Weekly Forecast: January 23 – 29, 2022

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

1/23 ~ Mercury Rx (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self & Source energy):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. What I mean is two-way communication and exchange of ideas. As you initiate this new cycle of self-expression, you will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) help you make a difference or an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible. However, if not physically, then mentally (through visualization) or within your own area (locally), because if you explore a new direction, you are more likely to discover something new. This energy opens you up to a download of more information than usual so pay attention! If you are solid and organized, you may even gain some much-deserved recognition from others that you have earned through your individual efforts.

1/24 ~ Mars Enters CAPRICORN (until March 6, 2022):

This adds some fuel & energy to the current Capricorn Stellium (Juno, Pluto, Venus, Mercury Rx + Vesta) and it also makes it much more personal. Plus, as I said before, Mars is making its way toward a Retrograde later in 2022, which last happened in Aries in 2020. We are navigating the months leading up to it so there may be some *clues* along the way. Mars moving through Capricorn will generate the energy to focus and get very serious about your responsibilities, obligations, work, career, status and/or reputation. You may want to work tirelessly, hopefully on something magnificently creative and powerfully transforming for both you and those you choose to share your time, energy, resources & gifts with. However, be mindful of your physical body and how much it can really handle, in order to keep you operating at optimal levels. You may work better alone at this time and, if you can, this may allow you to be so productive or create something the world really needs that you are drawn into the public because of it. Either way, some form of recognition for your choices & actions may also happen at this time. It is time to be practical and get organized, avoid petty distractions & disputes. This can be a very creative time as you will feel more dedicated and tend to be more disciplined than usual. This energy is as challenging as it is powerful and tends to make or break you. It is time to take a serious inventory of Self. Do you like what you find? Is there more work to be done? What have you mastered that you want or need to share with the world? Also, consider how you do your Sacred Masculine: how you negotiate on your own behalf, get your ideas out into the world & hold good boundaries in your individual Capricorn Area of Life (House).

1/25 ~ Mercury Rx RE-Enters CAPRICORN (until Feb 14th):

Mercury entered Capricorn Dec 13th, then it entered Aquarius Jan 2nd and Retrograded Jan 14th. When Mercury is in Capricorn it asks us to get practical about the fundamentals: home & work and self & other. When it is in Aquarius, it asks us to review & revise our thinking where our unique contribution to the world is concerned. Once we move through this process & review, we will be called to commit in some way, whether that is to commit to creating containers for our ideas or to the new ways of expressing ourselves. I would add that we’ve gotten two years in a row with Mercury being backwards in Aquarius, breaking up & shaking up any old rigid ideas or thought patterns. Now, we will be asked to commit to certain ideas and to create containers for the ones that we have developed the most. So I suggest using this review to dig-in to any stuck places within you or your consciousness and clear anything keeping you from deepening your dedication going forward. Either way, we will be in this zone (along with anyone else there) re-wiring our ideas, thoughts & concepts of both Capricorn & Aquarius Depts of Life (Houses) and Mercury won’t move on and into Pisces until March 9th.

1/28 ~ Mercury Rx (mind, thoughts & ideas) ~conjunct~ Pluto (purification & transformation):    (2 of 3: 12/30 ~ 1/28 ~ 2/11)

This activation takes you into the depths of your own mind & consciousness, deepening all communications. You may find yourself obsessing over something, either by yourself or in an attempt to convey something to another. Superficial, quick once-overs, trying to keep things ‘light’ will not likely be possible with this energy. You may feel determined to dig deeper until you get to the core or base issue. It’s good for soul-searching when it’s motivated by a genuine desire to know the truth, rather than to evade it. It’s not-so-good when you’re obsessing over someone or something which no longer serves you (or your Highest good). The challenge with this energy is the tendency to be really intense and locked-in on your own point of view, which is no less valid, but often this type of mental intensity blinds you to something obvious that you overlooked because you were not being objective, but being driven by much deeper (possibly unconscious) emotions. Your intensity is capable of influencing others but be aware of the difference between sharing information and trying to “convince, convert or cajole” others, as that can naturally attract challenges & opposition. Remember, the opposite can also be true, where you’re on the receiving end of this intense energy from someone else (trying to convince you). The best way to use this energy, as it doesn’t really last that long, is to turn that intensity toward Self, peel the layers to your own Truth & Purpose. The channels are open for a time and you can communicate and receive information from the deepest part of your SoulSelf. This is an Initiation.

1/29 ~ Venus Direct in CAPRICORN (until March 6th):

Venus Direct initiates the closure to her review. She will travel back over the territory that she just covered and give you a chance to really clear those Old Roles & Responsibilities which no longer apply. Jan 29th is special for having Venus Direct on the same day she meets up with the Moon for our Inner Initiation (we had the Outer Initiation on Jan 8th). This month is what we call *Death by Intent*, when we commit to releasing anything that no longer serves the greater good, within or around us. You are upgrading your individual values & priorities, which can be somewhat of a ‘liberating ordeal’. After the Outer Self clearing and the reminder to release Old Roles & Responsibilities so that you can step into the New Narrative that you just Initiated. The focus turns inward this month. We shift toward the SoulSelf, and how you navigate your Private Life where your own relationships & finances are concerned. You can continue to reference the year 2013, or you can simply reflect on the last 18-months, to determine how old the ‘structures & foundations’ are that you are clearing this go-round.
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