Weekly Forecast: March 12 – 18, 2023

3/14 ~ Mars (action & desire) ~square~ Neptune (dreams & illusions):
This can be an annoying energy, to say the least. Basically, you may be confronted with challenges which are a direct result of earlier choices. These are the kind of choices that you eventually realized were wrong and “hoped” the consequences would somehow pass you by. Not. You may feel very discouraged, possibly depressed, and be filled with fear & doubt. The key to getting through this energy is to take a step back, reflect on your choices and what led you to this point and then, as objectively as possible, evaluate what went wrong. The tendency with this energy is to want to give up completely on the path you have chosen when all that is probably necessary is a little tweaking. Try to identify the aspect that is causing the conflict. If you don’t feel that you can be objective enough or that you struggle with identifying this aspect, try to enlist two other people to give you their opinion and then follow your gut instinct on the direction to take from there. The other temptation with this energy is to be deceptive – either to your Self or others. Either way – don’t give in – it will only come back to bite you (harder) later. Your physical energy is likely to be low as well. Do not force your Self to do anything you are truly not “feeling” right now. Instead, meditate on what action may be necessary when your energy returns. Be still. Avoid confrontations with others as it is just the energy pushing you out of comfort zone, into new territory. This is a test of sorts and the best way to deal with it is to face your fears and clarify your desires. My personal two-cents about these two planets (Mars & Neptune) in a difficult angle, is to reflect on what actions (Mars) have been taken (and NOT worked) toward the fulfillment of your dreams (Neptune) – and then start your “tweaking” there.
(1 of 4: 1/11 ~ 10/12 Nep Rx ~ 11/9 Both Rx ~ 3.14.2023 Both Dir)

3/15 ~ Sun (essential Self) ~conjunct~ Neptune (delusions & illusions):

This transit tends to make you very sensitive to others whether it is rational or not. If you are one of those people who tends to put everyone else’s needs before your own, watch out, because this makes that urge even stronger. Be aware of two things: (1) most times people who focus so much on others, to the exclusion of their own needs, is because there is something about their own life they do not want to face; and (2) you could get lost in your so-called altruism to the point where you lose touch with reality. This energy is best used alone to meditate and contemplate your own world unless you can be completely detached in your charity work. I use this little motivation to decide – is your life so perfect and abundant that you can afford to spend so much time and energy on another’s life? If so, GREAT! Go for it! If not, however, then “charity begins at home” – work on YOU!

3/16 ~ Mercury (communication/expression) ~conjunct~ Neptune (imagination/ spirituality):

This is a mixed blessing, but definitely an Initiation either way. It can be miraculous for creativity, art or exploration. I like this one for a personal ‘conversation with God’, your Higher Self, your SoulSelf. As with any Initiation, a Completion must come first, and in this case with Mercury, it’s time to expand your thinking and go deeper in some kind of way. Invite your Ancestors, Orishas, Angels & Animal Guides to answer your questions and support & protect you at this time. Communing with them is much more supported than communing with the humans around you. So if you need to think about the mundane or confront someone about something which requires complete honesty from both parties, then things could get a little hazy & confused thanks to Neptune here. There is always a veil to contend with when dealing with Neptune, but you have to know which side of it that you are on so that you are in alignment with the Nature around you (3D vs 5D). Either way, this energy tends to color reality, misleading some to think that they are being perfectly clear in their communication or what they’re trying to express, while others are completely lost. It’s better to say nothing, rather than be completely misunderstood.

3/16 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~square~ Mars (desires & actions):

This is a challenge about your energy and how to direct it properly. You started something about 6-months ago that now challenges who you are and what you want, so adjustments must be made. It’s not really a good/bad thing, just a test to get out of your comfort zone and into new territory. You are supported to get your true desires congruent with what/who you present to the world. As you develop that, often the first things that come up are what’s not working. It may seem as if the Universe, and a couple of humans thrown in for good measure, will be pointing out all your weaknesses, short-comings, lack of preparation and mistakes that you’ve made. Be careful not to take things personal, but keep in mind that if it’s being brought into your awareness, you can learn from it. Keep self-preservation in mind, and be compassionate with others struggling with their own identity issues at this time. This is energy that needs a positive, physical outlet too. If you can channel it through physical exercise or an activity that you love, then you may find that the *Moving Meditation* opens you up to better choices and more authentic decisions, while denial & suppression only lead to more disappointment, illness or accidents.

3/16 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation):

This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. It creates very intense emotional responses and experiences with others that tends to trigger insecurities or hidden fears in one or both of you. Stability is not part of the equation at the moment, so prepare for inevitable change. You’ve probably already felt it coming (the shift in your relationship or financial situation), well, it’s here now, so you can be proactive on your own behalf or you can suffer the consequences of postponing the inevitable. (You may have heard me say before: Pay now or pay double later. That applies to this transit too.) The natural reaction may be to try to hold onto the job or relationship, but try not to give into that temptation. Pluto intensifies everything and the more you resist the necessary purification & change that Pluto brings, the more painful it usually is. It is better to clarify your values & priorities and choose change, rather than have it forced (more Pluto) upon you. Either way, once the dust settles, you should be better off because things either: change for the better or go away altogether making room for something new and more in-alignment with your values & priorities of ‘now’.

3/16 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~square~ Mars (desire & actions):

This activation can be a tough one for some. If your beliefs are out of alignment with your actions & choices, if you are not self-aware or you act-out unconsciously, being selfish or childish, then watch out, because squares test you to grow and change in some way. Often, this also means that you are suppressing your own nature in some way, which is never really a good idea. When you suppress your Soul, it can make your human more sensitive or defensive, taking things personally as a threat or challenge. If you catch your Self feeling irritable for no apparent reason this week, try to step back and gain some perspective before responding to either your own thoughts or another person’s words. Mercury & Mars getting together, in this challenging way, can provoke debates and, in some people, actual fights, so be careful. The deeper aspect of this activation is that some part of you wants to express, perhaps in a new way, and your monkey-mind has got you all off track. Mars demands that you know who you are and what you want, and is the Sacred Masculine part of you, which is supposed to hold good boundaries, protect you and negotiate on your behalf in the world. If you know something that you are not acting on, this can be frustrating. If you are acting in ways that are not allowing you to think things through, this too can cause accidents, problems and delays. It is best to pull inward until you are clear. And also keep in mind that, you may not be out of alignment in the above ways, but those around you may be and will likely have no context for what they are feeling and therefore, become indiscriminate with their own choices & actions. Self-preservation is not selfish but essential at this time.

3/16 ~ Venus Enters TAURUS (until April 10th):

Venus in its home sign of Taurus brings our attention to the body, pleasure, sensuality, the experience of being in a body and all the possibilities inherent in that. It draws our attention to Mother Earth and the Garden or rare, blue gem that She is and how much we need to value that as sacred and precious. It is also time to double-down on clarifying your own values & priorities in real-time. When she is in Libra, she is equally powerful but she is also more focused on the essence or invisible link of kinship that we share with all life. It is an idea or an ideal. When she is in Taurus, it is more the reality that we are experiencing in our bodies, where is the feast or famine in your life, in general? Let’s address any famines or neglect of essential parts of our nature, which is finding the body to be a pleasurable experience versus one of pain, fear or frustration. It’s time to cultivate your life like a Garden, where you plant a diverse number of plants that produce food and flowers – sustenance & beauty – that would be the substance that you take into your body as well as the beauty that you radiate outward from your own heart-center. This is a great time to re-connect with what gives you a sense of belonging & fulfillment, nourishment & pleasure.

3/17 ~ Mercury (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self & Source energy):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. What I mean is two-way communication and an exchange of ideas. As you initiate this new cycle of self-expression, you will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) help you make a difference or an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible. However, if not physically, then mentally (through visualization) or within your own area (locally), because if you explore a new direction, you are more likely to discover something new. This energy opens you up to a download of more information than usual so pay attention! If you are solid and organized, you may even gain some much-deserved recognition from others that you have earned through your individual efforts.

3/17 ~ Venus (relationships) ~sextile~ Saturn (responsibility):

This energy has to do with your obligations, within the context of your relationships. They are not difficult obligations (in this case) but more emphasis is placed on really loving to serve those you care about. It is also what I would call the “keep it real” energy, regarding relationships or finances. This activation prompts you to clarify what you are building, stabilizing & fortifying, in your relationships & finances especially. I am a total advocate of renegotiating terms as you go along because you evolve, the situation & support around you evolves, and your needs change, so often we have to remind those closest to us. It’s really hard to grow to the next level when each person is not clear on their ever-evolving roles & responsibilities. Of course, this starts with you knowing what you do or don’t want and what you are or are not willing to compromise about and you really need to get clear about what you want to create and make real.

3/18 ~ Mercury (communication) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):

This energy provokes the need to delve deeper into the ideas or information being presented at this time, whether personal or professional. You will want to dig deeper, ask the hard questions and gather insights that are more profound than usual. In your professional/public life, you may find yourself doing better on proper pre-planning & due-diligence and in your personal/private life, you may find yourself digging a little deeper into your own mental patterns & personal history (that have led to ‘now’). As you make these connections and begin to grasp these new insights, they will gain traction and you will become more grounded in your own Truth & Story. We all get excited about those kind of ah-ha moments, and you may find yourself wanting to share them with others who may or may not be ready to hear such deep Truths or have the conscious awareness to even process them, so remember to use some discernment around who and when you share these new-found insights.

3/18 ~ Mercury Enters ARIES (until April 3rd):

Mercury moving through Aries tends to make us think more instinctively. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, you can take in a lot of information and easily sort & sift it based on what your immediate needs are but on the other hand, it can make you jump the gun without thinking things all the way through because you are reacting instead of responding. Reacting comes from the Head and Responding comes from the Heart. It is best to use this energy to dig into your own ideas & motivations – WHY do you want what you want? Why are you thinking the way you do? What is motivating your ideas, thoughts & concepts? Also, because it is Spring, it is time to think about which ideas will best serve your personal needs and professional goals in the coming year so it is another one of those times where I remind you that you this kind of self-centeredness is not based in ego but is essential to how you make your choices & decisions every day. If you do not look out for your own ideas and/or personal needs, then who will? You can also keep in mind that Libra energy balances out Aries energy, so make sure that your ideas create win/win situations where your needs are met and you are still being of service to others in a meaningful way.



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