Weekly Forecast: January 16 – 22, 2022

1/16 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~conjunct~ Pluto (purification & transformation):

This energy brings to mind a quote, “circumstances don’t make a man, they reveal him”. The Sun (ego) and Pluto (transformation) are connecting and you are often a different Being once this energy passes and the two planets separate again (they meet once a year). Pluto brings into the Light, aspects of our Selves which may have been buried, neglected or ignored lately (or for some, a very long time). Sometimes that is miraculous & life-saving, and other times this can be arduous & exhausting, but it is a completely natural process. With this energy, you can now more fully access your own Source (Sun) and transcend (Pluto) who you “used to be” and begin to truly embody who you are becoming. Bringing things into the Light comes in many forms, as you question all that you thought you were or thought you knew about what you really want to express in this lifetime. You can use this as a Rebirth of Light within you or you can look at it as Light being brought to your deepest, darkest places within to heal them with a pure Universal Light. It is an initiation that often requires a release or sacrifice of some kind that, ultimately, allows you to grow & blossom in new, more authentic ways. As always, concentrated power (Pluto) must be responsibly directed, so watch any projections or provoked power struggles and pick your battles (everybody doesn’t like Light in their dark places). It’s time to question if the sacrifices you’re making are truly worth it? Relationships often strain under this influence because it is such *raw truth* rising from the Soul but it also brings things to the surface that are better addressed sooner than later. (Think: The Tower card in Tarot.) It doesn’t have to be destroyed necessarily (or maybe it does) as much as it needs to be transformed (new form). Remember, breakdowns always precede the breakthroughs!!

1/17 ~ CANCER Full Moon:

This is a great opportunity to release the past (near & far), do some forgiveness work and learn to listen your heart and think with your feelings. Cancer energy tends to make us want the comfort of the familiar but if we don’t start getting comfortable with the “unfamiliar” new territory that 2022 offers, then we are only setting ourselves (and the planet) up for repeating devastating mistakes. Even if it takes you all year to actually release your attachments to the past (people, places or circumstances) please do your best because it is completely supported. We are moving toward new ways of feeding, nurturing and taking care of ourselves and the planet and we ALL need to realign our ideas & definitions of “Mother”. Mother is the *Portal* we all come through and return to, and we can no longer afford to “forget” that. More than ever, our *feeling* nature will guide us through this year and it is imperative that you are able to commune with your *feeling* nature in an effective way which means listening to your gut and getting the message of your moods, which shouldn’t distract or debilitate you but show you something your conscious mind may not be aware of or able to handle properly. Ultimately, Full Moons always bring release so think in terms of your Capricorn goals, especially for 2022 and then look to how or where you need to release ideas, thoughts or behaviors which do not contain, nurture & protect (Cancer) all that you are, all that you love and all that you are co-creating! I would also add to reflect on the new beginnings that you kicked off 6-months ago in June/July 2021. At that time, we seeded new ways of nourishing our own mind, body & soul. How is that going now? Remember, Full Moons are also MidPoints, which makes them the best course-correcting time in either a month or a year.

1/18 ~ Uranus Direct in TAURUS:

We have just completed this year’s annual Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. The personal planets will interact with Uranus in Taurus in a similar way every year so we can consciously co-create with them. Every year’s annual retrograde is a special time to assimilate the changes you’ve been going through. Uranus is a collective planet and so affects many people and takes 7-years to accomplish its mission in each sign. During 2018-2026, it will awaken the Taurus department of life (House) and stimulate any of your planets in Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius (by default). The last 4-5 months have revealed what aspect of your life needs the most awakening and/or vitality. This will be an annual process that you can consciously co-create with if you’re paying attention. Uranus wakes us up & shakes up our routine with a sudden shock of some sort and it is up to you to not fall back asleep or back into the old patterns. There is a shift in the values & priorities (Taurus) that support that newly awakened Emergent Self and how that works on the ground, in your body, on the Earth, in real time. So use this annual energy to wake up dormant resources within you and learn how your electro-magnetic field really works. It takes conscious practice and dedicated focus when working with your own power & magnetic field. We are cultivating a whole new way of living in our bodies and on the planet and each year that Uranus traverses through Taurus is going to awaken you to this reality.

1/19 ~ North Node Enters TAURUS (until 7.17.2023):

This is a fairly big deal that is going to affect those with strong Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius activated and for the rest of us, there will be a renewed focus & dedication in those Areas of Life (Houses). The last time it was in Taurus was 2002-2005 and before that 1984-86. Perhaps you can find a common thread amongst those years and what you are feeling this year. We have just spent the last 18-months expanding our consciousness and opening up to radical new ideas, thoughts & concepts about life in general. Now, the energies are shifting and we are going to be called to bring those ideas into form, build something and get back in touch with our physical senses. Food, sex & money are Taurus’ main focus, for better and worse. This is going to be a time when our primary values & priorities are getting an upgrade like they haven’t seen in 20-years. So what cycle in your life started in 2002-05 and has completely and clearly, run its course? How could you use an upgrade in your well-being or your environment? It is time to get grounded, practical and present and start to beautify & improve our immediate environment, starting with our own vibration. The next 18-months will put a tremendous focus on what you create with your own two hands, let’s make it useful, beautiful, functional & sustainable. The last thing I think is worth mentioning is that the Initiation is happening in your Taurus Dept, asking you to balance & integrate something in your Scorpio Dept, while both Leo & Aquarius Depts are going to get pushed to grow, out of comfort zone and into new territory.



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