Weekly Forecast: June 20– 26, 2021

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

Renewing Your Commitment
Annual Mid-Point / Integration
Acknowledging a Turning Point
Reviewing Your Choices & Decisions
Owning Your Power & Inner Authority
Processing & Planning the Next 6-months
Assessing & Integrating the Past 6-months
Honoring & Giving Gratitude for the Light
Tending to Sacred Space & Inner Nourishment
Using the Sacred Season to Process & Digest Life
Balancing Your Inner Feelings w. Your Outer Actions
Being More Consistently Responsible & Self-Sufficient

Summer Solstice is the MidPoint in the Annual Solar Cycle, bringing another turn of the Wheel, the peak power of the *Light* before it surrenders, moving toward true completion of that which was seeded at Winter Solstice. Permanently opposite each other, eternally balancing and re-balancing … integrating and re-integrating the *Life-Death-Life Cycle*. These Sacred Seasons represent the time of year we should focus on the balance and integration of Light/Darkness ~ Yin/Yang ~ Feminine/Masculine ~ Inner/Outer ~ Cancer/Capricorn, which adds personal & professional as well as public & private.

While Winter is a time of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation, Summer Solstice is the time of pouring forth, emptying out and fully birthing & releasing your creations (or whatever you’ve done with your creative energy thus far in the year). This is the MidPoint of the Solar Year, a point of culmination and choice ~ a time to count your blessings, assess your creations, gather power, and access the courage to move forward.

This is a balance of your outer world (Capricorn) and your inner world (Cancer) with emphasis on the Sacred Space where you fortify and replenish (Cancer) so you are able to contribute something significant to the world (Capricorn). Be creative and operate from heart-center as you move through this Sacred Season, release what needs to be released and fertilize the next phase of the annual cycle.

Summer Solstice is time to celebrate the primal creative Force, the mother-of-all-mothers, Mother Earth by acknowledging the blessed *Container, Nurturer and Protector* that She is for ALL Life on this planet. Connect to and honor your own instinctual nature at this time. And be mindful of the nutrient that you take into your body, mind, spirit and space. Summer is the Sacred Season of maximum *Light* ~ so be passionate and be present!

6/20 ~ Jupiter Retrograde in PISCES:

Jupiter is at home in Pisces for the only time, once in 12-years, so I encourage you to take advantage of this year. No matter what your Sun Sign or where your Jupiter is, this is the best time for really checking in with your beliefs & philosophies, your Truth and your Story – and what you believe to be true or possible for your Self, others and the globe. That said, it is affecting Sag/Gemini/Virgo/Pisces the most directly but it is going back-and-forth with Aquarius too – so Leo/Aquarius/Taurus/Scorpio energies are involved as well. Review Jupiter in Pisces Post HEREfor more details on how Jupiter feels in Aquarius, Pisces & Aries as that is where it is heading next.

As I’ve said before, any retrograde planet indicates a time to slow down and recognize the shift in the energy. Try not to qualify it as ‘good, bad, right or wrong’ but simply look for any kind of *turn around*. Often, we don’t stop to reflect until we are blocked by some (seemingly) outside force. Many have been experiencing a testing of their faith and ability to continue to believe in a positive outcome for all involved. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when we know there is so much work to be done to restore balance, in ourselves and the planet. But that is the thing about faith, if you keep it in the “idea/concept” realm and never test it to see how it works for you personally, then it is a lot easier to lose along the way.

Faith is an active principle. We are being challenged to dream up a new and better Story for ourselves & the planet. What do you believe? Part of my work as the Mystic Mentor is reminding you that your Soul Work is an ongoing, lifelong process. We get to work on this monthly, annually and in a bigger way, like now, every 12-years. So where Neptune represents our spirituality and connection to God/Source, Jupiter is our faith and personal code that we live by, our individual Truth.

Jupiter is also one of the *benefactors* in the Heavens and the lessons include how to better your life: education, consciousness, justice, integrity and Truth to start with. Jupiter makes things bigger, so when in Pisces, it’s expanding your conscious awareness around sensitivities and boundaries, around illusions and delusions, around our compassion for ourselves, eachother and the planet. Pisces also represents the Womb in a lot of ways, and in this case, the womb of our consciousness – what we incubate within and then make choices and decisions on out in the world. It is time to consider the Truth that you believe and the Story that you tell with your choices. It’s time to add meaning to your life. It is time to expand in some way, and that is customized for each individual (depending on your Pisces House). Another one of Jupiter’s gifts is inflation so when it retrogrades, deflation can occur in that Area of Life for you so it is good to be alert.

One of the blessings of this year’s Jupiter Lesson is that we are supported to stop reaching outside of our Selves for guidance & clarity and turn to our own inner guidance to direct us. What do you believe to be true or possible for you? for humanity? for the planet? Check out this 33-min Video HERE– this is from 12-years ago when Jupiter entered Pisces last and it is FULL of unbelievably appropriate reminders for RIGHT NOW!! It also has some references to other rare planetary alignments of the time that are just beginning to be relevant now. So think back to 2009-2010-2011-2012 – there were some important alignments then that we are seeing the results of now. (Also, I apologize in advance for how fast I used to talk – I have been working on that my whole life ;))

Every year, Jupiter Retrogrades giving us a chance to edit our stories, individually and collectively. With Neptune continuing its journey through Pisces, we are so supported to activate the Imagination to assist this year in a bigger way than usual. If you pull back to re-evaluate and tune-in to a greater vision for yourself, rather than try to force your will, you will feel stronger and more centered, which enables you to be more effective in the world. Work smarter, not harder. Make the necessary adjustments being demanded of you at this time. Edit or rewrite your personal Story and it will ultimately empower you.

Retrogrades demand that we contemplate the (true) source or hidden cause of our own motives. There may be an imbalance. What you’ve been subconsciously thinking about or even acting out in some way, may come to the forefront and demand attention. You may have an urge to make a sudden decision regarding self-preservation. Any new plans impulsively implemented at this time will most likely need a revision (re-vision/new vision) somewhere down the line. Closer to Jupiter going Direct in Aquarius (10/17) things may begin to take shape in unexpected and wonderful ways that even you couldn’t dream up! So use the next 4-months to reflect on how you’d like to improve your life, your environment and the world.

6/21 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Neptune (faith & spirituality):

This is a very supportive energy for dreaming your world into being! Allow your imagination some latitude to wander and see where it leads. Play with “what if” scenarios. For example, “what if” all your material needs & desires were taken care of, what would you dedicate your time, energy & resources to? You may be very empathic and connected to others and what they are going through at this time, so maintain adequate boundaries. Neptune can activate a very spiritual encounter with another human being (friend, family or lover) but only time will tell if it is Neptune playing tricks on you or if it is truly a spiritual connection.

6/22 ~ Mercury Direct in GEMINI:

Mercury going Direct is a blessing, but this same week Jupiter & Neptune go backwards in Pisces so the Mutable Energies of processing our lives is still very much underway. It would seem we are being given an opportunity to truly process the last year of our lives and that alone, could be overwhelming. Sometimes you’ll hear me say that Mercury Retrogrades 3-4 times per year and there is always at least ONE that is more intense than the others. This year, it is ALL Air Signs – so we’ve been through the Aquarius one already, now we are finishing the Gemini one, which has been extremely powerful, life-changing, intense and chaotic – but we also have one more to go in Libra, in the Fall. So feel into each of them and see if you discover which one is most important for you to pay attention to. Since it Rules Gemini, on paper, you would think this is the one. And it definitely qualifies – there were some extreme hiccups in the world with mechanical and communications breakdowns. But now we are on the other side, so with Mercury, I always encourage you to keep the timeline in mind: 3-weeks before, 3-weeks during and 3-weeks after so we are just entering the “3-weeks after” Shadow Zone so you should still be checking and double-checking details and following up on your communications to make sure things are all on track the way you want them.

6/23 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~trine~ Jupiter (expansion):

This is a blessing of Source energy fueling your biggest dreams & visions for your life, this lifetime. You are encouraged to take advantage of the good *vibe* available when these two get together to expand your life’s direction in a big way. This activation is often blessings from previous dedication. You’ve been moving in a certain direction, and it’s like the Path is wider & deeper now, allowing you to connect some huge pieces of your personal Story *together* in a new way. It’s great for learning & exploring anything that will support your forward movement. Some may use the good vibe to veg-out and relax, which for some, may be best thing for them. However, if you are stepping up to new levels of your own consciousness, this energy totally supports you as you integrate it all. It is an enthusiastic, optimistic energy that will open doors for you, depending on your attitude. It will allow you to see the big picture and the next necessary step toward your goals at this time.

6/23 ~ Venus (relationships & resources) ~oppose~ Pluto (purification & transformation):

Classic opposition: anything with Venus is usually softened, while anything with Pluto is always intensified, and the opposition automatically brings up the push-pull between these two. You are encouraged to tune into your own heart and then you can trust what is rising from your own depths. Also, any opposition gives you a look back at your starting point, which can reveal something that you may not be giving your Self credit for. Either way, this energy intensifies experiences where your relationships & resources are concerned. If you have focused on love, to the exclusion of money, then your finances will probably come up at this time for a re-balancing of sorts. If you’ve been focused on money, to the exclusion of family or supportive relationships, then that may be your focus. The bottom line is your true values are up for a purification and you are being asked What/Who is really, truly important to you? How do you spend your resources of time, energy & money? What/Who are your real priorities right now? Often, we operate completely unconsciously (Pluto), being driven by deeper forces than we fully understand. And periodically, we must allow them to come up/out so we can distill or release them so they become compost rather than toxic. Since you may feel ‘compulsive’ in some way, you may as well use that energy to make a deeper commitment to getting to the root or source of any imbalance rather than let it take you away to feed some unidentifiable famine in your life (the Hungry Ghost). Often, this activation tends to make you uncontrollably drawn to someone you know is not good for you, which can only result in problems. It often provokes manipulation, jealousy, guilt and other negative emotions that always come when you are trying to maintain something that wasn’t meant to be in the first place. Again, don’t try to force YOUR Will, it can only lead to a broken heart in the end. If you are already in an intense relationship, beware of subconscious impulses, hidden resentments, unexpressed anger and/or frustration. Expressing it at this time can be helpful if you present your concerns in a constructive way, however, you will have to be personally strong and vigilant in monitoring your own emotions in order to do that. Ultimately, if change needs to happen in your relationship, this will be the catalyst. This energy is only “bad” if you are unwilling to get to the real root or source of the given conflict. Otherwise, it is like a storm that cleanses & clears the air, making everything grow better.

6/24 ~ CAPRICORN Full Moon:

This is your Annual opportunity to release that which you no longer want to be part of your reality or your responsibility. Look to what you *Initiated* at Winter Solstice (Dec) and how far you’ve progressed since then. What’s working? What’s not? What needs to be released? What needs to be strengthened structurally or otherwise? What foundation-work needs to be done to support you better going forward? The Full Moon is shining a light in a corner for first time in 6-months to a year (the Capricorn House of your chart) revealing any weaknesses or cracks in the foundation of your current focus. Whatever you *Seeded* with the Capricorn New Moon (1.13.2021) 6-months ago, has run its course and now the Full Moon shows you what is solid and can be expanded on – as well as what is weak and must be fixed, replaced or released altogether. This is the time every year when you determine what is truly feeding, nourishing, supporting & protecting you ~ on ALL levels ~ mental, physical, emotional & spiritual. Here, we are reminded that often, internal shifts precede external shifts.

Obviously, this is a general overview for the Capricorn Full Moon, however, this year is special because of the combination of rare planetary alignments, along with the pattern-changing Eclipses. There are plenty of write-ups on this Summer’s Sky Pattern too. I’d like to check-in with how you are doing personally. How are you navigating these changes? Have you had to up-level your self-care? Have you noticed relationships ending (permanently) because they have served their purpose (and it’s all good)? Have you noticed that your personal needs have evolved so your vibration has naturally shifted? Have you noticed that you are attracting new & different kinds of people & situations?

I would like to remind you to take some time during June/July/Aug this year to assess & integrate your own personal growth, development & direction. Mercury Retro in Gemini suggests that we need to change our thinking, clear our consciousness and reset our individual self-expression. Use this time to release ideas, people or situations which drain your lifeforce energy and/or dim your light. During Cancer Time every year, you are reminded to check-in with your own natural rhythm and assess where you may have gotten off track with that rhythm and must re-set yourself this summer so that you can handle the upcoming Fall Harvest. Use the Eclipses for what they are good for: CHANGE. What are you ready, willing & able to change about how your live both your private & public lives? How can you renew your dedication to a routine that nourishes, inspires & energizes you? How can you put your ideas & skills to good use in the world? Where are your gifts & talents needed, valued & honored? What nourishes your body, awakens your mind and feeds your soul? Check in with your Self this summer – your SoulSelf – much of these very fundamental, basic things in our lives have changed and so have we! This is new territory we are in during this Eclipse Season so stay alert, creative & optimistic when you can and when things are dark & challenging, hold onto your faith in positive outcomes & miracles!

6/25 ~ Neptune Retrograde in PISCES:

Last year and this year, Neptune is standing still right at Solstice, emphasizing the renewal of our connection to the Sacred, as well as the dream & vision we’re living in this moment. Where the Moon represents the individual womb energy, Neptune represents the collective womb experience on a much higher level. So as a whole, we are all returning to the womb at this time, essentially preparing for (yet another) rebirth. It’s not going to be as tangible as some would prefer, from Neptune comes all things formless but very, very real – subconscious, dreams, magic, music, art, etc. While the ‘womb’ was the Source of nourishment & protection at one time, we annually renew that connection through Neptune Retro. It’s time to check in on the relationship between your Spirit and your Human form. Every year, we are supported to renew that which supports us on a spiritual level. It is where you need to return periodically for strength, nourishment & wisdom. The more regularly you are able to do this, the stronger the connection to your Spirit and true Purpose. When Neptune Retrogrades, it may be less shocking than Uranus or Pluto, but no less effective. It’s primary goal during a Retrograde is to gently dissolve personal boundaries and remind you that you are an Eternal Spirit in a Temporary Form. You start to realize your connection to the whole. Not a bad idea, but to some, it can be unsettling if they are rigidly holding on to the boundaries of a false sense of security. Where you might pursue your dreams & visions when it’s Direct, when it’s Retrograding, be creative, read, write, sing, dance – in private – for your own pure joy & delight, as well as for cleansing & releasing purposes. In addition to dreaming for the community, dream for your deepest SoulSelf as well. Connect to that original intent; that original person you were born to be, before you were imprinted by your family, culture or environment. Original Intent. When you can over the next 5-months, take some time to get back to your Center and renew your connection to Great Spirit.

*Neptune is a collective planet, which means that all those born in a 14-year period have Neptune in the same Sign and will share this *spiritual connection*. Jamie of PandoraAstrology.com calls it the ‘shared dream’ of each generation and has a fantastic, short article on the generations HERE.



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