Scorpio 2013 Solar & Lunar Guidance

Monthly *SOLAR* Guidance

As the Sun moves in to Scorpio (10/22), it activates the *Annual* check in with your Soul Level, your deepest desires and darkest fears. As you check in with your Soul and go deeper in to hidden realms of your own consciousness, you are supported in eliminating anything that has truly run its course, as well as conceiving the new life born of the void created. Scorpio always teaches you about your own Authentic Power and what you are co-creating with it. This applies to everyone, but it's particularly intense & personal for the *Fixed* Family ... SCORPIO *Initiation* ~ TAURUS *Integration* ~ LEO/AQUARIUS *Test/Growth*. Even if you have no *Fixed* energy in your chart, it still Rules areas of your chart and this time of year will always support the deep dive to the Soul realms regarding those House issues. Maintaining clear, consistent communication with your Soul Level is often neglected more than cultivated (in modern culture) and with the Source energy (Sun) *Illuminating* things, you might as well look around at whatever is being revealed to you at this time.

To add to this year's Solar energy, we have an added influx of ongoing energies from Saturn in Scorpio (2012-2015), North Node in Scorpio (Aug 2012 - Feb 2014) and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (Oct 21 - Nov 10, 2013) ~ which makes the current Social/Collective evolution very 'personal' for those with Fixed energy activated. Saturn rules our definition of reality, as well as the foundation and structure of our lives. The last time it was in Scorpio was 1983-1986 and here we are, one year in to the current evolution. North Node rules our current Life Path, the forward direction of our lives. The last time it was in Scorpio was 1993-1995 and here we are, 4-months away from completing the current evolution. Mercury Retro happens 3-4 times per year and gives our 'monkey mind' a time-out, which of course, is hard on the ego/linear-thinking self that has to function in the world. With all three of these in Scorpio, along with the Sun (for a month), the whole energy/lesson/theme is for you to review/reflect on that which is complete, done and ready to be released in favor of new life/new form, either within or around you (consider the past years mentioned above).

Scorpio's energy and lesson is all about power, coming through you, to you, over you, around you ~ power. At its highest, it is the power to create something out of nothing. Its lowest is suppression/oppression of what is merely 'natural' out of fear of the unknown, out of the inability to surrender to the Mysteries of the Universe. Sex, money/resources and death may be mysteries we can only partially understand but they are absolutely part of being alive and being on earth so there is nothing innately "wrong" with them. However, some people seem to struggle with the balance (either too much or not enough) where these issues are concerned and extreme behaviors and complex confusion are usually the result. Fear is at the root and when working with Scorpio energy, you have the capacity to 'go to the root' to either cure or kill essentially. What I mean is, you can either pull it out from the root and be done with it permanently or you can go to the root to heal & strength (so it grows better, bigger & stronger). Either way, you are working with the Source and eventually, you will also be working with the results of what you seed at this time. So whether you tune in to the annual cycle, the 19-year Life Path cycle, the 28-year cycle or the current Mercury review, you are on the cusp, in between seed and new life, preparing for a true *Initiation* to take place! Trust your power!

Monthly *LUNAR* Guidance

This is a very potent lunation, not only because it is Scorpio, the energy of the power to create and sustain our own lives, but because of all the added energy from other celestial activations. Starting with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (10/21 - 11/10) which starts right before the Leo Last Qtr Moon (10/26) and ends just before the Taurus Full Moon (11/17), both indicators of closure and lending weight to the evolution of our thinking, ideas & perceptions (Mercury). The Leo Last Qtr will help release the last vestiges of unworthiness that may be unconsciously sabotaging you and the Taurus Full Moon will shine an unavoidable light on that which you can no longer sustain. This week will be further energized by the Uranus/Pluto Activation (11/1) that is pushing everyone to get outside of comfort zone and grow. There are 7 of these activations and this is the 4th, which puts us at the mid-point. The mid-point in any cycle is crucial for course corrections and we will be feeling this one throughout the remainder of the year.

The Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse (11/3) is another reminder that seeds germinate in the darkness and the Scorpio New Moon is the most potent New Moon of the year to plant those *Seeds*. Because it is also an Eclipse, we are further supported to initiate fresh & new to the tune of 20-years. We have an opportunity to reboot the cycle from 1994. This opens a *Portal* of sorts, that allows us to align with the ultimate power of transformation ~ transcending the current form ~ on Individual Sun/Moon levels, as well as Social/Collective levels with Saturn & North Node involved. With these two involved, your reality and your Path are shifting and it is best to co-create with these forces by setting intentions consciously. You may not know exactly what the logistics (3D) are, but you can connect with the *Essence* of what you want to co-create ~ the essence of what you want to feel ~ the essence of what you want your Earthly experience to be! Connect to that *Essence* and to this new level of Authentic Power that you now have access to for the first time in 20-30 years. What do you want to bring to life ~ from Invisible Form (Scorpio), in to Visible Form (Taurus) in a way that serves you and benefits others, while harming none?

The Aquarius First Qtr Moon (11/10) will *Illuminate* where you are liberating the "old" you and stepping more fully in to your Authentic Self, which includes but is not limited to, your offering to the world. This week supports your first step toward anchoring your Scorpio New Moon Intentions and testing your new-found power. Now that you understand your power a little better, what has that awakened within you? What unique brilliance is yours to share with the world? We are at a potent time in history, when even the smallest contribution matters. Expand your thinking beyond Self, and assess your affect/influence on the world at this time, where can it be "tweaked" for the better? We have tremendous support for shifting our Earthly experience by simply redefining ourselves and our terms. Change is GOOD and even easier when supported like it is NOW.

Which leads to the Taurus Full Moon (11/17) giving you the opportunity assess your priorities. What is REALLY important now? What nourishes, supports and sustains you now? And because Venus is involved, I'd add "Who" as well ~ who nourishes, supports and sustains you now? Full Moons are always a chance to see things that are hidden and/or normally make you uncomfortable. Once a month is not too much to ask, especially when your internal and external worlds are changing as rapidly as they are these days. This is a potent time for consciously co-creating with the Life/Death/Life Cycle. What in/around you needs to "die" so something greater can come in to existence? Tune in. Be wise. Trust. Be well.


keryndawer 29th October 2013 12:50 pm

Thank you SO much Kelly. That was wonderful. I feel great excitement after reading your words :) So happy to be here, now, awake and alive :)

Truly and with Love and Light,

kay 29th October 2013 7:10 pm

It's fun when what I feel and what the planetary influences indicate I should be feeling are so closely aligned. Your work really ties it all together. Thank you, Kelly.


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