Weekly Forecast: November 14 – 20, 2021

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

11/14 ~ Juno Enters CAPRICORN (until 2/1):

Juno represents how we do partnership – on all levels. The entire time Juno is in Capricorn, so is Pluto and Venus, which means we are definitely undergoing a very special transformation in our relationships, partnerships & collaborations, specifically. This is a time when we are supported to re-set and re-negotiate our roles & responsibilities within the context of our interactions with others. Some things have run their course, as the last time she was here was Feb/March 2017. We have all grown tremendously in that time. Life is different and our values & priorities are different, plus getting a current *upgrade* from Venus, means that we have the opportunity for a very clean slate. Our current collaborations can use the upgrade to a new level and it sets the foundation to attract in new support from others. This is a time when we can also rebirth what we would like to be “known for” in our partnerships. For example, when you are actively parenting young children, you are “known” as their Mother, however, once they grow up and you hit Empty Next, you want to be “known” for something different. That goes for ANY roles or responsibilities which have outgrown their usefulness. It is also a great time to check-in with the general stability & fortitude of your primary relationships and do whatever maintenance needs to be done at this time to ensure a successful future of conscious equal partnership with ALL Life!

11/15 ~ Sun (identity & purpose) ~square~ Jupiter (truth & story):

This is a powerful energy and with that comes the necessity of discernment – it provokes you to get lots of things accomplished and that’s a good thing, however, beware of taking on more than you can actually handle or maintain on your own. Having said that now, if you need that little “push” to get some things done, then this is just the energy for you. It carries with it the optimism necessary to allow you to go beyond your norm and stretch in new ways. Sometimes there can be a tendency toward self-righteousness with this energy, but try to make it “self-directed” and you will benefit greatly. Walk your talk and fully embody your Truth. However, if you turn it on others, demanding they believe what you believe, you may have some difficulties. Be open & receptive, have a “don’t-know mind” because you never know what you may learn from another’s perspective along the way that could really help you, now or in the future.

11/16 ~ Sun (energy & purpose) ~sextile~ Pluto (purification & transformation):

This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now. It’s great for purifying, cleaning & clearing your personal space, as well as organizing your life in general. You may have to examine the “big picture” to see where an adjustment, for the good of all involved, may be necessary. If you’re not feeling up to working on outer issues, this also gives you the opportunity to do some introspective thinking and deep self-reflection. Superficial once-overs will not do, you must address the root cause for where you find your Self at this time in your life and decide if it is working for you or against you.

11/16 ~ Vesta Enters SAGITTARIUS (until 1/11):

Vesta represents what is *Sacred* to you the individual. When it is moving through Sag, we become acutely aware of the value of education & expanded consciousness, learning & teaching, research & development. These things are not just empty concepts but sacred principles that help us grow as a species. When Vesta is here, you gain access to the imagination in a very special way that can connect you to a New Story that is rooted in more Authentic Truth for you, the individual. This is a re-set of your own integrity. Essentially, you have grown and learned so much since the last time she was here in Jan 2018. It is time to integrate that education so that it becomes embodied wisdom that guides you forward on your Path. Especially, since you just released an Old Story with the Venus in Gemini Cycle, renewed your Identity & Purpose over the last 9-months, just so that you could step up and into a deeper narrative that reflects what you really believe to be true or possible for your Self, your Community and the World. It’s time to walk by faith and trust that each step along the way is taking you to something better and for your highest good.

11/17 ~ Mars (sacred masculine) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):

This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, this energy can bring on impulsive, reactionary behavior. You can have sudden outbursts of anger or frustration with a strong need to be ‘free’ from whatever you are perceiving as a limitation or holding you back (person or circumstance). The best use of this energy is to consciously direct your energy to free yourself from any restrictions – self-imposed or otherwise. This is a time when you will be extremely motivated to do whatever it takes to live freely (by your own definition). Do not suppress this energy as that will only make it blow up in your face, at a most inconvenient time. Use this activation to check-in with your Self and determine what you deeply desire, what your definition of freedom is and what you are willing to do to live a more authentic life.

11/18 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams & imagination):

This energy activates your creative process & intuition. You may catch your Self unconsciously drifting aimlessly but a better use of this combination is to consciously open to the other realms for ideas & information and play with it, free flow, see where it leads. It is not the time for pragmatic analysis, but more a time to explore the infinite possibilities available to you, as well as what’s going on in your own consciousness. You may be more sensitive than usual, opening yourself to information or awareness that isn’t always that readily available. Remember, to keep good boundaries when *opening* like this and if you have to be around people, try to maintain the mystical, creative vibe this energy is best for.

11/19 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~trine~ Uranus (freedom & liberation):

This energy is likely to bring a little excitement into your life, one way or another. It is a good time to do something different, try something new & consciously put your Self in situations where you have to improvise or think on your feet. We are in times of breaking old patterns and re-setting them in more positive, effective ways. You can still live your true values & priorities, but something has changed within. This blessing from the Cosmos allows you to align with more personal authenticity, which in turn is infused into all that you love & treasure. Relationships will have an unusual energy to them. An established relationship may get shaken up or sparkle with some extra “spice” or a new relationship begun under this influence may be stimulating & unusual but probably short-lived too. This is not a bad thing! It’s actually perfect for improvising and experimenting with new ideas & expressions to see what you actually respond to, what your Heart aligns with and responds to. Use this energy to soak up some good energy & rare wisdom from those who are unique, those who do things differently and live life to the fullest!

11/19 ~ TAURUS Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (1 of 7):

This Full Moon is lighting up where any excesses or famines are hindering the *seeds* you planted with the Scorpio Super/New Moon (11/4). The energy supports releasing that which is no longer important to you or no longer a priority in your life so that a new life can come into being. Taurus energy can reveal where we’ve become stagnant and the word that keeps coming to mind over and over again is “movement”. It’s time to move your energy in a new way and create a *Moving Meditation* for yourself that helps get you back in-touch with your own body. Scorpio likes to release & purify, while Taurus likes to acquire & solidify so this is the best time of year to go through all your *stuff* (whether internal or external or a bit of both) and release as if you were moving into a smaller space. Downsize your life. Purge the non-essential. As your personal clearing unfolds, it’s time to review your individual Self-Love/Self-Worth issues ~ as we release outer aspects of our lives and inner aspects of our Being that ‘used to be’ important, they used to be relevant or useful but now have lost their life-force energy, and we need to make space for new life. We can create brand new ground for planting in the Spring, in other words, clear out in preparation for … fill in the blank with your own creative baby that’s wanting to incarnate, at this time. This is a potent time for consciously co-creating with the Life/Death/Life Cycle. What within and/or around you needs to “die” so that something of greater value can come into existence? Lighten the load there and open to conceiving a whole new life or new way of life for yourself. We are reconnecting to Source & Soul this month, so renew your connection to that which nourishes & sustains you, with gratitude & faith in the future that we are seeding right now.

11/20 ~ Mercury (mind & thinking) ~square~ Jupiter (education & consciousness):

This energy challenges you to integrate your smaller, individual point of view with the larger vision for your life. On one hand, you can see the big picture in new ways, but on the other hand, you may not be very interested in the details that bring it about. This is another good one for expanding your consciousness and thinking outside the box, but as the insights come into your conscious awareness, be mindful of the steps it will take to make your ideas a reality. This activation is also great for course-corrections where your ideas are concerned and will open you up to learning something new or bring in a crucial piece of information, just keep in mind that you will have to stabilize anything that you start and probably have to review some details down the road because of something you overlooked in your enthusiasm for the new Truth revealed from within.



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