Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

You are getting wonderful weather at the moment, beautiful and hot weather in the fairest Cape of them all. There are major shifts occurring in this year 2007, it is the year when everything begins to come together or comes together. Most of the healing has been done. You have learned how to heal yourselves. You know the process. The shame that slowed the healing process down, and bound you all to your wounding is releasing. Love is the only answer and love is the only way.

Once again you are stepping into a totally, totally, new world… a world of love, joy, fertility, creativity and freedom and as the time goes by ecstasy will become one of your energies, not bliss but ecstasy… there is a difference; ecstasy is a pro-active energy and bliss is a lack of groundedness. Ecstasy comes with being grounded. Bliss is an ungrounded state of being that a lot of eastern philosophies teach people to be and it is not where you want to experience your life, on other planes, your life is to be experienced here on earth, otherwise you cannot be counted. You are not present if you are in states of bliss.

In being present you are in a space where you can take decisions and make choices, understand things and become physical. When you are out of your body playing games around other parts and corners of the Universe many things can happen to your body, things can happen to you that you don't want to happen. So, there is a great shift of energy coming, a greater groundedness, a greater sense of being present and an ability to hold being present. The more you are present the more you manifest on this earth, the more that you get what you want. And, it comes with a very, very different energy, a feeling that you know when you are blocking what you want, you're in your body and you are feeling what is stopping the energy flowing. Whereas if you are out of your body you are not really feeling what blocks the energy of what you want.

So, close your eyes and come into your bodies and feel yourself in your bodies and put your feet flat on the floor and allow yourselves to connect to Mother Earth through your feet. Allowing roots to go deep, deep, deep into Mother Earth and the more and more you practice this, or have practiced this the more safe and secure you will feel on Mother Earth. Allow yourselves to connect to Father Sky through your crown chakra. Allow the energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky to merge in your bodies; your bodies know how this should be done and wherever you feel any resistance allow these two energies to ebb and to flow and to dissolve the resistance.

Also, become very cognizant of the feminine Divine, for in the west God is always considered masculine and we know that in the New Age the God is both masculine and feminine and everything that is. But the way that Christianity was taught when you were children, it was like God was an old gray man with a long beard, the masculine God. So it is the child within you that needs to be re-educated, it is the child that needs to know that God is both feminine and masculine and you need these two Divine energies to merge within you to create the life-force within you. As these energies merge you will have energy to create the reality of your own choosing, to give yourself the gifts that you want for your life. You will be able to energize your dreams. Operating only with the masculine Divine or feminine Divine does not allow for true and powerful creation, you have to educate the child within you that there are two energies around God or the Divine.

Allow yourself to go inside and find the child that thinks that God is the little man with the long beard that sits on a star or a cloud. Allow that child to experience the feminine Divine and the true masculine Divine and just be with that child and allow it to understand the difference… and let this energy flow through the child and you will be quite surprised how your life begins to change as you accept the feminine more and more, as you become cognitive that there has been an absence of the feminine Divine in certain aspects of your life; even though as an adult you are quite clear that the Divine is both masculine and feminine. For a woman appreciating the feminine Divine is another step into their powerful feminine state of being, a part of the enjoyment of being a woman, for a man it is the acceptance of his feminine soul, of the feminine Divine. It is almost half of your psyche being re-energized and brought into balance.

True creation always takes the masculine energies and the feminine energies and when you mix the masculine and the feminine with the Divine then you start to move energies within yourself, you start to heal very, very quickly; you start to bring true unconditional love into your life, a pure love, love that walks between compassion and sexuality, it will allow you to be pure, to be clear, it will allow you to walk your Divine walk, it will allow you to step more and more into that very truth of who you are, it will allow you to create in an amazing way, it will take you into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. No one can tell you no or say you are only dreaming. As your energy within is configured more and more strongly with your inner father occupying your top three chakras and your inner mother occupying the lower three chakras in your body and the inner child in your heart – it will create more flow between your inner mother and your inner father, more security for the child and more energy for the child to express itself, and to live the life that it really wants, it dreams about, and that you dreamed about for your child.

So just allow these two energies of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine to continually flow through you and flow into those aspects of the child that don't understand that there is a masculine and there is a feminine God. Allow this to re-awaken the inner child within and allow yourself to step into your truth, your totally orgasmic truth. Observe areas in your body where you have not allowed the feminine or the masculine Divine… and just allow this energy to move into those spaces, into those places… let the love go deeper and deeper and deeper for this will open the pathways to your heart where you know that there's only one person that you can truly love in this world – your twin flame. That will bring back that part of your heart that at some time in your life you rejected, normally it is the first time that you got a broken heart. The pain is so searing, so difficult that you decide to caste that part of your heart away or maybe hide it somewhere, maybe in a desert or at the bottom of a river but you have all got your own secret places where you hid your heart the first day it got broken.

Now it is actually time to go back in time and find that day when your heart did get broken. Just allow the feminine and the masculine Divine to hold that space… and Kryon to hold this space… The room now is filling with the Divine presence, the angelic realm and your spirit guides, holding you so that you can go back in time and remember where you hid your heart, that part of your heart that can love your other half, that other special person that you came to this earth to meet. It is possible that you are in a relationship with that person already, it could have been for years and years and years but you never had this part of your heart there, in place, to really make the magic.

So allow yourselves to go back in time and remember that time when your heart got broken for the very first time… and see where you put your heart, that part of your heart, that special part of your heart. When you were young you didn't have the energy or the wisdom to hold such a romantic love in your heart or in your life and when you felt that first pangs of separation from a loved one it was very, very painful… So as you feel your heart returning, allow your heart to open and feel that love flow into your heart, feel that ecstatic love touching the very core of your heart and allow the love to flow and to energize and allow forgiveness to come in to your heart, into your life for yourself and for the other person that was involved in this event in your life. Allow forgiveness for the Divine and for allowing you to go through this whole process. 2007 will be a great year for love, for finding true love… So allow that energy of love to flow into your heart and allow that part of your heart that is meant for relationships with your twin-flame to open up, to return and to open like a beautiful hibiscus flower, wide open in the hot African sun. Ready to receive, without fear… where there is fear just allow the fear of true love to come into your bodies, for today that fear will be released. There is much fear around love, around your heart getting broken again. Allow the fear… just be with the fear… let it come and go, let it come and let it go. This fear is creating a reality around a broken heart… let the fear come and let the fear go… allow the fear to come and go in amounts that you can manage… the fear is releasing, slowly, slowly, slowly the fear releases…

You are all here on a spiritual purpose on this planet and you will find that when you really love your partner that everything goes so much more smoothly, so much easier. When there are two of you working and going in the same direction with the same dream you go forward with a far greater force. When you go forward into your dream with someone that is dreaming the same dream it is so much easier. Life is so much easier. Of course there are many issues around relating but even this is a dream. To relate is a journey deeper and deeper into yourself… where you create the relationship that works within you, for yourself, so that you can connect deeper and deeper with your partner, finding out the very truth of your existence understanding exactly what your life purpose is… taking you deeper and deeper into truth and into wholeness... into that state of oneness where one and one makes two, not half and half makes a quarter. There is a big difference between being a quarter and being two but you can't do this with a broken heart. You have to recall that part of your heart, be with that part of your heart, and let that part of your heart know that it is actually safe just to be exactly the way it is.

Your heart is unique to you and your partner’s heart is unique to them… you will know when you meet the right person… the two hearts fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle… strong… and powerful. Whatever issues arise between you you will be able to work out with ease. Not only that but you will have the will to work out your issues and you will become closer and closer, trusting more and more and becoming exactly who you are meant to be… allowing love to flow, to flow on this earth, a deep, meaningful, passionate and responsible love… a love that flows through your heart and your partner’s heart… connecting the two of you like a ribbon that's tied around a present, for you all will look so beautiful when you are deeply in love.

This is the work that you have come to do and this is the reason that you have done so much work. It is to allow your heart to breath and to live and to love, and to allow the excitement and the joy of life on this earth. As this love that flows through your heart connects with your sexuality it will take you into realms of ecstasy previously unheard of on this planet, only ever dreamed of.

There is a new energy coming, an uncontrollable energy, but an energy nonetheless. An energy that will make the politicians want it and desire it. The religions will begin to crumble as they see what is happening to a certain portion of the population. Those who have done the work will become the leaders in this New Age. The priests and the politicians, that have not done this work, will fall away for there is a new axis of power on this earth and the new state of being flowing into this earth. There is no power or force on this earth that will stop this happening. It is by Divine decree that this energy flows. This energy will be one of freedom, and of ecstasy; it will be of pure love. You will neither look towards sexuality nor compassion; you will walk that middle road of pure love. You will be able to exercise Divine will at will, without becoming embroiled in emotion or thoughts. You will quickly begin to step into your power and take your life by the scruff of its neck, shake it up, shake out all the dead wood and all the dust and all the things that have been holding you back and walk on into a new unconditional truth of who you are.

Your health will begin to improve and your bodies will become fully energized and your light will become so it is visible to all; and questions will be asked… who, how and why? How did that person manage to get so much light and so much energy? You will become infectious and your state of being will lead others into the light, into a new state of consciousness and understanding. A state of consciousness and understanding that is far beyond the spoken word, for there is no language on this earth, at this moment, that can conceptionalise clearly what is going to happen for those who have done the work, in the next two to three years. Love and light will fill your hearts and you will begin to experience a whole new world and once again a whole new fantastic point of view, with no-one to say no you are only dreaming. You and your dream will almost become instantaneous. The material world on this earth will begin to crumble, and how this will happen is because you will be able to create your realities so, so easily. The old days of the factory or the office will slowly but surely get further and further away from you. Your money will come easier and easier and without stress, it will just happen, but partly it will just happen because you are just in love. The love will just flow and the love will energize your life and your material world and you will be far more than content on this planet. Contentment is a second rate emotion to what you are going to experience in the next few years.

We said love is always the answer, but what is love, where does love come from? Is there anybody on this earth that you can actually look up to and say that person is pure love, that person loves the way I would really like to love. That is a question you must ask yourself. Is there someone who knows how to love that I can look up to? We say at this moment these people are so few and far between and to hold that energy at the moment is almost impossible, but the earth plane is maturing, it's ripening. You are becoming responsible enough to hold such a potent energy and it will take great courage and great personal power to be able to step into such a relationship.

Step by step of the way the love, the courage and the personal power will come to you as will the knowledge and the wisdom of how love's meant to be and how to hold this energy of love and what it will bring to you. For Dear Ones, we are bringing these Kryon teachings to you to not only evolve the earth plane but to evolve the Universe of which the earth belongs and where there are many, many other life forms… and this is a project will not fail. We are here bringing you this knowledge, this wisdom and this understanding in service, not only to the earth plane but in service to the Universe and the galaxies beyond.

The earth plane is set to vibrate at another energy, a completely different energy, and you are the ones who are leading the way. You are the ones on the cutting edge of this new world. You are the ones who are stepping into your truth. So allow the love to flow into your hearts. You have all been growing like a plant with a flower… when a plant grows you eventually see the tight bud… some of you are ready to allow that tight bud to open and to let the whole of humanity see the very truth of who you are and who you've become as a result of the work that you've been doing.

You will all bring many, many special gifts to this earth plane, much new knowledge and much new wisdom. Everything on this earth plane is evolving and has been evolving. You have stepped into a new world through a process of gnosis, understanding yourself, and as you understand yourself that understanding becomes the knowledge that drives your life, the knowledge that holds you in a space of trust, and you know how the Divine actually works within you. So allow that Divine feminine and that Divine masculine to intensify and to flow even more and more. At the same time allow the flow through your crown chakra of the Divine Father energy and through your base the Divine Mother and feel yourself suspended between heaven and earth with the feeling of groundedness and security here on earth. It may sound strange to say suspended between heaven and earth and after that to qualify it with groundedness but that is how it will be, for there will be a flow of energy from the earth and a flow of energy from Father Sky that will keep you grounded and suspended at the same time.

You are many, many aspects of yourself… you are not just a physical being, you are also a light being as well as an emotional being. All these energies will begin to become more and more transparent and the veil between these energies is being lifted and you are becoming able to see more and more of yourself and the truth of who you are. The truth is that you are magical beings of this Universe. When the bud of that tight flower opens and the petals begin to face the sun you will begin to realize that you are exactly the opposite to what you thought you were. You will realize and you will become the knowledge that you are magical beings of this Universe.

So Dear Ones go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out. Thank You.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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