Weekly Forecast: September 15 - 21, 2013

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE* There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

Weekly Forecast: September 15 - 21, 2013

9/16 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):

This energy tends to make your mind work in over-drive. Not that you think too much, you will think and speak faster than usual, making others seem slow to you. However, when you are moving that fast, sometimes you can overlook something important. The negative expression of this energy tends to make you feel scattered and nervous, but the positive expression of it is understanding things faster, perceiving what is going on around you quicker, and connecting with your intuition on a level you normally cannot access.

All the information that comes should be subject to a review in the near future because while it may be valid and useful, there will likely be some oversights due to the speed at which you connect with the information. You will be very impatient with normal routine. It is a good time to breathe and be flexible because ideas and information may come at you at a rapid speed. If you are impatient with this energy, you are more likely to make mistakes. Also, be aware of the need or tendency to be too blunt; sometimes we say things to shock people or just to get a reaction. Those prone to this should be prepared to eventually back it all up. 

9/17 ~ Mercury (expression) ~sextile~ Mars (passion):

This is a healthy selfish energy. Do not hold back this week. If you have a goal you have been working diligently toward, then this is the time that may attract the assistance you need from the Universe. This is definitely a "work" energy, however, it brings with it the caveat that it is best if you work alone on something important to you.

No one else is (or ever will be) as dedicated to your goal as YOU will be, nor should you expect them to. You are connected to the extra energy it takes to push your goals to the next level bringing you a modicum of a sense of accomplishment while outlining the next tasks to be done. Opportunities present themselves all the time - be ready!! If you are given the opportunity to make a presentation, go for it!

Your enthusiasm will be unmatched and that's what people respond to. Don't choose this time to be "shy" or doubt that you're ready - you ARE ready ... otherwise you wouldn't be here!! My current screen saver says "At the moment of COMMITMENT - the Universe conspires to assist you!" Are you committed? How committed are you? 

9/18 ~ Venus (values) ~conjunct~ Saturn (responsibility):

This energy is all about your values and responsibilities. You will be very practical about the things and people that are important to you. Only things and people of substance will be tolerated and subsequently, some long term relationships end during this transit because one or both party's values have shifted in some significant way.

This energy makes you want to build a solid, worthy foundation - with ANYTHING you value - anything you are creating - a business, a relationship. If you define what you truly value, commit and channel this considerable power, all that you need, desire and deserve will manifest, take root and grow! 

9/18 ~ Venus (relationships) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):

This energy deepens all emotions. Friendships & love relationships become much deeper and more intense, not to mention any physical (sexual) experience. There is nothing superficial about this energy, nor will you be satisfied with any superficial exchange, with friends or lovers. It is best to try to understand the depth of your emotions even if you are unable to express them outwardly. Your emotional intensity may be at an unusually high level, so be sure to surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally or try to be alone and just reflect on what you're feeling.

9/19 ~ Mercury (expression) ~square~ Jupiter (truth):

This is usually a good energy, making you optimistic and positive. You are probably going to feel like setting some long-term goals. The only challenge with this energy is a tendency to overlook the details if they are not in line with YOUR plans. Just plan carefully and remember the big picture. Remain open and receptive to information that could help you down the road. 

9/21 ~ Saturn (responsibility) ~sextile~ Pluto (power): (3 of 3: 12/26 ~ 3/8 ~ 9/21)

This is where endurance meets power and you feel this strong "can do" attitude. That said, both planets are sticklers for clearing debris FIRST before they allow (or support) new *building* in your life, circumstance or relationship. Ultimately, it is about you being responsible for your own power and recognizing how you use it to build your life. It's time to dig deep within your Soul to truly define what actually supports you.

Hard work and focus are built in, but you have to define your terms as to what your ultimate goal is going to be. If you are clear, these two together back you up incredibly by helping you build on all that you've accomplished thus far. If you are not clear, then these two poke holes in every single plan you attempt until you first clear the past, own your choices and dedicate your Self to building something new that better reflects who you are here and now.

Also, as much as these two working together push your Outer life along, it is also a good idea to use these combined energies to strengthen within. You can use that same energy of deep dedication to strengthen your emotions (because you're going deeper than usual), get more practical in your thinking (because you cannot hide from Truth forever) and even if you have personal physical goals, these two planets can deepen your dedication there too, just long enough to see physical results. Work it consciously, face any hard/dark Truths or prepare to have a big *mess* (customized to match your deepest fears) dumped on your doorstep that you must clean up before you can go anywhere. 

Note: 2013 brings rare alignments and it must be mentioned here that, as you are navigating the basic transits (planetary activations) that we usually discuss in this column, you have to consider some larger themes as you make your very personal decisions. This week is one of those pivotal weeks when we will all be making decisions with far-reaching implications.

Rather than get into too much of the technical astrological aspects of here & now (though also poignant & beautiful), it's better to have an idea of the *feeling* you would like to feel, as well as the feelings you would like to stop overwhelming you. The players involved are Mars/Venus ~ our Masculine/Feminine; Saturn/North Node ~ our Reality/Path; and Pluto is thrown in to the mix for the dash of transformation needed all around. It starts with the Masculine having to make a choice to forge a new Path and it ends with the power of the Feminine to contain, nurture & protect ALL LIFE.

Mars has the square, which is push to grow, make choices & decisions and out of comfort zone/in to new territory. Venus is INITIATING Brand New Path & Reality based on the fact that all life is inter-connected. It is a conception point, Zero Point of Possibilities. To the extent we are capable of forgiving our selves for past ignorance and deepening our dedication to present awareness is directly related to our ability to birth a completely new way of existing on the planet. We are doing it already, there's nothing to "get ready", we're already there/here/now! What's more potent is to co-create with the energies and alignments.

Activations I am referring to here are:

9/9 ~ Mars (anger) ~square~ Saturn (restriction):

(square=test/growth...in Leo: ego/self-love/creativity + Scorpio: power to create & sustain life)

9/10 ~ Mars (who you are/what you want) ~conjunct~ North Node (Life Path/Aspirations)

(conjunct = initiation ... in Scorpio: power to create & sustain life)

9/11 ~ Pluto (buried treasure/transformation) ~sextile~ North Node (Life Path/Aspirations)

(sextile=opportunity...in Capricorn: responsibility/dedication+Scorpio: power to create & sustain life)

9/17 ~ Saturn (structure/foundation) ~conjunct~ North Node (Life Path/Aspirations)

(conjunct = initiation ... in Scorpio: power to create & sustain life)

9/18 ~ Venus (values/priorities/resources) ~conjunct~ Saturn & North Node (see above)

(conjunct = initiation ... in Scorpio: power to create & sustain life)



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