Summer Solstice 2013 Guidance

This is the Mid-Point in the year, bringing another turn of the Wheel, the peak power of the Light before it surrenders, moving toward true completion of that which was seeded at *Winter* Solstice. Solstices, permanently opposite each other, eternally balancing & re-balancing ... integrating & re-integrating ~ *LIFE*DEATH*LIFE CYCLE ~ ... These Sacred Seasons represent the time of year we should focus on the balance & integration of Light/Darkness ~ Yin/Yang ~ Feminine/Masculine ~ Inner/Outer ~ Cancer/Capricorn. While Winter is a time of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation, *Summer* Solstice is the time of pouring forth, emptying out and fully birthing/releasing your creations (or whatever you've done with your creative energy thus far this year).

The Mid-Point of the Solar Year is a point of *culmination & choice* ~ a time to count your blessings, assess your creations, gather power, and access the courage (Sun) to move forward. This is a balance of your outer world (Capricorn) and your inner world (Cancer) with emphasis on the Sacred Space where you fortify and replenish (Cancer) so you are able to contribute something significant (Capricorn). Be creative and operate from heart-center as you move through this Sacred Season, release what needs to be released and fertilize the next phase of the annual cycle.

*Summer* Solstice is time to celebrate the primal creative Force, the mother-of-all-mothers, Mother Earth ~ by acknowledging the blessed *Container, Nurturer and Protector* that She is for ALL Life on this planet. Connect to and honor your own instinctual nature at this time. And be mindful of the nutrient you take in to your space, mind, body and spirit. Summer is the Sacred Season of maximum *Light* ~ be passionate and be fully present in your body!

This *Sacred Season* is About ...Integration & Expansion of *Life*
  • *Renewing Your Commitment
  • *Annual Mid-Point / Integration
  • *Acknowledging a Turning Point
  • *Reviewing Your Choices & Decisions
  • *Owning Your Power & Inner Authority
  • *Processing & Planning the Next 6-months
  • *Assessing & Integrating the Past 6-months
  • *Honoring & Giving Gratitude for the Light
  • *Tending to Sacred Space & Inner Nourishment
  • *Using the Sacred Season to Process & Digest Life
  • *Balancing Your Inner Feelings w. Your Outer Actions
  • *Being More Consistently Responsible & Self-Sufficient


zorro 21st June 2013 8:28 am

" passionate and be fully present in your body!"


betsy. 21st June 2013 12:05 pm

"Processing & Planning the Next 6-months" Noooooo! ROFL. What immediately hit me when I read this, Kelly, is how tired I already feel atm. :2funny Yes, you are correct though, it's certainly worth my time & energy to do so. Starting tomorrow. :2funny (I keep feeling like someone wants to whip me into shape when I say these things! "Don't play teenager with me!") :2funny Much love to you! :smitten:

kaykay 21st June 2013 9:13 pm

@ Betsy....You put a huge smile on my your wittiness.

Keep on shining :)

betsy. 21st June 2013 9:32 pm

Ty, KayKay, but I can't claim that wittiness. LOL. I was merely repeating a witty comment from someone very dear to me. (I was lucky not to be slapped). :2funny Thank goodness they have a wonderful sense of humor & appreciated mine. :smitten:

gyipchuck 21st June 2013 9:55 pm

Thanks for sharing, Kelly, I resonate with all that you said. Love and light, Gail


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