Energy Report for June 2012

For the majority of May the energies were unrelenting!  We were pushed, prodded, forced, challenged and driven to move beyond our past history and detach from our old patterns, beliefs and attitudes.  In June we are in for several more Earth changing Cosmic alignments, which will gift us with many opportunities to release, realign, reconstruct and rebuild our foundations for heart centred living.  The alignments in June will complete this current cycle of enormous transformation….and on a good note this may well be the best month of the whole year!

June starts in an eclipse cycle that began with the Solar Eclipse in May, which brought in a strong, yet positive energy to initiate further releasing, shifting and changing.  This eclipse cycle will conclude with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of June.  This Lunar Eclipse will balance the power of the Solar Eclipse and with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini you will be encouraged to remember to balance your logical mind with the desires of your heart.  

At the time of the Lunar Eclipse we also have Neptune, the planet ruling our intuition, beginning its retrograde motion in Pisces until early November.  During Neptune’s retrograde period you can expect your creativity and Spirituality to slow, which will gift you with the opportunity to really consider your path, where you are headed, what you are doing and ultimately what is best for you.  You will be encouraged to move deeply into your inner knowing, to tap into your intuitive abilities and receive new Divine direction and creative inspiration, which will support any of the Spiritual and or psychological changes you are required to make.  

The mix of intense energies and planetary alignments this month is greatly influenced by the Venus Transit.  The power of the Full Moon phase will swiftly intensify the energies to purify your heart and awaken you to Divine love enabling you to fully align with the energy of the Venus Transit.  Venus has long been considered the planet of love and holds the ability to reflect the full force of the Divine Creator’s love to all of the planets within our Solar System.  Every 100 plus years Venus infuses the Earth and all Her inhabitants with Divine love via what is termed the Venus Transit.  In a transit Venus crosses the face of the Sun enabling the power of the Sun’s energy to amplify and powerfully transmit Divine love to the Earth.  This Venus Transit is the last of a pair, the first of which occurred on the 8th June 2004.  

All these planetary alignments are powerfully impacting the Earth’s rhythms and shifting and transforming Her energy quite significantly.  As the power of Divine love floods the Earth via the Venus Transit, a new energetic grid is activated, which will greatly influence the energetic make up of all of life.  As this new grid is processed, assimilated and integrated into the Earth’s mantle a realignment of all life upon the Earth is initiated.  This realignment is rapidly increasing the pace of evolutionary growth and development, which in turn is speeding up the healing and the awakening processes of all humanity.  

While integrating these energies you may encounter a range of different experiences, which are guaranteed to challenge you to shift and expand your awareness.  As the new grid becomes more and more energetically active dormant areas of the brain and the physical body will awaken.  Ancient knowledge, which has been stored within the cells of your body, will be released, significantly influencing your healing and Spiritual awakening.  As this process unfolds it may produce some uncomfortable emotional and physical symptoms - emotional outbursts, stiffness, back and neck pain, skin rashes, digestion problems, headaches and exhaustion.  As uncomfortable as these symptoms are, they are a good indication that you are awakening, realigning and rebalancing your entire being.  Get the support you need to ease this process!

New Moon in June will occur on the 19th/20th with the Sun and Moon both in the astrological sign of Gemini.  This New Moon has ties to both the eclipse of the 20th May and the 4th of June and as such will support you in opening to new ideas and thoughts that will birth a new trust in your inner knowing and guidance.

On the 20th of June we have the Sun moving into the astrological sign of Cancer and the Summer / Winter Solstice.  The Solstice is a very powerful time of shifting energies.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day and the shortest night of the year, a good time to deeply connect with your life, review your outward journey and observe who you have become through the impact you have made in the world around you.  In the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest night and the shortest day of the year.  A time of rest, to go within, to release the past, prepare for the future and empower your Spirit.

With this Solstice we move into a more fertile and grounded energy that will support us in reconnecting with our needs and our ability to nurture ourselves.  It will deepen our connection to the Divine Feminine, the Earth, the Oceans and the waters of our emotional life….gifting us with the ability to intuitively sense the next step on our path.  

With the entire frequency of Earth’s vibration changing, the very framework of life on Earth is transforming.  As this month unfolds you will move through many internal and external shifts and changes, which will alter your connection to your inner self, the Divine and the Earth.  As you move even further away from the old fear based patriarchal systems you shift more and more into the power of your heart.  You will find as the month progresses your personal power merging with your heart centre to activate and awaken your Higher Heart.  Your ability to project your will into manifestation will change to enable you to transfer all your thoughts, actions and deeds through the filters of your Higher Heart.  This process will birth a new sensitivity, which will awaken within you greater intuitive abilities and gifts.  You will find yourself more inspired to realign your life to incorporate new, heart centred ways of living and being.  As this new way of being develops you will learn to balance your power within a constant state of grace.  You will gain the ability to preview the consequences of your actions and choices before making them.  This will enable you to employ the virtues of Christ Consciousness when making choices and decisions, thus making it possible to act from a place of unconditional love, compassion, peace and hope.

This is the shift of the Ages where the prophecies of the ages will find fulfilment, where the Cosmic cycles of the Universe merge to birth a collective integration of awakened consciousness.  This is a time where a new era is being born…a reunion of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is birthing a world conceived in love.  Remember that you are here to anchor a new wisdom and a new way of being upon the Earth.  You are here to assist in the expansion of consciousness.  You are here and have made a commitment to bring in and anchor the love and light of the Divine through the act of physically manifesting your Soul into this world.  You have worked so long and hard to get to this stage of your evolution.  You have cleansed, purified and exhausted yourself on every level of your being and now you stand poised to fully embody your Divine essence.  

Trust your inner knowing and remember that all that occurs and all that develops is supporting and encouraging the full embodiment of your Divine essence. Hold your integrity in all that you do.  Know that there is nothing left to fear.  Remember that you are here to follow your own path and apply the virtues of forgiveness, love and compassion.


zorro 11th June 2012 4:56 am

Never underestimate the power of a positive message to lift and transform. Thank you for a powerful message to start the week. Kate.

blj 12th June 2012 6:13 am

thank you..beautiful, aches and pains is putting it lightly. thankfully, I have found a fantastic massage therapist and make it a priority to take care of myself which doesn't always come naturally to me. :angel: :)


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