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*GEMINI* Energy

My mind is a garden.

My thoughts are the seeds.

My harvest will be -

Either flowers or weeds.

Communication is the Key ...

to All That You Need, Desire & Deserve

It Starts With YOU!

Communication, by definition, means the exchange of thoughts, messages, or the like, by speech, signals, or writing. If you don't communicate well, it should be made a priority to learn. Most people don't realize that bad communication is almost always the source of their frustration. Communication connects every part of a relationship (business, friendship or love).

How do you communicate? Are you a better speaker than writer? Or are you better at expressing yourself on paper? Do you get very emotional when you want to communicate with someone? Does that result in miscommunication? I recommend writing it down where you can calm down, read it later, and edit it. You can take back things that are unnecessary or ineffective (you can't do that once you've blurted something out). You can put your thoughts in order, because when you're emotional, you may tend to jump around from subject to subject, never actually conveying the original point. Once you've practiced enough at calming down before expressing your thoughts, it will be much easier to have clear, effective, verbal communication on the spot.


I am centered and clear about my point before I attempt to communicate with others.

A good indication of how you communicate is to look at how you communicate with yourself. (It's always you.) How do you deal with health issues? Do you wait until they're completely out of hand before you take action to heal yourself? Are you the last priority in your life (ie, with friends, family, job, etc)? Are you open & receptive to the truths (you see) about yourself? Or do you justify your thoughts & actions, constantly trying to convince others that you know what you're doing? (That's usually more to convince yourself than others.) If it takes you a long time to face truths about yourself, that in your heart you know to be true, then you should start there. You have to learn how to communicate with yourself before you can communicate with others. Have you ever been pushing & pushing for someone to open up and when they finally do, you suddenly feel fear? This means you still have work to do of your own. That fear feeling indicates that you still haven't faced some truths about yourself, that you are demanding the other person face about themselves. It doesn't work that way. It starts with you.


I listen to my body when it's trying to communicate with me something important about my own well-being, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and/or physically.

It's all in the presentation! Don't you like it when something is presented well? It makes you want to be a part of it, participate, get excited about it! Don't you respond better when someone talks to you or asks you nicely, saying please & thank you? Everyone does! I do not believe that people respond to fear or anger or yelling or humiliation. They may respond - by shutting down all avenues to further communication. If you want someone to listen to you, you have to present what you have to say in a way that entices them to want to listen, let alone participate. If you want someone to do something to you, with you, or for you, you have to ask them in a way that will make it enjoyable & worthwhile for them to do it. That's how you would want it. Right?


I am clear about what I want to communicate and I present it in a way that is dynamic and well received.

There are various factors that come into play regarding effective communication. Timing is very important. Just because you are ready to express yourself does not mean that the other person is in a position to receive at that time. Sometimes you may have to get all your thoughts together and wait for a more opportune time to express them.


I am so clear about my goal that I will recognize the perfect time to present it.

Honesty is vital. You have to take the chance on how you'll be received but you cannot afford to be deceitful. When you are honest with another, you honor them by giving them the choice to respond honestly to you. When you present something in a deceitful way, you take away their choice to respond honestly because they are responding to a lie in the first place. That is not what you want to do because sooner or later, you will end up right back in the same place trying to rectify the same problem, only it's probably escalated by then and may be irreparable.


I am honest with myself which enables me to be honest with others.

Understanding and compassion go a long way toward healthy communication. You have to present yourself honestly and understand that the other person may not be at the same level of consciousness yet and is unable to respond the way you'd hoped. So at the same time that you are understanding and compassionate of this person's place at this time, you must also be firm in what you are trying to accomplish. If they cannot participate in a way that is most productive for all involved, you have to be strong enough to step back until that time presents itself.


I am understanding and compassionate with others, encouraging them to be so with me.

This leads to acceptance. Everyone is not going to see things the way you do. You have to be open and receptive to their input. Then you have to know your own mind, not to mention the current goal, to know whether a slightly different direction would be more or less beneficial. You have to accept the outcome no matter how it appears. Most often, a disappointment is a blessing in disguise.


I accept that everything is in Divine Order, now and always.


Gwen in New Mexico 27th May 2011 9:21 am

Being a Gemini, BIG thank you.


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