Weekly Forecast: September 18 – 24, 2022

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

9/18 ~ Mercury Rx (thinking) ~oppose~ Jupiter (learning): (2 of 3: 9/2 ~ 9/18 ~ 10/12)

Any opposition requires us to work with two distinct energies and get them to work together for the good of all involved. It is also a MidPoint which allows you that 180* view from the other side of your starting point (roughly 6-months ago). Mercury & Jupiter are working out the push-pull within you between your Mind & Consciousness, between your Thinking & Beliefs, between your Thoughts & Imagination, between the Tedious Details and the Grand Vision. Because of all this, it would be tremendously beneficial to play amongst a group of like-hearted souls with varying points of view, mavericks who follow their own intuition as well as those humble healers who also buck status quo by following their intuitive knowing within, something we all have the capacity for. This is great for what I call *Jam Sessions*, when my colleagues & I get together to discuss our ideas & insights about our professional goals, something like that is a great use of this energy: plan, strategize, discuss with others, get input and feedback, bounce ideas around and be open and receptive to others’ points of view (they may think of something you didn’t). Make sure it is a Circle, where all opinions are valued even if not shared. This is a good one for learning something new and looking at things from another angle, completely.

9/18 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~trine~ Pluto (purification & transformation):

This energy makes you want to get things done, by any means necessary and you may tend to come on a little strong to certain people – but it’s all good. The work you want to do, is work that needs to be done and in doing it and facing things head-on, you will gain insights about your Self that fortify your very foundation so that your life can evolve to the next level organically. This intense and powerful energy is transformative in nature and will provoke you to think deeply about your life; what you need, desire and deserve, for you, the individual. You may find that some aspects of your life need to be reformed or released – go for it – this energy actually makes reform and release easier than usual. It’s a good time to make an impression or have a positive impact on others, but be sure to keep it on the Highest level possible. Any actions or statements used to manipulate others for selfish gain can/will backfire on you in a big way. This is a positive, uplifting, transformative energy – use it as such to clear the debris and create the life you were born to live.

9/19 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~trine~ Uranus (freedom & liberation):

This energy is likely to bring a little excitement into your life, one way or another. It is a good time to do something different, try something new & consciously put your Self in situations where you have to improvise or think on your feet. We are in times of breaking old patterns and re-setting them in more positive, effective ways. You can still live your true values & priorities, but something has changed within. This blessing from the Cosmos allows you to align with more personal authenticity, which in turn is infused into all that you love & treasure. Relationships will have an unusual energy to them. An established relationship may get shaken up or sparkle with some extra “spice” or a new relationship begun under this influence may be stimulating & unusual but probably short-lived too. This is not a bad thing! It’s actually perfect for improvising and experimenting with new ideas, new people & new ways of expressing your Self and then dropping-in to Center to see what you actually respond to, what your Heart aligns with and responds to and choose from there. Use this energy to soak up some good vibes & rare wisdom from those who are unique, mavericks who do things differently than you do and who live life to the fullest!

~ Gather & Harvest ~
Assess what you’ve produced/accomplished in the last 6-9 months
~ Evaluate & Rectify ~
Assess what worked and what did not work in the last 6-9 months
~ Balance & Integrate ~
Assess what you need to do/have/be more or less of going forward
~ Pause for the Cause ~
Transition times are times to be still, tune in and prepare for new season

9/22 ~ Fall Equinox ~ Harvest Time ~

Rhythm is a beautiful thing! Taking some time at the turn of each Season notifies the Universe that you are ready, willing and able to co-create with Mother Earth & Father Sky. Fall Equinox is the time of year to bring all your projects to a close, finish whatever you can and start looking toward new projects. Balance & Integrate what is working and release the rest. If you willingly (and lovingly) release that which is not working, the next Season will go a lot smoother when you go to truly close the year in preparation for a new Solar year. Harvest is about assessing & gathering all that you’ve created for the year, and ultimately, reaping the rewards of all your hard work and labor. Some of your *Harvest* will be tangible, creative projects that can & will bear fruit now that they are complete, stable or in place … and some of your *Harvest* will be intangible, in that, you have further cultivated your own Being over the last year and now you (and others) can benefit from your personal integration, individual gifts & evolved consciousness. Align with your Higher Self & expand your goals for the coming season – think bigger! Fall Equinox is a time of balance, a time of balance between Light & Shadow and takes us from movement out in the world, to more inner, “work with what you’ve got” energy, using your resources & creations to build on & expand, primarily behind the scenes in preparation for Spring Initiation, 6-months from now. Libra is the Sign of the Season and is Ruled by Venus, which reminds us that *ALL Life* is inextricably connected. Any imbalances affect all life (eventually). As living, conscious Beings, we strive for balance in all that we think, feel, say and do. You can access your inner-Libra and re-center, so that you are more effective in your Being-ness and more useful to Life in general.

9/23 ~ Mercury Rx (communication & self-expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core essential Self & Source energy):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. What I mean is two-way communication and exchange of ideas. As you initiate this new cycle of self-expression, you will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) help you make a difference or an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible. However, if not physically, then mentally (through visualization) or within your own area (locally), because if you explore a new direction, you are more likely to discover something new. This energy opens you up to a download of more information than usual. Pay attention! If you are solid and organized, you may even gain some much-deserved recognition from others that you have earned through your individual efforts.

9/23 ~ Mercury Rx RE-Enters VIRGO (until Oct 11th):

Mercury’s still Retrograde and RE-Entering Virgo in order to help us to truly process & integrate whatever came into our conscious awareness over the last 3-6-9 weeks. It’s time for discernment & discrimination – you will have to choose or decide which ideas are worth investing more energy, time & resources going forward. It is time to get organized and create space to anchor these new ideas and integrate them into the new rhythm that is emerging. This is also an opportunity to do some personal healing of the Mental Body. We have been cracked open to all new consciousness in recent years (and there is more to come) so it is a good idea to use any Mercury Retrograde to time-out, pause & reflect. Recalibrate your Mental Input & Output ~ consider how much are you taking in, processing and putting to good use and how much are you cultivating your own unique ideas and sharing them with others. It is an opportunity to restore your mental health & balance and in doing so, set you up for more successful & fulfilling interactions with others going forward. This extended stay on the Virgo/Libra cusp is going to affect your Virgo/Pisces & Gemini/Sagittarius, as well as your Libra/Aries and Cancer/Capricorn Departments by default. As you shift your consciousness, change your thinking and make new choices, new opportunities & collaborations will be the result. Before you engage others, at this Higher Level, it is best to finish the Retrograde Review of your own ideas, thoughts & concepts around socializing or interacting with others and how you would like to do that in a new & different way. Any Mercury Retrograde is an upgrade & re-wiring of your Mental Body and since we get them 3-4 times a year, it is good to get into the conscious practice of taking some time to review that Area of Life – in this case, your Virgo/Libra Houses.

9/24 ~ Venus (relationships) ~oppose~ Neptune (illusion):

Beware of delusions of grandeur where your relationships (old and new) and/or your finances are concerned. Basically, you should keep your true priorities in mind and you will be fine, but if you are deluded to any extent, it may be revealed at this time. It is time to balance what is truly important to you in your interactions with others and the vision for the long-term goal of the collaboration. You can have an ideal romantic experience with this energy, but remember true love takes time, hard work & dedication, while romance tends to come and go. This energy tends to make you give and give and give in a relationship thinking that it will inspire the other to respond in kind, and ultimately you end up empty-handed & drained because your motives weren’t correct, you were doing it with expectation (consciously or not), which almost always will let you down. Giving with any expectation generally leads to disappointment. A better use of this energy is to focus on any kind of artistic or altruistic endeavors.



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