A New Sensitivity

We are most certainly living through some very volatile times. The impact of this great planetary shift is most definitely being felt by everyone. We are all being faced with numerous healing and awakening opportunities which are creating a time of great inner conflict and chaos. As a result, life is becoming even more unpredictable and volatile intensifying the need for both internal and external change. The very framework of our life and to maintain some sense of stability we must learn to be flexible, adaptable and to establish within us a new sense of balance.

Waves of powerful cosmic energy are constantly flooding through the planet dramatically increasing your awakening and transformational process. Deeper levels of the illusions and constraints by which you have lived are swiftly dissolving and whatever is in need of healing is being brought to the fore of your awareness and human experience. As you move further away from the old fear based patriarchal systems of the past a new sensitivity will awaken within you heightening your intuitive and creative abilities. You will find yourself more inspired and better able to intuitively sense the next step on your path. Remember that all that is occurring now is supporting and encouraging the birth of new life.

Much love




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Kate Spreckley

Kate is a dedicated and passionate Spiritual Healer and Teacher, based in South Africa. Her passion lies in helping, guiding and supporting individuals and organisations who wish to heal, grow and evolve.


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