Saturn in *SCORPIO* 2012 - 2015

Leveraging the Energy of 2012
to Stabilize, Strengthen & Fortify the *Soul*

~ Saturn in Scorpio ~
Oct 5, 2012 - Sept 17, 2015

*Scorpio* is the most challenging, as well as most potent, energy of the zodiac to work with. It is the energy of *Creation* and the Raw Power within us, all of us. This NEW *Lesson* in Scorpio is going to reveal your most deeply buried (subconscious) issues with sex, power, authority, death and money, among other things. Working with Saturn can help you build and maintain a stable, strong foundation that is actually capable of containing the immense power of Scorpio. You will enjoy incredible fruits in the future IF you are willing to discipline (Scorpio) and dedicate (Saturn) yourself to the practice of consciously channeling your Inner Power . . . Now -thru- 2015. Saturn is great to consciously co-create with because you often get literal, physical, actual 'earned rewards' that you can build on. Whatever you were able to anchor in the LAST 3-years (Libra/2009-2012) can now support & protect you as you move through the NEXT 3-years (Scorpio/2012-2015).

We have shifted from Libra balance issues and what we attract on the *Outer/Surface* Level ... to much deeper, intimacy issues and what we attract (now in Karmic Scorpio) on the *Inner/Soul* Levels. By now we should have eliminated any relationships that use, drain or deplete us. Moving forward, we will only feed relationships that are balanced and reciprocal. Your Libra Relationships, Partnerships, Collaborations & Support System have now been *upgraded* and should support you better. Now that we have access to Scorpio energy, it will be much easier eliminate & release that which is dead/done creating energy and space to focus on ScorpioIssues, which are much deeper and more intimate. This inner soul-work will support us in getting our inner selves congruent with our outer lives. It will now be much easier to shape-shift and transform:

·Fear into Excitement ·Doubt into Conscious Pause ·Death into Life

·Obsession into Discipline ·Stubbornness into Dedication ·Force into Power

Most important to remember is that Saturn rules your foundation and the structure that supports any expansion you ever want to do. So if you want to create and manifest "Energetically" then the work you do in and for those Higher Dimensions is very different from how you would operate, what tools you would use and what you would create and manifest here in the 3-D, physical Dimension. As you anchor your renewed *Structured Spiritual Practice* (thanks to 2008-2010Saturn/Uranus in Virgo/Pisces Activation) and as you focus on creating and manifesting *Peace~Love~Harmony* ~ (thanks to 2010-2012 Saturn/Uranus in Libra/Aries Activation) you will experience less ego, less attachments, less rigidity ... and activate renewed sense of fun, more imagination and more fluidity. That is when your *FLOW* becomes magical and creates anything & everything your heart truly needs, desires & deserves (especially now with Saturn in Scorpio).

*SATURN* is all about *Form & Function* ~ whatever you create with Saturn must be practical, sustainable & benefit all involved. In *SCORPIO* ~ Saturn wants clean motivations, strong, sturdy containers/conduits for power, which are also impeccable inside & out.

Some things to consider during Saturn in Scorpio ...

~ Saturn Endurance & Scorpio Power: Holding Out/Holding On Overlong

~ Find/Reclaim/Activate *LOST* (or deeply buried) aspect of True Soul Self

~ Customized *TESTS* around Power, Money, Sex, Death, Rebirth & Transformation

~ Saturn Dedication to Scorpio Sacred ~ Honoring that which you do not fully understand

~ Scorpio: Undercover vs. Deceitfulness ~ the difference is in the vibratory frequency

~ Transformation Gets Literal ~ Dark Night of the Soul

~ Inner Strength, Integrity & Soul ~ Ego/Personality Take a Back-Seat

~ Death to Form / Birth to Form ~ Feeling ~ Timing ~ Let Die ~ Give Birth

~ To Change the External, You Must Change the Internal First (then External changes automatically)

~ SHADOW: Postponing ~ Avoidance ~ Delay/Denial ~ Controlling ~ Extremes

My focus, as many of you know, is more of a shamanic active practice where I/we consciously work with the available energies and planetary cycles. When you consciously co-create with the energies, ancestors & guides available at the time, you create space for magic & synchronicity to take place in a customized way for you that also benefits the collective. The alignments Saturn creates when in contact with other planets, especially the *Personal* Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars), are what I refer to as *Activations* and are unique, potent & natural timings to support your current intentions. In addition to the contact with the Personal Planets, Saturn will also make rare connections with the North Node, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune & Chiron.

Saturn in Scorpio will touch the following during 2012-2015:

Sun ~ Your Identity / External Drives ...

Moon ~ Your Personal / Internal Drives ...

Mercury ~ Your Self-Expression / Your Voice ...

Venus ~ Your Values / Love & Money ...

Mars ~ Your Energy / Passion ...

Jupiter ~ Your Philosophies / Belief System ...

Saturn ~ Your Foundation / Discipline ...

Chiron ~ Your Healing / Education ...

Neptune ~ Your Faith / Dreams ...

Pluto ~ Your Power / Underworld ...

North Node ~ Current Life Path & General Direction ...


keryndawer 11th June 2015 3:36 pm

Thank you Kelly. Another fantastic, super informative and gently guiding message. You're Awesome :)

Blessings and Love ,


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