Libra/Scorpio 2009: Sept 22 (Fall Equinox) ~thru~ Nov 1 (Cross Qtr/Samhain)

*Fall* Equinox ~ Harvest Time ~ Rhythm is a beautiful thing! Taking some time at the turn of each Sacred Season notifies the Universe that you are ready, willing and able to co-create with Mother Earth. *Fall* Equinox is the time of year to bring all your projects to a close, finish whatever you can and start looking toward new projects. Balance and Integrate what is working and release the rest. If you willingly (and lovingly) release that which is not working, next Season will go a lot smoother when you go to truly close the year in preparation for a new Solar year. Harvest is about assessing and gathering all that you've created for the year, and ultimately, reaping the rewards of all your hard work and labor. Some of your *Harvest* will be tangible, creative projects that can/will bear fruit now that they are complete or in place ... and some of your *Harvest* will be intangible in that you have further cultivated your own Being over the last year and now you (and others) can benefit from your personal integration and strength. This Sacred Season covers all of Libra and initiates Scorpio, so Libra sets the tone. Venus, when it rules Libra, reminds us that *ALL* Life is inextricably connected. Any imbalances affect all life (eventually). As living, conscious Beings, we strive for balance in all that we think, feel, say and do. You can access your inner-Libra and re-center, so you are more effective in your Being-ness and more useful to Life.

*Fall* Equinox ~ Harvest Time (in this Hemisphere) ~ initiating the Last Quarter of the Solar year. Whew! we've all come a long way since December 2008. What's still solid, or stronger? And what's truly done, finished and ready to release? What are you working with, energetically? physically? emotionally? mentally? materially? Early in the Season, with Mercury still Retrograde, you are particularly supported in the very *Review* that defines *Fall* Equinox. It is time to honor the balance of Light and Shadow in your life. Withdrawing for a brief period to assess what is working and its sustainability going forward, as well as its inbred potential. What have you created so far? In your personal/private Self and professional/public Self? What can you expand and/or build on that is strong enough to support you in your growth and evolution?

This is the time of year to wrap things up, assess and prepare to initiate and build in the coming seasons. How well you do this current process, will determine how productive you will be when 'initiating/building' energy is fully activated and deeply supported. Right now, a serious review and assessment of strengths and weaknesses will clarify so many things and position you for forward movement in the coming year.

This Sacred Season is ALL Libra and Initiates Scorpio, so whatever you can create with balance and reverence for Life, can be infused with power and brought in to being or released as needed. Early in the Season, some of the personal planets linger in Virgo, making strong, useful and positive activations that include Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, the same players as the revolutionary 1960's, not just in the US but worldwide. I always look at this Season as time to "wrap up, assess and prepare" in every way I am physically capable of, I consciously and consistently do my part while clarifying my vision and tuning in to the possibilities ... which leads right to the final Season of the year when we will Access the Ancestors and *Invite* the Infinite & Eternally Available *Invisible* Assistance! We do engage in communication with other realms at that time of the year and for anyone uncomfortable with that concept, I offer that ~ ALL is Spirit. Use Fall Equinox to do your part and prepare a space, within your Being and within your environment, to allow God/Great Spirit/The Universal Source of All the IS ~ further *Infuse* your intentions with Pure Love & Light. That's what I mean by Invite the Invisible Assistance. Set your intentions, step back and *Invite* Divine Essence to be expressed through YOU, your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds ~ may they ALL express the Divinity within you!!

This Season is about fortifying your base, preparing to pull in and develop ... seeds germinate in the darkness. You should rest and replenish during the time when Light recedes and supports your inner, behind the scenes work. There is a time to be pushing and out in the world, doing, giving, sharing. Now is the time to pull in and *Receive* ~ guidance ~ sustenance ~ fortitude ~ clarity ~ stability ~ gather power and strength ~ put things in place that will complement and uplift your work when it's time to do 'forward push' again.

~ POWER ~ (Conjunct/Conjunction)

Remember, with Saturn and Uranus, when any planet that gets together with either one, it will oppose the other (and that goes for the next year or two). The personal planets move quickly, relative to this Dynamic Duo, so we have all gotten repeated opportunities to work on what they bring to the table since mid-2007. This Season, we have Venus and Mercury, which hits them *3* times over. As frustrating as Mercury Retrogrades can be, ultimately, no matter how you slice it, more information is gathered through every circumstance which presents itself during these times. Mercury traveling through Virgo and Libra is pushing you to consider many things.

Perfecting your ideas

Making your ideas tangible

Your physical limitations (wear and tear on your body/vehicle)

Clearing your mind

Connecting your mind and body

Balance / Wholeness / Healing

Mastery of your innate gifts and talents

Your service/offering to the world

Re-Trace your steps (events, activations, people coming and going) in July/August 2009 ... look for repetitive patterns that arise in September, digest and assimilate in October and prepare to have a whole new level of wisdom and understanding to work with between now and Winter Solstice (December 2009). Open to intuitive guidance and Invisible Assistance.

Venus too has been working closely with Saturn in Virgo on an annual basis for the last couple of years. Can you feel it? You will have one more opportunity, July 2010, to work Venus/Saturn in Virgo mojo. Virgo is the lesson of discernment and trust ~ discerning what is relevant and useful and trusting your intuition to guide you and the Universe to provide. Venus is your values and priorities, while Saturn is your definition of reality. This deep, healing Virgo work was actually activated before 2007 when Venus Retrograded in Leo and Saturn was finishing its 2.5 year journey through Leo as well. 2005-2007 likely pushed your lesson of Self-Love along its evolutionary Path. A lot of people started feeling the inner-stirrings that their authentic life did not match the reality they were living, some had felt that way for over 40 years and were finally able to access the courage to act on it. This dynamic will help you figure out how to do what you love and love what you do, while still being of service and contributing to the greater good, while providing for yourself and contributing to the community which sustains you. These energies, amplified like this, initiate a new way of cultivating a reality that better reflects your true nature, welcomes your innate gifts and feeds you on multiple levels. Use this energy to put a foundation beneath your new-found values and revised priorities. Saturn will help anchor things for the long-term.

Venus/Mercury/Saturn ~ ALL in Virgo ~ ALL Earth

9/22 ~ Mercury Retro / Saturn

10/8 ~ Mercury Direct / Saturn

10/13 ~ Venus / Saturn

~ BALANCE & COMPROMISE ~ (Oppose/Opposition)

As Mercury builds with Saturn, it will integrate with Uranus, on the Virgo/Pisces axis, three times over. As you gather information and process what you've gathered, you'll look up by the end of 2009 and fundamental shifts will have taken place. This is the integration of the Higher and Lower Octaves of Consciousness ~ Mercury is personal and moves us along our daily, human lives, making us aware, filtering things through the mind's eye. Uranus is the Higher Consciousness, that liberating "a-ha" moment when you realize who you really are and what you are really capable of. Uranus and its 84-year Cycle moves the collective along in its Consciousness, but on an individual basis, it is most useful for breaking patterns, especially the mental and spiritual patterns Virgo and Pisces embody.

Venus just finished this delicious integration with the Healing Trinity on the Leo/Aquarius axis. Having done the work of healing your values and realigning your priorities, where your authentic Being and unique gifts are concerned, She moves in to Virgo and asks if your mind, spirit and especially your physical body are all up to the task of living an authentic life of your own making, being of service to others and making ALL Life Sacred again. Venus in Earthy Virgo, gets very practical about meeting your needs and reminds you that you cannot do much if your physical vehicle is worn out and not functioning properly. Venus suggests you value YOU, get connected within ~ Beauty & Love are Necessities! Add Uranus in Pisces and you can create some amazing art, write a kick-ass poem and sing your favorite song pitch-perfect! Venus asks you to truly Love your Self, so you can express your Uranus properly, your unique and individual gifts that radiate from your Heart, the core of your Being and shine your Light on all Life.

On a more mundane level, Venus still means relationships (how all life is related) and Uranus still means freedom. In this position, balance and compromise are required so that both can serve their inherent purposes. How you relate to others, near and far, has fundamentally changed. Acknowledgements should be made, within and without. Define your terms and try to create win/win situations, always looking for the solution that fulfills the needs of all involved. There is a way, it's just not the "old" way anymore. You must get creative, especially if you want to maintain and develop relationships and communities that attract your *vibrational match* (or higher).

Venus/Mercury/Uranus ~ Virgo/Pisces ~ Earth/Water

9/23 ~ Mercury Retro in Virgo / Uranus Retro in Pisces

10/4 ~ Mercury Direct in Virgo / Uranus Retro in Pisces

10/9 ~ Venus in Virgo / Uranus Retro in Pisces


Mercury continues its back and forth journey, and now creates an opportunity for a "do-over". Think you could use a "do-over" with integrity and passion? Mars is in Cancer right now anchoring a new foundation after the 7-month clearing/purification process it did in late-2007/early-2008. This is a smooth contact, in Earth and Water Signs, giving you tons of support for "giving your flow, a solid structure". Mars is interested in actively participating with Nature, taking actual steps toward healing and making Life Sacred again ~ ALL Life. You sufficiently cleared the emotional debris of your childhood and re-defined "home" (during its Retrograde thru Cancer in 2007) and now, this is your first opportunity to really *Apply* what you've learned in real-time. Mercury in Virgo is giving you the information you need to heal your thought patterns and release ideas which did not work, once and for all. Your personal "story" has begun a new chapter where you *Feed* your mind, body and spirit with substance, beauty and Light-filled nutrient. Love becomes a 'verb' when Mars is in Cancer. How do you show *Love*? to your own Being? to your physical body? How do you make your little corner of the Universe *Sacred*? This is where you lay your head, rest and replenish. If you haven't already, it is definitely time to connect to your space in this way.

Mercury/Mars ~ Virgo/Cancer ~ Earth/Water

10/1 ~ Mercury Retro in Virgo / Mars in Cancer

10/4 ~ Mercury Direct in Virgo / Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer is tagging Saturn in Virgo. This is even more juice for making Life *Sacred* again! This is an opportunity for energy and stamina to meet, in a productive Earth/Water combination, in the signs that represent whole life, the body, Mother Earth, all life-forms which have multiple systems running simultaneously ... it's truly a *Miracle* ~ taking in ~ digesting ~ processing ~ assimilating ~ eliminating ~ in a natural rhythm and cycle. You can take action steps which both feed and heal on very deep levels. You can actively participate, visualizing what will benefit you while also serving all life. You can connect to your inner authority in a healthier way, and be intuitively guided to what you have to do to build a life and a home that nourishes and protects you (by your own definitions). Really take some time to feel your innate responsibility to be independent and self-sufficient. As you stabilize YOU, you will automatically be in a better position to serve and contribute your *piece* to the community, to the world.

Mars/Saturn ~ Cancer/Virgo ~ Water/Earth

10/12 ~ Mars in Cancer/Saturn in Virgo

Venus and Mars continue to be major players in the ultimate story of *2009*! Beginning and ending the year in *FIRE* Signs (Venus/Aries ~ Mars/Leo) and doing their Retrogrades, which only happens every 2 years. Major *REVIEW* of your values and desires. Aries and Leo say it is "ALL about you!" You having the courage to *BE* "you" and *Love* "you" ~ in the most *Authenitc* way possible. There is an undeniable push to balance and integrate your inner Masculine/Feminine polarities so you can be more integrity with your Self and more effective in the world.

Venus/Mars ~ Virgo/Cancer ~ Earth/Water

10/13 ~ Venus in Virgo ~ Mars in Cancer

Later this Season, Sun and Mercury move forward in to Scorpio, the potent energy of creation and karma. With all your recent revelations and 'a-ha' moments, what can you *Create* now? After healing in Virgo, calibrating in Libra, Scorpio brings the Invisible Assistance and the cauldron in which you add *flava and spice* to the brew! As you access power on a personal level, Sun/Mercury in Scorpio, you get a Divine opportunity to access power on another level, Pluto in Capricorn, who is distilling the *form* you will shape-shift in to next. Scorpio and Capricorn blend power and responsibility, magic and hard work ~ which creates an opportunity to create something that nourishes and protects *Life*. You are ready to do Heart-Centered Work AS your contribution to society. This combo gives you the power to create and/or strengthen the structure of your life. Your identity (Sun) and how you express your Self (Mercury) is dancing with Pluto, renewing you on a fundamental level.

Sun/Mercury + Pluto ~ Scorpio/Capricorn ~ Water/Earth

10/24 ~ Sun in Scorpio ~ Pluto in Capricorn

10/28 ~ Mercury in Scorpio ~ Pluto in Capricorn


This is the reminder that on every Solstice and Equinox, the Sun is going to ping Pluto and push your evolution along in measurable ways. That means *4* times a year for the next 15+ years, as Pluto traverses Capricorn, your are going to be pushed to take more responsibility for your own Being and your own emotional and material security. Solstices are when the Sun is in Cancer or Capricorn which will bring Initiation/Integration work. When it is Equinox time, the Sun is in Aries or Libra, pushing you out of your comfort zone and toward real change. It's a time to make some decisions and work with who you are and how you relate to the world around you. This is only the beginning of what promises to be a profoundly transformative 16-year Cycle.

Keep in mind too, that Mars in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn still working out the Higher Will / lower will dynamic within and around you. So until mid-October, the fast-moving, personal planets that ping Pluto will also engage Mars. But first things first, they are separating so rather than having simultaneous activations, they will be more/less back to back. While the Sun (identity), Mercury (voice) and Venus (priorities) are all in Libra working on the balance between you/Self and others (relationships, jobs, communities) that invisible, airy energy is breathing fresh air in to some individuals and their collaborations ... while blowing away those partnerships which are not completely ready and/or are too fragile for this evolution. Adding to the mix, is Pluto in Capricorn pushing you to clear toxic relationships and erroneous responsibilities. You're not responsible for Everything ~ you're only responsible for Your Piece. What comes to mind is those times when you will extend your Self above and beyond for others but not for your own good. Pluto is purifying that, distilling things down to their basic elements so you can see (a) what you are truly made of and (b) what/who is truly worth investing your energy in. Because Libra/Aries are involved, I give you permission to be selfish and suggest you start with YOU and work your way out from there.

Sun/Mercury/Venus + Pluto ~ Libra/Capricorn ~ Air/Earth

9/23 ~ Sun in Libra ~ Pluto in Capricorn

10/10 ~ Mercury in Libra ~ Pluto in Capricorn

10/15 ~ Venus in Libra ~ Pluto in Capricorn

Then as the Sun and Mercury (Venus is a little slower) keep steppin' ~ they will move in to Scorpio by which time, Mars will have moved out of Cancer in to fiery Leo and the growth will continue, but with a new dynamic. This is going to continue to challenge you to be your Authentic Self (Leo) in all circumstances and let the chips fall where they may (Scorpio). You can activate some serious creative flow. You are rebirthing YOU ~ what ingredients would you include to create your perfect alchemical mix that would enable you to live your Truth & Purpose and truly enjoy your brief time on the planet? Who are you? Scorpio gives you an opportunity to strip the non-essential, pause for a moment, then gather your innate gifts and strengths required to navigate this period of your life. Leo is going to push you to base any transformative work you do be based in pure *Love* ~ primarily Self-Love.

Sun/Mercury + Mars ~ Scorpio/Leo ~ Water/Fire

10/29 ~ Sun in Scorpio ~ Mars in Leo

11/1 ~ Mercury in Scorpio ~ Mars in Leo

~ BLESSINGS ~ (Trine)

Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.

Blessings come as you re-pattern your thinking where your deepest wounds are concerned and clear a space for new energy to enter and take root. It is time to tell a new story. There has to be a way, if you put your mind to it, that you can see the Divine Order in every event and circumstance. Even the most traumatic and devestating experiences have taught you a lesson and, ultimately, left you a gift of inner strength and awareness you would not have access to otherwise. Another point I'd like to make is that I'd venture to say every single person reading this has experience trauma and loss of some kind. What I am noticing more now is people who have to Remember how to be Happy & Content. This is worth channeling some of this Season's healing energy in to. When you have a peaceful or prosperous moment ~ BASK!! Try to imprint it and duplicate it within your own mind and heart. Remember your thoughts and most of all the *Feeling* of being peaceful, provided for and prosperous on all levels. This Season brings several opportunities for you, the individual, to work directly with the Healing Trinity we already know is working the collective. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Early October, Mars in Cancer is working with Saturn in Virgo, restructuring your Being and your life so both can be honored as Sacred gifts, now and always. Heal the structure of your Being and your life by taking action on your own behalf. Think of all the things that are part of your innate *Nature* that you sublimate because of survival issues. Remember, no more "survival mode" ~ we have moved in to (and are completely supported for) *Self-Preservation*. The way the energy is moving these days, honoring your *Nature* is going to be the ONLY way to "survive". Life is Sacred. You are Sacred. It is time. This delicious Earth/Water combo will help you with new definitions of what you truly desire for your Self.

Now, remember, any planet that pings Saturn, also engages Uranus. This Season, here again, you get an opportunity to access the juice of the social and collective planets and channel it in to your personal, individual Self-work. Virgo/Pisces is ultimately about connecting your very human body with your Infinite and Divine Nature, teaching you to trust your feelings, your heart and your intuition. Saturn/Uranus are directing that lesson to your inner and outer structures which you have either finally solidified or completely outgrown at this time. Adjustments must be made all in and around your life to accommodate all the clearing you've done and all the building you've done. We have Mercury (communication and expression), Venus (love, art, beauty, relatedness, values and priorities) and now, Mars (energy, passion, action, courage and desire) in very potent positions to this Dynamic Duo. Mars in Cancer pings Uranus in Pisces and the results are *Sublime*. How do you define *Freedom*? And what are you willing to *DO* to access and maintain your definition of *Freedom*? This Blessed contact completely supports any work you pour in to this goal of being *FREE* in your own body, in your own home, in your own community.

The biggest Blessing of the Season is the personal planets, Sun / Mercury / Venus in Libra make direct contact with the Healing Trinity. So here again, you are able to access and channel big energies that are most definitely moving the collective along, on your own behalf. Set your intentions ~ do the visualization ~ see things working out for the greater good of all involved ~ ask questions and invite the answers ~ open to receive. This combo is best for balancing all this new influx of "authentic" energy. All the Leo/Aquarius Eclipses over the last 2+ years really pushed everyone on one level or another to connect with their own Hearts and Love *Self* again ... BE Self again ~ perfect, whole and complete the way Spirit made you!! And if you are having trouble actually "loving" your Self, then use this energy to start making your Self more capable of giving and receiving love. Libra will keep you humble and Aquarius will make sure you share your unique gifts ~ BOTH ensure that you benefit and the community is served. Healing ~ Fusion ~ Wholeness ~ Release ~ Tell a *NEW* Story!!

*NOTE* The Healing Trinity is stationing to go forward and separate. We have had access to this Divine Healing energy for several months, and still do until Jupiter leaves Aquarius in January 2010. Below are the exact dates of each activation, they are only days apart, but if you want to really *Focus* and work mojo with the Healing Trinity, the I recommend the following.

When working on these aspects of your Being:

Sun ~ your Source, core, essential nature, identity

Mercury ~ your voice, communication, self-expression, ideas, thoughts and concepts

Venus ~ love, art, beauty, relatedness, resources, values and priorities

Tune in to Jupiter to expand your conscious awareness, think bigger, re-define Truth and re-write your personal *Story* of *Now*.

Tune in to Neptune to explore your creative, imaginative nature (it's in there somewhere). Conscious Creativity. Feel connected ~ first, within ... then little by little, really bask in feeling a healthy connection, a powerful intuitive connection to your own Being, your Sacred Space, your environment and your community.

Tune in to Chiron to do deep healing work. There are certain things that are truly done and over and should no longer cause you pain. Some people, however, are deeply attached to their wounds and the stories surrounding how they got them. Some don't know what to do with themselves once they've truly released whatever wounds or history they've been holding on to. It can be disorienting, yes - at first, but if you know that is temporary and you're aware of this going in, then you should prepare accordingly. The whole concept of the "Wounded Healer" is that *All* wounds as well as *All* you need to heal them is ~ Within You. You've done quite well with "owning" the wound, now with the Healing Trinity pushing the wind at your back so to speak, it is truly time to *Own* that you can heal too! You can heal your Self ~ your life ~ your environment ~ your community ~ your world ~ your planet ~ your Universe. So on the Chiron activation days, definitely take time to visualize healing and wholeness ~ strength and fortitude ~ and most of all, new life where it was once barren ~ within and around you.

Mars/Uranus ~ Cancer/Pisces ~ ALL Water

10/4 ~ Mars in Cancer ~ Uranus in Pisces

Sun/Mercury/Venus + Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune ~ Libra/Aquarius ~ ALL Air

10/10 ~ Sun in Libra ~ Jupiter in Aquarius

10/14 ~ Sun in Libra ~ Chiron in Aquarius

10/16 ~ Sun in Libra ~ Neptune in Aquarius

10/20 ~ Mercury in Libra ~ Jupiter in Aquarius

10/23 ~ Mercury in Libra ~ Chiron in Aquarius

10/24 ~ Mercury in Libra ~ Neptune in Aquarius

10/27 ~ Venus in Libra ~ Jupiter in Aquarius

10/31 ~ Venus in Libra ~ Chiron in Aquarius

11/2 ~ Venus in Libra ~ Neptune in Aquarius


This Season is going to help you make progress by unbelievable leaps and bounds. Healing and Transformation are truly yours if you so desire them. You have so much once-in-a-lifetime support for whatever you are willing to release to make room for your blessings, your truth and your purpose here on Earth.




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