocks within and you always come back with something rare & valuable … and yours! Ready or not, it  is time for you to move on to the next level. There is always some unknown aspects about change and moving into the future. The more you resist it, the harder it will be. It’s okay to mourn any true loss or death, but trust that whatever leaves your life at this time has likely been on it's way out for a while whether you were consciously aware of it or not. If there is any deep, dark secret or part of your Self you have avoided or suppressed, prepare for it to come up and out to be dealt with once and for all. That’s the nature of Pluto, it takes away the very thing you think you cannot live without, only for you to find out that you CAN. It’s also an annual cleansing, so on one hand you should be familiar with the process, but on the other hand, it’s never easy when Pluto slows down, but it’s always worth it. Also good to consider is its lengthy stay in Capricorn (16yrs-2008-2024) so that is where the primary digging is going on, helping you clear out unstable foundations and get stronger internally along the way.

4/18 ~ ARIES New Moon ~ is an Annual Initiation, a time when you can *seed* your NEW Identity/Authentic Self ~ on a soul level (Moon). Mars, Aries' ruler, reveals how you embody & express who you are and your preferred method of getting what you deeply desire out of life so, it would seem that getting what you want is directly related to who/what you think you are. You are different post-2012. Your frequency is higher, your consciousness has been expanded & you are learning how to walk & talk again. Time to set new goals.

LIBRA/ARIES ~ Nodes & Eclipses 2013-2016 ~ The last series we dealt with was 2004-2006 (more Aries-focused) and before that, 1995- 1997 (more Libra-focused & the cycle we are rebooting NOW). Do those years stand out for you? In regard to your Individuality & Relationships? Self vs Other? Independence & Partnership? This is a time when we are rebirthing our Identity on such a major level, that it will naturally rattle the Relationships we have (personal or professional). When YOU change, everyone around you has to adjust (and change) or go away. It’s not a bad thing, but really happens regularly within this Lunar Rhythm and HELPS us breathe new life into ourselves, as well as our relationships, partnerships & collaborations. Right now, rebooting the 19-year cycle with Libra North Node indicates that we are seeding the NEW ways of creating conscious equal partnership between Self/Other/Community/ World and all Life.

Jupiter in LEO ~ June 2014 - July 2015 ~ Rx: 12.8.2014 / Direct: 4.8.2015 This is a once- in-12 year opportunity to expand the Leo area of your life and *Edit Your Story* (in that department - House) by weaving in those components that express your true nature & innocent child’s heart within. In social & learning circles, it’s time to integrate more fun, imagination and inspired, creative self-expression. This is a time to give some energy to what you believe you are worth, how you define beauty & abundance and how you share your Light & radiate Love to others. You are supported to drop the OLD Story and start writing/telling a NEW Story that integrates more joy, optimism & faith.

Pluto’s Annual Retrograde ~ This is a pretty subtle process for most, but if you have Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn in your chart, then you are feeling it; if you have any direct contact from Pluto to your chart, you are feeling it; if you are working on Pluto issues (death, sex, money, power & Underworld), then you are feeling it. Intensely. The thing to do is to work with it consciously, meaning CHOOSE something to release & allow to die, so that something new can be born through you. When it retrogrades, that is the time when you do more personal work, behind the scenes (internally) but often, you also find *Buried Treasure* - either something you buried yourself long ago, lost long ago or are only NOW ready to handle its power, so it is revealed to you.



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