New Moon

The energy of August has and continues to support us in healing, releasing and clearing all that has confined our soul. As such we are being driven to address and dissolve our unconscious issues, destructive beliefs and negative emotional attachments. With today’s New Moon the energy shifts bringing to light our inner truth and motivating us to get things done.

This is a unique time where the incoming energies are illuminating the deep fears that block your life. As you expand beyond the confines of the past you will become more and more adept at working through what arises. The energy of this New Moon can be used to accelerate your process and to expand your energy beyond anything that you may have experienced before. With this expansion you will find yourself better able to respond and adapt to the changing situations in your life.

Much love



VAARRR 18th August 2020 11:06 am

Hi message from me ....
today we, the planet started getting 7d + light, codes

yesterday they pierced the consciousness of ordinary people, for faster growth, and interestingly they are ordinary people already more or less at the same level of consciousness, only the difference in education, knowledge
still today began to create 5in reality (white snow, Steve Rother,

cyndy 18th August 2020 12:32 pm

Kate, I have been especially appreciating your postings that are frequent , brief, and to the point with energy that sings.
A vitamin for the heart and soul or whatever part it talks to.
A quote from JohnLewis on how to communicate with conviction. "Make it plain, make it simple, make it sing."
Thank you.


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