Weekly Forecast: August 7 – 13, 2022

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

This period is all about Assessments & Preserving what is growing strong, solid, useful & nourishing. while also releasing density, weight & excess to be composted into something more useful in the season to come. It’s a time of gratitude & celebration, in anticipation of the Fall Equinox Season of Harvest. Some call this the Pre-Harvest. You can get a jump-start on assessing the year if you’ve completed your “clearing & releasing” process. If not, this is the final *purge* in preparation for the Harvest Season.

The Leo/Virgo combination perfectly represents this Cross Quarter/Gate of Power and Portal to take you to your Heart (Leo) and through a purification & healing (Virgo). It’s time to position your Self for an expanded perspective at this time. Explore your options with fresh eyes! Allow your instincts to guide you on your Path and Trust the Divine Feminine within & around you to *contain, nurture and protect* all life, now and always. You are reminded to honor that which sustains you and to always aim your magical arrow at only the most precious dreams, your deepest heart’s desire.

8/7 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Neptune (faith & spirituality):  This is a very supportive energy for dreaming your world into being! Allow your imagination some latitude to wander and see where it leads. Play with “what if” scenarios. For example, “what if” all your material needs & desires were taken care of, what would you dedicate your time, energy & resources to? You may be very empathic and connected to others and what they are going through at this time, so maintain adequate boundaries. Neptune can activate a very spiritual encounter with another human being (friend, family or lover) but only time will tell if it is Neptune playing tricks on you or if it is truly a spiritual connection.

8/7 ~ Mars (anger) ~square~ Saturn (restriction):
This is the energy of action being restricted and the anger or frustration that follows. You can either be angry and feel restricted, limited and unable to move … or you can see this energy as an opportunity to define the right actions to take and strategically plan to take them when the Universe is more supportive. This energy requires us to slow down and double check The Plan. If you proceed consciously, your plan has a better chance of success than if you were reckless & impatient. You may experience a blockage of some sort, internal or external. You may feel this tremendous urge to change or move forward in your life but seem to find blockages and limitations with every effort. That is likely your perception, do you feel inadequate to the task at hand? What are you afraid of? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real – release fear and choose to be responsible for creating your own life. If you don’t, your outer circumstance only becomes a reflection of your inner belief. You will attract criticism and repel support. Take your grand vision and figure out three small steps you can take on this restricted level that is still taking you in the direction of your goal. Don’t try to initiate at this time, this is a time for cultivating, planning, working behind the scenes, doing the detail and foundational (grunt work) that is NECESSARY to support the grand vision when the time comes to fully express it.

8/9 ~ Venus (relationships & resources) ~oppose~ Pluto (purification & transformation):   Classic opposition: anything with Venus is usually softened, while anything with Pluto is always intensified, and the opposition automatically brings up the push-pull between these two. You are encouraged to tune into your own heart and then you can trust what is rising from the depths of your own soul. Also, any opposition gives you a look back at your starting point, which can reveal something that you may not be giving your Self credit for. Either way, this energy intensifies experiences where your relationships & resources are concerned. If you have focused on love, to the exclusion of money, then your finances will probably come up at this time for a rebalancing of sorts. If you’ve been focused on money, to the exclusion of family or supportive relationships, then that may be your focus. The bottom line is your true values are up for a purification of sorts. What/Who is really, truly important to you? How do you spend your resources of time, energy & money? What/Who are your real priorities right now? Often, we operate completely unconsciously (Pluto), being driven by deeper forces than we fully understand. And periodically, we must allow them to come up/out so that we can distill or release them so they become compost rather than toxic. Since you may feel ‘compulsive’ in some way, you may as well use that energy to make a deeper commitment to getting to the root or source of any imbalance rather than let it take you away to feed some Hungry Ghost (unidentifiable famine or hunger) in your life. Often, this activation tends to make you uncontrollably drawn to someone that you know is not good for you, which can only result in more problems. It often provokes manipulation, jealousy, guilt and other negative emotions that always come when you are trying to maintain something that wasn’t meant to be in the first place. Again, don’t try to force YOUR Will, that can only lead to a broken heart in the end. If you are already in an intense relationship, beware of subconscious impulses, hidden resentments, unexpressed anger and/or frustration. Expressing it at this time can be helpful if you present your concerns in a constructive way, however, you will have to be personally strong and vigilant in monitoring your own emotions in order to do that. Ultimately, if change needs to happen in your relationship, this energy will be the catalyst. This energy is only “bad” if you are unwilling to get to the real root or source of the given conflict. Otherwise, it is like a storm that cleanses & clears the air, making everything grow better.

8/11 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~square~ Uranus (awakening & radical shift):   As with any Uranus activation, this one disrupts the normal flow in order to facilitate a ‘break to realign’ moment. While sometimes disruptive & challenging, the ultimate result is refreshing in some way. Consider the energy that thickens, gathering for a severe thunderstorm, then releasing buckets of rain, for hours, you sleep deeply and awaken to a bright sunny morning with birds chirping unusually loud outside your window. Got the visual? ; -)) This activation is the necessary challenge that gets your attention that something better is available, if you’re willing to change something, improvise and think on your feet. If you’ve been unusually restricted in some way, you may feel restless. Rather than being reactive to the unexpected shift (within or without), it’s best to take a pause for the cause, step back and try to gain some perspective. Remember to be present, too far in the past can be depressing and too far into the future, and you cause your Self unnecessary anxiety. Breathe, be under the sky, invite clarity about the next step and trust your gut. This energy, while sometimes uncomfortable and often sudden, is very necessary to disrupt any illusions or delusions that you may be holding onto. It’s time to express your Self in new ways so the old ways naturally stop working in order to get your attention.

8/11 ~ Mars (action) ~sextile~ Neptune (dreams):
This energy puts action behind your dreams! It is the perfect time to reflect on what you really want and if the path you’ve chosen thus far still serves your ultimate goals. Your intuition is heightened and you’re more alert and ready to act on the information you receive. This information is trying to point you toward a more enlightened plan (than you have right now) for manifesting your Truth and Purpose. It’s also a good time to help others realize their dreams in a more tangible way. This energy is that of the volunteer, idealistic and committed to change!

8/11 ~ Full Moon in AQUARIUS:
This Full Moon asks: What have you become “too” attached to? And/or what have you become “too” detached from (and need to reconnect)? We have spent recent months navigating the Mutable energy of thought & ideas (Gemini), along with the Cardinal energy of action & choices (Cancer), whose theme continues now but the energy has become decidedly Fixed and it is time to release or anchor something … in your Heart (Leo). What ideas have you gotten going that need some tending to make stronger & more viable?

This Lunation may illuminate or activate revelations of when, where and with whom (mostly Self) that you have not been completely (if at all) authentic. Start with the *motivations* ~ if/when they are pure, clean & neutral, then being authentic becomes way less challenging. Now more than ever, we must be congruent with our Inner & Outer Natures in order to thrive, prosper & evolve. When you are not authentic, things become much more challenging. If we are “serving two masters” (or incongruent on one or many levels) ~ meaning: having the private side of your nature be too drastically different from that which you present to the world ~ then that creates more challenges, blockages and delays until you get into more personal alignment.

This Full Moon helps you see where you have become rigid, unyielding and attached to “your way” or the “old way” – neither of which will work going forward. Status quo is not the way to go, any Aquarius Moon wants you to tap into your own unique genius and offer your contribution in a new or different way. If you are following trends or other people, you will be misled. It is time to evaluate your own social circles – both virtual and in reality. What kind of people do you call “friend”? Do you have more acquaintances than true friends? Is that the way you like it? We are in a time when we are upgrading our individual self-expression on deep levels and anything that feels *inauthentic* is getting released with this Full Moon. We grow & evolve and the things & people that we are attracted to or repelled by changes over time too. Let’s not be stagnant but use every Full Moon to do some personal clearing so that we can lighten up & shine more Light! Use this Full Moon to release any inauthenticity, lack of self-love or rigid attachment of any kind. It’s also good to tap into your body’s wisdom when things are decidedly “mental” around you. This is the lunation to align your Head & Heart so if you’ve felt disconnected lately, take a time-out to re-connect!

8/11 ~ Venus Enters LEO (until Sept 5th):
Venus in Leo brings up issues where your personal self-love, self-esteem & self-worth issues (Leo) are all concerned. More than ever, we have to operate from Heart-Center, you have to care in order to get engaged and so you must clear away all that you do not care about, so that what you do care about has more room to grow & evolve. One of my mantras is that my personal sanctuary is where everything I’m “serious” about, I get to do for FUN! That’s my hope for this Leo infusion of energy, light & renewal. The next 3+ weeks should afford you time to renew your personal self-care routines, as well as your primary Love or Work relationships and prepare to be your Self more fully and let the chips fall where they may. This Venus work is going to be very personal for those with Leo/Aquarius and Taurus/Scorpio activated in their charts. Things that were important to you6-9 months ago are probably not so vital now, and things that were not even on your list of priorities may have moved to the top. In this case, Leo means your core essential nature & authentic self-expression has evolved over time and adjustments to your personal presentation & current playmates should begin to reflect the *upgrade*.



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