Christ Consciousness Is The Energy of The New World

Greetings dear ones for I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful to be here with you all this night, this very night. There is much love and much change in the air and the new world is just around the corner. In this room you are all healers and you will become very important overnight, at the end of the year, many many changes are coming to this planet; we’ve already spoken about financial systems, but many many systems will begin to be under a lot of pressure. Approximately ten percent of the people now are waking up; to awaken the human race from its deep slumber takes time. Most people are just listening to the news and watching the TV and believing whatever they’re told. The human race has to change its consciousness; you are living in a world, some people like to call this world “behind the veil”, but there is no veil.

The human race has been lied to for many many years now, on many different levels. There is one God and at the same time there are many aspects of the one God. There is one Universe, that’s what Universe means, but there are different aspects of the universe. You are living in a solar system within the Universe, and this solar system reflects you. We’re constantly telling you this: that the sun will be like the father, and the father’s mother and father, and the father’s grandparents. And the rest of the planets and the rest of the solar system will be different aspects of your father’s family. Planet Mars will be the energy of war and Mother Earth is the mother in your mother’s family constellation. It has been like this since the very beginning of time, nothing has changed.

Those who lead you have led you to believe that they lead you but they really rule you; and these that rule you are actually unconscious, they’ve never grown up, they’re still in their wounded child. That is why the problems on this earth just go on and on and on. It is the mentality of a child that is running your governments, your military, and that’s teaching your children. Every aspect of the hierarchy of this planet is reflected by the wounded child.

The days have gone where the elders, those who were whole and conscious, led their tribe. There is no respect anymore for those who are whole and conscious. The consciousness of this planet has been driven to the lowest levels and the consciousness is going no lower. There will be a polar shift on the 21st of December 2012. The polar shift will be on an individual basis; you’ll be shifting from negative to positive, and the love will begin to flow. There will even be love for your politicians and bankers. Everything is going to begin to change.

It depends very much on humanity itself as to how long it will take. Of course, those in power will want to hang on to their power, but slowly and surely they’re also being made conscious. The hierarchies in the child will also be healing and the earth plane will once again be led by loving, conscious, men and women. They will not have either need or greed inside their hearts; they will have only love in their hearts, and they will love you, and they will take decisions based on love.

This is a process of awakening and this has never happened before. Those of you in this room and for those of you who read this channelling have all lived lifetimes where you were whole and complete, and where you have ascended to Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is the energy of the new world. That means you will be creating out of love, constantly creating out of positive energy, whereas in the past it has been the opposite, it has been mostly negative; your governments and your leaders have done everything possible to maintain these low levels of consciousness.

The easiest way to keep the world unconscious is through war; it disconnects the men from their fathers, from their families, and people get hurt, even if you’re on the winning side you get hurt. The day you sign the forms to say you’ve joined the army, on that day you lose consciousness, you disconnect from the loving God and you connect to the dark side. No matter how pure your intents are, war belongs to the evil. The military is evil; it is the lowest level of consciousness. There are many other ways to solve a problem than through war, and each individual is responsible for joining an army, especially armies that create pre-emptive strikes on sovereign nations. This creates great karma; the higher the rank you have in the military, the more karma you will create for yourself; you will create karma and you will live many lifetimes without love. This is the greatest cause of all karma; it says quite clearly in the Bible… an eye for an eye, a life for a life, a tooth for a tooth. So the greater the wrong that you do in this lifetime the more you will pay in other lifetimes.

The new world is coming dear ones, and as we move through into the new world karma will be voided. This will be a very difficult shift for many people. The top one percent of the population, the so-called elite, the ones that have all the money, they will not want to let this go. Money will dissolve in value, money will become almost obsolete, you’ll be able to create your own reality without needing money. The more whole and complete you are, the easier the shifting to this new world will be.

You have much homework to do. You have all been seduced into believing that the material world is more important than your inner world. It is completely the opposite, the inner world is the most important. When you are whole and complete and in harmony you create love and harmony in your life; you create the life of your dreams. When we say that your karma will be voided; there have to be lessons that are learned, when you learn your lessons your karma will be voided, and this will be a process for people to come to a new level of conscious. For some people consciousness will be automatic, for others they will have to work through their karma. This sounds contradictory but there is a band of time where the new world will leave the old world, and that period of time is for your karma to be worked though and voided.

Certain soul groups need to learn certain lessons. And those that manage to work through their karma in the old energies, it is your duty and your responsibility to make these other ones conscious. The military will be disbanded, this will also take time. This is a time of great learning and of great understanding. It is a time where new consciousness will pervade the earth, and it is also a time where those native and indigenous peoples who lost their land, their lands will be returned to them and they will also have a different consciousness.

There are many many changes coming to this earth and the love is here to flow. All of this will be done with love, completely the opposite to the dark side, and the love will flow through the hearts of all men and all women, and you will all be fully connected to Mother Earth and to Father Sky, and the consciousness of this planet will change completely. This is why there are so many people here on this earth; to witness this new event. Everything will go smoothly… the shifts will be as gentle as possible… the energy of love will flow. The energy of love is not what you think it is, for your intelligence will mix with the energies of love and the answers to the problems of humanity will be answered in a very different way. There is a big difference between intelligence without love and intelligence with love.

Around the world people’s upper heart chakra is awakening and this heart chakra will support the shift of consciousness and this move from negativity to positivity. We have said in these channellings that 144,000 people will move from negative energy to positive energy on the 21st day of December 2012. There are a few of you in this room that this will happen to, and the more whole and complete you are the easier it will be. The ones who this happens to have been doing a lot of inner work over a lot of time, and you’re already prepared for this, and around the world you all understand how to heal and what to heal. Only a few years ago healing was like a lottery. The more that you have healed yourselves and worked on yourselves, the more you know how healing works and you have all been a great credit to yourselves; the light workers are ready for the shift to happen.

The governments of the world are not ready; they don’t know what to expect and even if they did, they wouldn’t know how to deal with it. It is for you who are light workers to be prepared to help these people to go through to the new energies. And as we said earlier, it will be very difficult for powerful people to let go of what they own and what they’ve made. Slowly but surely the consciousness of this planet will begin to rise, and the consciousness will rise exponentially. In the beginning it’s a few, but as time goes by, consciousness will expand very rapidly, and the earth plane will become a very different place. All manifestation will be through love.

And it will become a loving world, a world where love is the answer; the human race will become much softer and gentler. And you will be in receiving mode; being able to receive love and receiving all those things that you dream of. This requires softness and gentleness; and as the inner father returns and you connect to the universe, then your mother will move into that motherly role and you’ll be connected to Mother Earth. The earth plane will be treated with love and respect during these times and with this energy.

The new world is coming, dear ones. This is what you’ve all been waiting for. Those of you who have done a lot of inner work, you will be getting closer and closer to becoming whole and complete and you will feel very different about yourselves, and you will begin to see that you are releasing your negative programming and becoming more positive and more light as time has gone by. And the lighter you become, the lighter you will become. And that is what light is, love and light they are the same thing. You will create a world of love and light; the more light there is on the inside of you, the less darkness there will be, until one day you are all light and no dark. There will only be a memory of the darkness. It’s as simple as that. The sun and the moon the stars and the planets, they are all moving into their perfect place for the energies to shift and change. Don’t waste your time in the material world; it is now time to put as much energy as possible into the inner world, just filling yourself with as much light as possible and allowing the love to flow. Where the love won’t flow, that is a dark place.

Step by step of the way, you will find your way into this new world. Follow your intuition not your intellect. The more and more you do this inner work, your head and your heart will connect, they will merge and flow together. There will come a time when you have to follow your heart and that time is getting very near. In the last months before the shift, spend much time listening to your heart, healing your heart and being with your heart. Your heart will lead you to the right place. Try to do as little as possible, but bring yourself to wholeness and to completion. When the planets are in place, then you have the opportunity to make this polar shift, just allow it to happen, go to sleep one day and wake up the next, and your energies will have shifted. The planets are always radiating energies but on the 21st of December 2012, there will be a specific configuration that will allow many people to move through and into the new world.

Those that are fortunate enough to move through; we’ll repeat ourselves, will have the responsibility of teaching the others how to get through to the new world. And anybody that tries to stop this process will face the most severe of consequences. This is a serious warning from Spirit World. The earth plane is going through a shift to a new dimension; this will be a beautiful world for everybody, it is for everybody to allow this world to awaken, supporting each other, loving each other and caring for each other. Those that want to attempt to stop it; you have to remember that you are human too, that you’ve been through an experience and your experiencing being in the hierarchy of this planet. Most people have also had that experience and let it go. It is time for the earth plane to shift into this new energy, into a world filled with love. There are so many special gifts waiting for you in the new dimensions.

So we just ask that you feel what you’re feeling like in this energy, allow the energies to go a little higher, just feel what the energy will feel like on the 21st of December 2012. You are slowly but surely being changed, from unconsciousness into consciousness, you are all awakening. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go. The decision is made in the Spirit World that all of planet earth will move to Christ consciousness. It might take a few years; once that is achieved, there is a new dimension and a new consciousness, and it is also scheduled to happen. You can’t turn the clocks back or stop the planets, the new world is coming.

Go well and God bless, for this Kryon signing out. Thank you all!


LordJesusChrist 5th April 2012 4:30 am

The Good Force be with you!

Good message, Kryon & David! Many expect something wonderful on Dec. 21, 2012 but today is already a New Heaven & a New Earth for us who believes.

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:

soulofwolf 8th April 2012 10:24 pm



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