Scorpio Deep Diving ~ It’s About to Get Personal

Please note that the Scorpio/Pluto realms are truly not for everyone or perhaps it’s just not the right time for some and so you may feel the need to circle-back when you are ready, willing & able. For those of you who prefer to ‘keep it simple/superficial‘, Scorpio’s depth and complexity can be uncomfortable or even overwhelming to certain systems. So here’s my personal *disclaimer* ~ I LOVE Scorpio time! I live with Moon/Pluto conjunction which makes it personal for me and so I’ve learned to do what Castaneda calls ‘Keep Death as My Advisor or Companion’ throughout my life. I also believe you can never have ‘too much info‘ when it comes to Scorpio because it is the energy of *power, conception, creation & karma* and you never know what will unlock those areas of life for you. But you can see why some don’t want to “go there” – no judgment! Timing and having the space and tools is critical to self-healing and Soul Work. Use your own discretion, now & always.

Scorpio is our Soul Level, subterranean, interior realms that we often do not have the time, tools or resources to address in real-time, so we put our Soul needs on the back-burner. Some people avoid their Soul Work their entire lives. That’s okay. They are learning and researching other aspects of life and themselves. It’s all good. But for those of us that KNOW we came in (to this Earthly existence) to finally do some Soul Tending & Karma Clearing THIS lifetime, it is wise to sync-up with Scorpio time and check in with your own individual Soul needs & desires, at least on this annual basis.

I have learned in my 20+ years of research and doing readings & mentoring with others that – if you have any planets in FixedSigns (Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius) or if the Fixed Houses (2nd/8th and 5th/11th) are packed with planetary activity when you were born, then you are here to do some Soul Tending of some sort, this lifetime.

You will resonate with this need for
*Ongoing Soul Tending* this lifetime, if:
~ you feel that you are “different” than your
DNA/blood family (on any number of levels)
~ you feel that you are the one to finally break
a negative pattern in your family of origin
~ you feel that you have been learning about
power, creativity and self-worth this lifetime

If you’re still with me, then, my *DEEP Divers and Brave Souls* ~ this month is dedicated to YOU! IN-Joy!!

Scorpio asks: What does your Soul long to co-create this lifetime?

Pluto asks: What is your Soul’s Mission to transcend this lifetime?

There is a point of no return, when you finally COMMIT TO CHANGE so that you can live more authentically. This usually happens when you have crossed that line where you are more uncomfortable where you are – than you are fearful of where you’re going. Scorpio energy & lessons conjure so many visuals for me …

Phoenix from the ashes
Purification by fire
Inevitable change
Sacrifice of the old to birth the new
Making the taboo Sacred
Death, rebirth & transformation
Exploring the Underworld
Delving deeply into the SoulSelf
The necessary clearing (Scorpio) so building (Taurus) can begin

It takes a tremendous amount of pressure, extreme temperature, and a certain amount of time for coal to transform into diamond. This time of year, as I cross paths with people in the world, I am always reminded of an analogy I learned from Wayne Dyer: Under pressure, whatever is INSIDE – comes OUT. He used the example of an orange. When you squeeze an orange, what comes out? (Juice) Does it matter how you squeeze it? when you squeeze it? what you squeeze it with? NO … it doesn’t matter, juice (what’s inside) is always going to come out. Right now, EVERYONE is feeling major pressure in one or more areas of life. The key is to extend the patience and compassion you would like to receive as you too navigate your own transformation.

Also, I’d like to remind you that all pressure is not necessarily a “dark or negative” thing. Some of you have amazing opportunities presenting themselves at this time and are experiencing the exhilaration of birth rather than death, but that new birth also brings a certain “pressure” that’s necessary to grow, develop, learn to shine and rise to the occasion so you can fulfill your potential in this moment. That too can be overwhelming and uncomfortable as you are still moving into the Great Unknown.

As you head in to this unknown territory (on one or many levels in your own life), here are some things (journal prompts) to seriously contemplate if/when they bubble to the surface …

Are your intentions pure? Are they from a place of Light?
What and why do you want to change?
How and when do you resist change?
What part of you has to be sacrificed so you can express another part?
What do you have to let go of in order to embrace something new?
What IN YOU is dying?
What IN YOU is being reborn?
Will you allow a necessary gestation period? Or birth premature?
Can you trust in Natural, Sacred Time – the Divine Timing of all things?
When and where do you feel most powerless? and most power-full?
When do you attempt to control that which cannot be controlled?
When do you surrender control & trust?

What are you gripping so tightly that you’ve squeezed the life out of it?
What part of you or your life do you think you just cannot live without?



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